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University Of Adelaide Acceptance Rate In 2024

university of adelaide acceptance rate

The University of Adelaide is a public research university founded by Walter Watson Hughes. The University of Adelaide is among the top and oldest universities in Adelaide. Established in 1874, Adelaide University is a leading higher education institution with multiple recognitions, including ranking #167 of 14,131 in the world’s best universities, #8 of 59 in Oceania, #7 of 40 in Australia, #1 of 4 in Adelaide, #19 of 1,084 for Forensic Science, and top 100 for 25 other topics. The University of Adelaide also boasts good numbers, including a 75% acceptance rate, 76.94% graduation rate, 83.5% employment rate, and 1:21 faculty-to-student ratio. In our blog on University Of Adelaide Acceptance Rate, understand what it takes to get into this university! 

University Of Adelaide Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of the University of Adelaide is approximately 75%. This is the overall rate with a small adjustable margin depending on the faculty and course. Highly technical courses tend to have a narrow acceptance rate, with typical business and arts courses registering slightly higher rates. 

Historical Trends On Acceptance Rate/Year Wise Acceptance Rate

The Adelaide University acceptance rate has changed over the years since its establishment. Initially, there was a very low acceptance rate of 47% when there were few universities and the standard of joining and affordability of higher education was relatively high. However, with the expansion of various campuses, increased staff, improved technology, and opening doors to international students, the acceptance rate has risen to what it is now.

How Can We Get Selected For The University Of Adelaide?

Despite the high acceptance rate for international students, all aspiring students must meet the entry requirements for admission. There are general entry requirements, from English proficiency score tests to academic qualifications, that are non-negotiable. You can have a better chance of being among the Australia intakes by ensuring you meet all the necessary application needs to secure admission at Adelaide University.

Different Courses Acceptance Rate

There is a distinct difference in acceptance rate across various faculties, which is majorly influenced by the slots available, programme complexity, number of trainers assigned to a course, resources available, and general academic standards. 

For instance, the acceptance rate of students pursuing arts or business courses is much higher because more resources are allocated towards those courses, and multiple staff are responsible for handling the teaching department. However, there tends to be a lower University of Adelaide medicine acceptance rate due to the complexity of the course and slots available for students.

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At The University Of Adelaide?

Why study in Australia? Besides the highly ranked universities and good living and studying environment, getting accepted is easier. Australia has considerate higher education institutions that help students achieve their academic goals. Coupled with the high University of Adelaide acceptance rate for international students, some faculties help with the transition. A good example is English centres that tutor students from non-English-speaking countries in reading and writing in English before they begin their professional courses.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The undergraduate acceptance rate at Adelaide University is in the higher range of 75%. However, this also depends on the course you pursue, as there are particular programmes with narrow rates. For instance, the University of Adelaide dentistry acceptance rate is lower than that of a business course.

Graduate Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for masters and other graduate programmes is much lower than the undergraduate programmes. This is influenced by the limited slots in such courses, especially for research-oriented programmes and courses in complex industries like medicine, IT, mathematical sciences, and engineering. However, even for MBAs, the acceptance rate will still be lower.

Admission Rates & Enrollment Requirements

With a standard University of Adelaide acceptance rate for Indian students at 75%, there is an excellent chance to get an offer letter to study in Australia. Different education levels have varying admission rates and enrollment requirements. While you have to inquire about specific requirements per course, the general eligibility qualifications for undergraduate and graduate levels are well articulated in the table below.

Requirements | CoursesUndergraduateGraduate
Admission ratesHighSlightly low
Academic qualificationHigh school transcriptsUndergraduate degree
GPA or aggregate68–78% aggregate scoreGPA of 4.5–5.0
Test scoresSAT – 1130GMAT and GRE are not required
Letter of recommendation12
Statement of purposeNecessaryNecessary
CV/resumeNot requiredNecessary
English language proficiency test scoresTOEFL IBT – 79IELTS – 6.5TOEFL IBT – 6.5IELTS – 79

NB: It is important to note that the annual admission rounds are as follows: 1 October for the significant round and 4 February for the midyear round. During the application process, you’re also supposed to submit the status of your student visa and financial situation (to prove that you can manage the cost of living in Australia for students)

Programmes And Their Fees

To determine the cost of studying in Australia, you must check out the various fees charged per course by Adelaide University. The table below shows the most popular courses with their respective tuition fees.

Courses Fees/Yr (AUD)
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]48,500
Master of Arts [M.A] Construction Management52,500
Master of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning53,500
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]45,500
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Civil and Environmental Engineering53,000
Bachelor of Nursing [B.N]42,000
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery [MBBS]89,500
Bachelor of Music [B.Mus] Musicology40,500
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Dental Surgery48,000
Bachelor of Arts [BA]/Bachelor of Music [B.Mus]40,500
Graduate Certificate Public Health22,250
Graduate Diploma Biotechnology (Biomedical)50,500
Graduate Diploma Business Law49,900
Graduate Certificate Media (Strategic Communication)21,500
Graduate Certificate Counselling and Psychotherapy21,500

Notable Alumni

Among the advantages to study in Australia are the welcoming culture, good learning environment and resources to help you with your academic journey. This can be attested by the former students who had the chance to study at the University of Adelaide and make solid careers out of that. The notable alumni include:

  • Edward Holden – MD of General Motors-Holden
  • Gillon McLachlan – CEO of AFL
  • John Spalvins – MD of the Adelaide Steamship Company
  • Neil Weste – Microelectronics engineer and entrepreneur
  • Wayne Jackson – Former CEO of the Australian Football League
  • Thorburn Brailsford Robertson – A pioneer of insulin manufacture in Australia
  • Raymond Spencer – Chair of SAEDB


What Is the Current Acceptance Rate for the University of Adelaide?

The current Adelaide University acceptance rate is 75%.

How Has the University of Adelaide’s Acceptance Rate Changed Over the Past Few Years?

It has gradually increased as the institution has evolved over the years.

What Is the Minimum GPA for the University of Adelaide?

There is a minimum of 4.5–5.0 for graduate programmes.

Does the University of Adelaide Have a Higher Acceptance Rate for International Students?

The acceptance rate for international students is generally the same as for domestic students.

How Does the University of Adelaide Acceptance Rate Compare to Other UK Universities?

The acceptance rate of the University of Adelaide is higher than that of competitor institutions.

What Factors Affect the Acceptance Rate at the University of Adelaide?

The availability of resources, number of staff, slots available, and industry requirements affect the University of Adelaide acceptance rate for Indian students.

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university of adelaide acceptance rate

University Of Adelaide Acceptance Rate In 2024

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