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University College London Acceptance Rate 2024

university college london acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of the university we wish to study in always sets questions in our minds. The University College London acceptance rate is no different. However, we ought to understand that even Rome wasn’t conquered in a day and tackling this number is completely possible. Read below on how you can climb this academic Everest.

Key Takeaways

  • The University College London acceptance rate is around 30%, varying across programmes.
  • UCL is highly selective and international students face moderately competitive acceptance rates.
  • Specific programmes, such as BFA Fine Art, have extremely low acceptance rates, highlighting their competitiveness.
  • Trends in UCL acceptance rates fluctuate, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about program-specific rates.
  • University College London values academic excellence, well-rounded profiles and tailored applications from prospective students.
  • Keeping abreast of UCL acceptance rate trends and meeting or exceeding requirements is crucial for successful admission.

University College London Acceptance Rate For International Students

The overall University College London acceptance rate is approximately 30%. However, the acceptance rate for specific programmes can vary significantly. For example, the acceptance rate for masters at UCL is 38%, with some highly competitive courses having much lower acceptance rates. 

It’s important to note that UCL is a highly selective institution and the acceptance rate for international students is moderately competitive. The university receives a large number of applications from around the world and you will be assessed based on their merit scores. Therefore, while the overall acceptance rate provides a general idea of the university’s selectivity, it’s essential that you research the specific acceptance rates for their intended programme of study.

Trends Observed In University College London Acceptance Rate 

To keep your ascent smooth, stay on top of the current University College London acceptance rate for your programme. Popularity and application volume can influence these numbers, so the sooner you have a grip on the situation, the better. Remember, meeting and exceeding UCL’s requirements is your ticket to that coveted spot. So, gear up, stay informed and have a look at the below trends for a well-informed decision

YearApplicationsOffersAcceptance Rates

Top Courses At UCL & Their Acceptance Rates

University College London currently has nine subject areas ranked in the global top 10, including Education, Architecture & the Built Environment, Archaeology, Anatomy & Physiology, Anthropology, Geography, Medicine, Pharmacy & Pharmacology and Psychology. These courses at University College London give us all the more reason why study in London is widely preferred among students. We have listed down the top programmes at UCL and their respective acceptance rates. 

ProgrammeAcceptance Rate
BFA Fine Art3.7%
BA Fine Art4.8%
LLB Law (UCL/HKU Dual Degree)5.2%
LLB Law9.1%
BSc Statistics and Management for Business9.4%
BA Media9.5%
BSc Management Science11%
BSc Psychology11%
BSc Architecture11%

Tips To Get Into UCL

Since University College London is one of the best universities to study in London, expect tough competition. Acceptance rates often hover around 25% – 30%, with some popular programmes dipping even lower. Make sure you follow the below tips:

  • Academic excellence is key: Strong grades, impressive test scores and relevant academic achievements are essential.
  • Go beyond the numbers: This university values well-rounded individuals. Make your extracurricular activities, leadership experiences and unique talents known to them.
  • Tailor your application: Research programme requirements thoroughly and write a compelling personal statement that highlights your passion and fitness for UCL.

Stay informed: Track University College London acceptance rate for masters and minors for your desired programme, as these can fluctuate based on application volume and programme popularity.

Remember: Meeting the minimum requirements is just the first step. Exceed them, demonstrate your potential and let your application paint a vibrant picture of why you deserve to be part of UCL’s prestigious community.

In short: It’s challenging but with strategic planning, hard work and a genuine passion for your chosen field, you can reach your academic Everest.

Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements

Check below University College London admission highlights:

Programme LevelApplication Portal
PostgraduateApply Online
Application FeeVaries by programme,typically £35 – £160
Undergraduate Acceptance RateApprox. 30%
Postgraduate Acceptance RateApprox. 38%
English Language Tests AcceptedTOEFL, IELTS, PTE
Test scores required for Bachelors SAT or ACT (may vary by programme)
Test scores required for  MastersGRE / GMAT (may vary by programme)

Admission Deadlines

Once you’ve achieved University College London acceptance rate, don’t sit and stare because time is running out! It would be the perfect opportunity to apply for courses, have a look at the below deadline so that you can take a better and sound judgement.

University College London dates and deadlines for 2024.


What is the current acceptance rate for university college London?

The acceptance rate for undergraduate students is around 30% and also goes up to 38% for many programmes. 

What is the minimum GPA for university college london?

You will need to achieve a minimum of 3.3 on a scale of 4.0 to get in. 

What factors affect the University College London acceptance rate?

The number of applicants, the competitiveness of the programme and the available spots for new students are the factors which affect the acceptance rate at UCL. 

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university college london acceptance rate

University College London Acceptance Rate 2024

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