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Top Universities In Wollongong For International Students

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Universities in Wollongong are modern universities that provide diverse courses to students. Wollongong is a multicultural, vibrant city on one of Australia’s picturesque coastlines. Wollongong attracts international students from all across the world to study at prestigious universities. There are people coming from different backgrounds to Wollongong. Regional and rural students make up to 28 per cent of the student population in major institutions of Wollongong. The diverse student population of Wollongong includes many international students.

Why Should You Study In Wollongong?

  • Employment Opportunities: There are many part-time work opportunities for all the students in Wollongong. Part-time jobs provide flexible schedules, so students’ study time isn’t compromised. Many cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, and grocery stores are looking for part-time workers.
  • Best Climate: Wollongong is located in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. Sydney is a scenic journey north by train. The city of Wollongong is bordered by a sandstone rise to the west and the Tasman Sea located to the east. Wollongong is also known for its natural surroundings, including birds, oceans, and plants. The city has a perfect climate which is neither too hot nor too cold owing to its location.
  • Affordable Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Wollongong is very low. The rental cost in Wollongong is lower than in Melbourne and Sydney. International students can easily find accommodation for them in Wollongong. Wollongong is cheaper than some cities with lower costs of living and accommodation. Since living in Wollongong is very affordable, Wollongong is the top choice for international students.
  • City Life: City life in Wollongong is relaxed in the daytime but gets busy at night. Wollongong has exciting city life and nightlife. The restaurants and pubs of Wollongong are concentrated in the CBD. The suburbs have a pub where the students can enjoy and relax.
  • Good Connectivity: Wollongong has good transport connectivity. There is a free Gong Shuttle Bus that links the centre of Wollongong with the hospital, railway station, campuses, and beaches. Some universities in Wollongong provide free transportation to all students.

What Are The Best Universities In Wollongong For International Students?

If you want to study in Wollongong, the list of top Universities in Wollongong has been given below. This will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best institution for you.

  1. University Of Wollongong – Australia

The University of Wollongong is a public research university located in the city of Wollongong, 80 kilometres south of Sydney. The university has an enrollment of 14,320 international students every year. There are 2,400 staff members in the university. The University of Wollongong also has partnerships with 400 institutions globally to offer exchange programs to international students. There are 365-degree programs offered at the University of Wollongong. The popular courses at the university include a master of marketing and a master of business administration advanced. In addition, the University of Wollongong commences 10,000 students every year

Location: Wollongong, Australia 

Rankings: QS World Ranking – 185, THE- 201-250.

Facilities: Library, Computer Laboratory, Print services, Lockers.

Nearby Attractions: Wollongong Botanic Garden, Wollongong Head Lighthouse, Australian Surf Tours, Headlands Distilling, etc.

  1. Sydney Business School, University Of Wollongong

Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong is among the top universities in Wollongong which offers certificates, graduate diplomas, and master’s degrees to 3,000 students. Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, also provides three MBA courses, including 15 master’s programmes. The university offers high-quality education in Wollongong using real-world examples. The popular courses at the university include a master of applied finance (investing & financial services) and a master of applied finance (double specialisation).

Location: North Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia 

Rankings: QS World University Ranking- 40

Facilities: Library, Gymnasium, Athletics Club

Nearby Attractions: Skydive Sydney Wollongong, UOW Science Space, Wollongong Botanic Garden, etc.

  1. UOW College

UOW College has more than 30,000 students from 70 countries across the globe. The university provides 400 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees to both international and national students. The popular courses at UOW College include a diploma in engineering and a diploma in business (Wollongong campus).

Location: Wollongong, Australia 

Rankings: N/A

Facilities: UOW Academic Support, Sports Club, and Entertainment Facilities. 

Nearby Attractions: Royal National Park, Hang gliding with HangglideOz, Wollongong Tandem Skydiving, etc.

  1. Illawarra Institute 

Illawarra Institute provides 100 courses across 14 campuses. The university has specialist teaching faculties, and approximately 34,000 students are enrolled at the university per year. The university is highly reputed and is student-friendly. The popular courses at the Illawarra Institute include a bachelor of commerce (tourism management) and a bachelor of commerce (event management).

Location: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Rankings: N/A

Facilities: Library providing resources, Magazines, Computers, Reference Services, Disability Services 

Nearby Attractions: Werrong Beach Track, Coalcliff Beach, Illawarra Museum, etc.

  1. Nan Tien Institute 

Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is the first government-accredited institute in Australia to provide higher education with a focus on the personal development of students in the areas of health, Buddhism, mental health, social well-being, and mindfulness. 

Nan Tien Institute provides various tailored workshops for both business and health professionals. Accredited mindfulness is also provided by the institute for school workshops. 

Location: Unanderra, Australia 

Rankings: N/A

Facilities: Art Workshop, Auditorium, Meditation Hall, Library 

Nearby Attractions: Lake Illawarra, Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong Botanic Garden, Wollongong Beach, etc.

Different Public And Private Universities\Colleges In Wollongong 

Public Universities\ CollegesPrivate Universities\ Colleges
University of Wollongong – AustraliaNan Tien Institute 
Illawarra Institute
Sydney Business School, University Of Wollongong 

Universities In Wollongong With Low Tuition Cost

Universities Tuition Fee Per Year ( AUD )
University Of WollongongUndergraduate: 8,768Graduate: 26,000
UOW CollegeUndergraduate: 26,640Graduate: 33,480
Illawarra Institute Undergraduate: 35,139Graduate: 39,298

Universities In Wollongong Without IELTS

The universities in Wollongong have schools and departments to offer courses in the English Language for all international students. If you want to study in Wollongong without giving the IELTS, you can pursue these courses. There are some universities in Wollongong like the University of Wollongong which offer you admission if you have studied English in your school. 

You can show your academic transcripts to prove your efficiency in the English Language. An official letter from your previous institution can be submitted to prove that English was your major language of instruction. Institutions in Wollongong which provide admission on the basis of IELTS score require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0. The universities which which do not require an IELTS score have been listed below:

  • University of Wollongong 

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Wollongong?

All international students should comprehend their cost of living before applying to universities. The living cost is based on the choices and lifestyle preferences of the students. The following table would make it easier for the international students to understand their cost of living in Wollongong.

                          Items               Cost ( per month in AUD )
            Off-Campus Accommodation680
            On Campus Accommodation808
                  Food Cost280
                Entertainment 68
              Market/Groceries 66


Wollongong is one of the most ideal destinations for international students. Wollongong provides quality education, and immense career opportunities and has a diverse population. Students can refer to the above list of universities in Wollongong which will provide them with important information regarding the prestigious institutions in Wollongong.

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Top Universities In Wollongong For International Students

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