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The University Of Alabama Admissions Guide 2023

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About The University Of Alabama

Rich history, great food and music are not the only things Alabama is famous for. Alabama also has a strong affinity towards education and part of this is the University of Alabama. Founded in the year 1820, the public research university is one the oldest and largest universities in Alabama. The university takes pride in being part of the R1 Doctoral Universities which implies very high research activity. Consequently, its high regard for research directly influences the growth and development of the state of Alabama. 

The university currently sits on a 1970-acre land between Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. The campus includes multiple facilities such as the Alabama Museum of Natural History, an arboretum in eastern Tuscaloosa, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, and The Ferguson Art Gallery to name a few. Apart from this, numerous landmarks are spread across the campus like the Maxwell Observatory, President’s Mansion, Foster Auditorium, etc. 

The university houses around 38,100 students and offers courses in Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs, and even Law programmes. The variety of courses offered at Alabama is in disciplines likes, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Art, Business, Medicine, Social work etc.

The University offers financial aid for deserving students and many scholarships namely Academic Elite Scholarship, First Scholars Program, etc and also supports the National Merit Scholarship Program.

At the University of Alabama, students are guided and supported till the very end. This is also reflected in the placement system at the university with interview training, career events, placement support, etc. The average salary acquired by a graduate from the university can vary between $120,000 to $60,000 depending on the job sector. Rest assured, an education at the University of Alabama will earn results ten folds.

University Of Alabama admissions

Admission Deadlines 2023

The University Of Alabama admissions process involves the submission of necessary documents and applications before the deadlines for each intake. The university has three intakes throughout the year which are Fall, Spring and Summer. The most popular intakes among the three are Fall and Spring, Summer intake has the least number of open courses and hence is not favoured by many. Below are the deadline dates mentioned for the different intakes.

Intakes Deadlines
FallMay 1st 
SpringOctober 1st
SummerMarch 1st

Eligibility Criteria For the University Of Alabama Admissions

Before applying to any university, it is important to understand the eligibility criteria and if the student meets the entry requirements. This will not only save time and effort but also create awareness of the level of preparation required for a particular university. If the student meets the entry criteria then for the University of Alabama admissions procedure, undergraduates can either use the ‘CommonApp’ or the university website when applying. Graduate candidates will have to use the university website and law applicants need to use the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Portal. 

Below are some of the entry requirements for undergraduate, graduate and law programmes.

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  • Official academic transcript sent by the university by post or electronically (minimum GPA required is 3.0 on a scale of 4.0)
  • English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • Standardized test scores if applicable (SAT/ACT – Mainly used for scholarship eligibility)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendations 
  • Financial supporting documents
  • Visa and immigration documents
  • Passport copy

Graduate Entry Requirements

  • Official/Unofficial transcripts (Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0)
  • English proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • Standardized test scores (Minimum scores, GMAT – 500, GRE -300)
  • Letters of recommendation from reputable sources
  • Statement of Purpose
  • CV/Resume
  • Passport copy
  • Student Visa
  • Student Services form

Law Entry Requirements

  • Completed application from LSAC portal
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Minimum GPA of 3.90)
  • Mandatory English proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL iBT)
  • LSAT scores (Minimum of 163)
  • Passport 
  • Visa and immigration documents
  • LOR and SOP

English Proficiency Test Scores

Most of the colleges in the US require an English proficiency test to understand the student’s communication skills in English. Tests that assess a student’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are mainly favoured for the University Of Alabama admissions process.

English Proficiency Test Minimum Test Scores
TOEFL iBT7979100

University Of Alabama admissions

Application Process

Most of the application process takes place on the university website or a third-party application portal. For the University Of Alabama admission process, undergrad, postgrad, and law applicants need to follow different methods, mentioned below –

Undergraduate application process

  1. The first step is by creating an account on the university website for undergraduates.
  2. The required details need to be filled in as mentioned.
  3. A unique CWID pin will be generated and mailed out.
  4. This pin is required to log in to the ‘MyBama’ portal where additional documents have to be submitted.
  5. The application can be tracked through ‘MyBama’ as well.

Graduate application process

  1. Students need to visit the university website for graduates and apply there.
  2. Either create a new account or log in to the existing one.
  3. After filling up all the required details the application can be submitted. 

Law application process

  1. Students must apply through the LSAC portal. Alternatively, there is a physical form which can be filled up and mailed to the university. 
  2. The student can create a new account or log in with existing credentials.
  3. All the details need to be filled up to the best knowledge.
  4. Submit the application.

Courses Offered 

The university is fully fledged with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and as part of the University of Alabama admission, students can choose from 70 undergraduate programmes and 120 graduate programmes including doctorate programmes. There are additional professional courses, particularly in Law and Rural Medicine. All of the course curricula are a blend of traditional and upcoming literature. Some of the most popular courses that the university offers are –

  • Master of Science [M.S] in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science [M.S] in Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Arts [M.A] in Mathematics
  • Master of Public Health [M.P.H] in Health Education and Promotion
  • Master of Science [M.S] in Marketing – Marketing Management
  • Master of Arts [M.A] in Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science [B.S] in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science [B.S] in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science [B.S] in Apparel and Textiles: Fashion Retail
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

The courses offered at the University of Alabama are part of the ranking tables from publications like US News & World Report and Times Higher Education (THE).

Courses 2023
US News & World ReportTHE (Times Higher Education)
Engineering#77 (Civil Engineering)#501-600 (Engineering)
ScienceNA#601-800 (Life Sciences)
HumanitiesNA#401-500 (Arts & Humanities)
Medicine#49 (Nursing)#601-800 (Clinical and Health)
Business#39 (UG Business)#501-600 (PG Business and Economics)
Computers#94 (Computer – PG)#601-800 (PG Computer Science)
Law#25 (Graduate Law)#201-250 (Law)

University Admission Decision

The university admission is based on the various documents and applications provided and the review panel always keeps an unbiased process. Test scores and grades are a huge part of the University Of Alabama admission process. However, students with exceptional grades but lack English proficiency are eligible for conditional admission where students will start in the English language institute. Once they have shown satisfactory results they can continue with the regular coursework. 

The university has an acceptance rate of 83% which indicates a lenient admission process even then students must not depreciate in preparation. If the student does achieve admission then it is mandatory to have a student visa before beginning with academics. The documents to acquire a student visa are mentioned below –

  • An I-20 completed form 
  • Form DS – 160
  • Proof of admission into the university 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Proof of financial sustainability
  • Proof of application fee


1) How hard is the University Of Alabama admissions process?

The university reviews applicants based on certain criteria and is very unbiased in this regard. The acceptance rate is 83% and with good preparation, a student can achieve admission.

2) What is the average GPA required for the University Of Alabama admissions?

The average GPA required is 3.71 but there are more factors that are involved during the admission process as well.

3) Does the University Of Alabama offer scholarships?

Yes, there are numerous scholarships offered by the university along with financial assistance too. 

4) Is the University Of Alabama good for international students?

The university has amenities and facilities of the top standard and has a high-quality curriculum making it a no-brainer for International students. 

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The University Of Alabama Admissions Guide 2023

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