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Top Universities In Memphis 2024: Admission Requirements, Courses, Scholarships

King’s College London acceptance rate

Memphis is a beautiful, lush city that offers a one-in-a-lifetime experience for many international students seeking higher education here. It has incredible weather, perfect for several types of outdoor recreation, like biking, kayaking, art and music festivals, and other outdoor sports. Thus, choosing Memphis as the ideal location for your higher education is highly recommended. But where to begin? Start by exploring the various universities in Memphis.

Universities and colleges in Memphis are highly ranked and offer a world-class standard of education. Students can engage in different research-intensive projects and opportunities for practical training to enhance their portfolios. Additionally, universities here have a high ROI; that is, they are relatively affordable and offer high-paying job prospects. Memphis has an affordable cost of living for students, which they can manage with the help of financial aid, like scholarships and grants.

To help you make the decision faster, we have compiled some of the top universities in Memphis, their average annual tuition costs, and admission requirements. Continue reading to learn more!

Top Public Universities In Memphis

Public Universities are owned and operated by the state or the government. They are often comparatively cheaper since the administration receives a considerable amount of funding from the government to run the university efficiently. Thus, finances are one of the top advantages of a public university.

They also have a more flexible curriculum, which enables students to explore their interests and objectives while choosing a major. Generally, these universities have a higher acceptance rate when compared to private universities, which makes the admission process easier and more straightforward. In fact, more often than not, scores of standardised exams are recommended but aren’t typically mandatory. Memphis has two public universities that offer top-notch facilities and education. Check out their details here.

UniversityAcceptance RateAverage Annual Tuition FeesSATACT
University of Memphis95%$14,251990 – 120019 – 26
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center40%$20,425NANA

Top Private Universities In Memphis

A private university does not come under the administration of the government in any way. This makes its functionality more lenient and flexible. It also implies that the annual cost of tuition is higher than the average. You can usually access more facilities and opportunities in private universities, though this isn’t necessarily true in all.

Private universities typically have more in-depth coursework that allows students to explore the subject extensively. Although they may have a stringent admission process due to relatively low acceptance rates and high requirements of standardised tests, students can secure a seat by maintaining a solid academic record and consistent grades. Check out the best private universities in Memphis and their subsequent details mentioned in the following table.

UniversityAcceptance RateAverage Annual Tuition FeesSATACT
Rhodes College57%$30,5251330 – 149028 – 32
Christian Brothers University97%$18,9971030 – 128018 – 25
LeMoyne-Owen College98%$6,003740 – 92013 – 17
Remington College – Memphis100%$21,850NANA
Baptist Health Sciences University35%$6,305990 – 109019 – 25
Strayer University – Tennessee100%$20,404NANA
Visible Music College37%$25,367590 – 125017 – 21
Mid-South Christian College100%$13,588NA19 – 24
Rust College38%$9,900NANA
Memphis College of Art54%$32,368112522

Top Community Colleges In Memphis

Community colleges function slightly differently than other public or private institutes. They focus on tertiary education and practical skills. The coursework includes real-world opportunities and facilities for students to strengthen their skill sets. The academic curriculum is also quite lenient, allowing students to explore different subjects before choosing their majors. They can also pick multiple minors to enhance their portfolios.

Community colleges tend to have high acceptance rates and low tuition fees, which make enrolment easier. Choosing a community college is recommended if you wish to explore different domains for a couple of years before transferring to a four-year undergraduate college. Check out the best community colleges in Memphis and their costs of tuition.

CollegeAcceptance RateAverage Annual Tuition Fees
Arkansas State University Mid-South100%$8,604
Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Memphis100%$11,075
Southwest Tennessee Community College100%$6,368

Popular Courses 

Once you select the university, finalising the major is equally important. Most universities in the United States let you experiment and explore different subjects before deciding on a major for your degree. However, some institutes require you to select a few options at the time of application. Even in the second case, more often than not, you can change the major you choose.

Universities in Memphis offer different types of courses, like bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, certifications, and doctoral degrees. To get an accurate idea of the majors offered, check out the following table.

Computer ScienceInformation SystemsEngineering
Public HealthMaster of Business AdministrationArchitecture
Psychology and ResearchNatural and Applied SciencesBioinformatics
Hospitality and Resort ManagementFine ArtsTheatre
Legal StudiesArts: International StudiesArt History
Nutritional StudiesPublic RelationsEarth Sciences
Interior DesignLiberal StudiesCrime and Law
Physical Education and TeachingMarketing ManagementPolitical Science

Admission Requirements

Each university has different eligibility criteria and admission requirements depending on their enrolment process. For instance, if you’re exploring the University of Memphis admission process, it is advisable to go through the official website of the universities they shortlist before starting the application. The following list contains all the standard prerequisites that you’ll need while applying, but you may not need a few of these documents at each university.

  • Minimum GPA requirements
  • A valid high school diploma or equivalent
  • Scores of standardised tests like SAT, ACT, etc.
  • Scores of English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL
  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects (for master’s applicants)
  • All official academic transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation (minimum 2)
  • CV/Resume
  • Details of work experience (may not be mandatory)
  • Financial documents
  • Valid passport and visa documents

Also, consider the intakes, available seats, total number of applicants, acceptance rate, and application deadlines of the universities you shortlist. You may have to appear for additional tests or interviews at some universities. This information will help you make an informed decision about your chances of enrolment.

Cost Of Living In Memphis

While tuition is a crucial factor, living expenses contribute equally to the total cost of studying. Memphis is relatively more affordable for students when compared to other cities in the United States. To further reduce the total expenditure, students can consider the different schemes for student discounts. Several places offer heavy concessions and subsidised prices for groceries, clothes and transportation for students. All they must do is provide appropriate proof of identification and university.

The average annual cost of living in Memphis is $21,420. Housing, commute, food, utilities, groceries and clothes are some aspects that influence this cost. A detailed breakdown of how we arrive at this figure is given in the table below.

Item Cost of living in Memphis (per month)
Off-Campus Accommodation$884
On-Campus Accommodation$667
Health Insurance$80
Total Cost Of Living With Off-Campus Accommodation$1,785
Total Cost Of Living With On-Campus Accommodation$1,568
Annual Cost Of Living$21,420


As the previous sections indicate, the total cost of studying might be too expensive for international students. You can acquire education loans to reduce the financial burden, but the high interest rates and rigid repayment schedules may make it a difficult choice. Consider applying for scholarships and grants to facilitate the finances of your education. Check out the most helpful scholarships for international students and their respective amounts.

ScholarshipsAmount Awarded
Community College Transfer Scholarship$3,000
Graduate International Merit ScholarshipFlexible amount
Undergraduate International Merit ScholarshipFlexible amount
Rhodes Award$10,000
Ned McWherter Scholars$6,000
Dean’s Scholarships$3,000
Robert Hardin Scholarship$2,000
Roy T. Campbell Scholarship$1,000
William G. Stokely Scholarship$1,000
Alumni National Merit Scholarship$2,000
Alumni Achievement Scholarship$1,500

While these scholarships are made available by the government and NGOs, too, most awards are exclusive to universities only. Thus, it is advisable to browse the official websites to find accurate information about the scholarships’ eligibility, amount, application and deadlines. 

How To Choose A University?

Even after analysing the above data, you may find it difficult to choose the ideal university. Here are a few steps that may help you out. 

  • Check the university’s rankings, official recognition and accreditation.
  • Browse the different courses offered and check their curriculum.
  • Verify that the average annual cost of tuition stays within budget.
  • Check the opportunities for career advancement and job prospects at the Career Support Centre of the university.
  • Explore the available options for accommodation and transport near the university.
  • Explore the extracurriculars at the university.
  • Check the standard of living in the city and ensure that there is a vibrant scene of recreation.


Q1. What are the top universities in Memphis, Tennessee?

Ans: University of Memphis, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Rhodes College, Christian Brothers University, Arkansas State University Mid-South, and Tennessee College of Applied Technology are some of the top educational institutes in Memphis.

Q2. What are the admission requirements for universities and colleges in Memphis?

Ans: Admission requirements differ in each university. However, some of the standard ones are minimum GPA scores, a valid high school diploma, scores of standardised exams and English proficiency tests, all official academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, CV/Resume, details of previous work experience, proof of finances, valid passport and visa documents.

Q3. Are there any Ivy League universities in Memphis?

Ans: Although there are no Ivy League universities in Memphis, it still has a number of excellent universities that offer world-class education and ample opportunities for career growth.

Q4. What is the tuition fee range in Memphis?

Ans: The average cost of tuition for institutes in Memphis is $15,776. However, this figure is liable to change depending on factors like the type of university, selected course and duration.

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Top Universities In Memphis 2024: Admission Requirements, Courses, Scholarships

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