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Discovering the Best Universities in Indiana

Universities in Indiana

Indiana which is also called the Hoosier State is located in the Midwestern United States. African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are the significant sets of people who find home in this state. Adding to that, it is also where a wide range of universities find their birthplaces such as the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, Indiana University-Bloomington, Ball State University and Earlham College. Are you looking to pursue higher education in Indiana but need help figuring out where to start? Look no further! In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the impeccable universities in Indiana and what makes them stand apart. 

A Brief Overview of Indiana’s Higher Education Landscape

Universities in Indiana provides high-quality education that equips students for successful careers. Along with that, they are known to play a vital role in the state’s economic development and growth, contributing to job creation and innovation. There are at least 62 degree-offering universities in this state. We have included a graph for your easier understanding:

After analysing the graph provided to you up there, you will have a clear idea of the number of universities in Indiana by type of institution. As you can see, public four-year institutions are the most common type of institution in Indiana, followed by public two-year institutions, private four-year institutions and private two-year institutions.

Racial Demographics

The pie chart shows the different races of students attending universities in Indiana. The majority of students are white, followed by black students, Hispanic students and Asian students. In other words, Indiana universities are becoming increasingly diverse, with more and more students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity makes the learning environment more enriching and prepares students for success in a globalised world.

Top Ranked Universities in Indiana

The universities here are well acquainted with the latest trends in higher education. You will find the most diverse bunch of students at the campuses in this state. These students divulge in some high-quality education, taught by an exceptional faculty. The universities listed below are the best colleges in Indiana:

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana. The university is quite distinguished and a Catholic research one. It offers 75 wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in business, engineering, humanities and more. The university has a rich tradition of athletic excellence, particularly in football. Here’s what you need to know about the university in short: 

Average Tuition Fees$58,843
Popular ProgrammesBusinessEngineeringScience Arts & Letters
Required GPA4.06
Test ScoresIELTS: 7.5 or higher

Purdue University

The second university is called Purdue University which is in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue offers its students over 200 undergraduate and 160 graduate programmes to choose from. The university is particularly renowned for its strong courses in engineering, computer science and agriculture. Aside from that, this is all you have to know before applying! 

Average Tuition Fees$28,794
Popular ProgrammesEngineeringBusiness AgricultureScience
Required GPA3.69
Test ScoresIELTS: 7.0
TOEFL: 100

Indiana University- Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus of the Indiana University system. You can apply from a range of 550 different types of courses. IU Bloomington provides students with a well-rounded education and global experiences. Indiana University in Bloomington stands out as one of the top universities in Indiana and here are the university’s important application highlights:

Average Tuition Fees$40,480
Popular ProgrammesMedicineBusiness Arts & SciencesEngineering
Required GPA3.73
Test ScoresIELTS: 5.5

Ball State University

Ball State University is a public research university situated in Muncie, Indiana. You can choose from 120 undergraduate and 100 graduate programmes through 7 academic schools and colleges. The university has six special courses as well, which are: 

  • Honors college
  • Degree in 3
  • ROTC military science
  • Programmes in supplemental applications
  • Study abroad
  • Online classes

If you’re planning to apply to this superb university, here’s what you need to know:

Average Tuition Fees$26,696
Popular ProgrammesEducationBusiness AdministrationFine Arts Health Professions
Required GPA3.5
Test ScoresIELTS: 6.5

Earlham College

Earlham College is a private liberal arts college situated in Richmond, Indiana. You can benefit from a wide range of courses which include over 40 undergraduate programmes and a smaller number of master’s programmes, mostly in Education and Theology. The university is hugely guided by Quaker values and places importance on social justice, community engagement, and integrity. These are all the important aspects which you need to know about Earham College before applying: 

Average Tuition Fees$50,970
Popular ProgrammesNeurosciencePsychologyBiochemistryBusiness Administration and Management
Required GPA3.73
Test ScoresIELTS: 6.0

Understanding the Admission Criteria for Universities In Indiana

Most universities require an application form, high school transcripts and standardised test scores (SAT/ACT). Some universities have specific requirements for certain programmes or majors. For example, a university may require higher test scores or grades for its engineering programme than for its liberal arts programme.

Universities in Indiana may also consider extracurricular activities, essays and letters of recommendation in the admissions process. These can help them learn more about you as a person and your unique experiences. Let’s learn more about these!

Entry Requirements for International Students

Bachelor’s programme10-2 year high school certificate
Master’s programme3 year bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
GPA3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or 83-86% at the undergraduate level
GRE test scoreVaries with the university
English proficiencyIELTS: 6.5 to 7.0
TOEFL iBT: 90 to 100

Documents Required For Admission

Statement of Purpose (SOP)A document that explains the reasons for pursuing the said degree in the USA.
Professional experience if applying for a postgraduate degreeRanging from 2 to 5 years.
Official transcriptsDemonstrating the completion of a bachelor’s degree, as well as records from any prior academic institutions attended.
Comprehensive evaluation of foreign transcriptsConducted by a university-approved authority, with a credit-by-credit breakdown.
Letters of Recommendation (LOR)Two to three are required.
ResumeAn updated and comprehensive resume.
English translations of transcriptsFrom non-English-speaking institutions, conducted by an accredited agency.

Cost of Living and Studying in Indiana

Indiana is a great place to go to college, especially if you’re on a budget. The tuition is affordable, the cost of living is low, and there are plenty of scholarships and financial aid opportunities available. The average cost of tuition and fees at a public four-year university in Indiana is $10,220 per year for in-state students. This is significantly lower than the national average of $10,740 per year.

Acceptance Rate Of Indiana Universities

For the 2022-2023 school year, 68.5% of students who applied to Indiana colleges were accepted, and 21.5% of those who were accepted actually enrolled. In total, 320,586 students applied, 219,739 were accepted and 47,257 enrolled. Indiana University’s acceptance rate was only 13%, which made it the hardest school to get into last year. Not only that, Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses is the second hardest, with an acceptance rate of 24%.


Indiana is home to some of the best universities in the US which have unique courses and a ton of opportunities for students. Plus, the cost of living and studying in Indiana is relatively affordable compared to other states, making it a great option for students looking for a quality education without breaking the bank. If you’re thinking about college, universities in Indiana are definitely worth checking out! 


What are the top universities in Indiana?

Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Indianapolis and Indiana State University are some of the major universities in Indiana. 

What is the average tuition cost at universities in Indiana?

Students have to pay an average cost of $11,447 to study at any one of the Indiana universities. 

Are there any Ivy League universities in Indiana?

There are no Ivy League institutions in the state of Indiana. 

Are there scholarships available for international students at universities in Indiana?

Indiana University Global Engagement Scholarship, Purdue University International Student Scholarship, Ball State University International Student Scholarship etc are some of the scholarships students can apply for. 

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Universities in Indiana

Discovering the Best Universities in Indiana

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