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Top Career Opportunities In International Relations

career opportunities in international relations

An International Relations degree presents an avenue to make a significant difference. As the world becomes more connected and interdependent, the need for professionals in international relations is snowballing. Graduates in this field are equipped with diverse skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, cross-cultural communication, and diplomacy.  In addition, you will delve into politics and have access to various career opportunities in fields like economics, social systems, and cultural communities. 

Pursuing a degree in international relations is an excellent choice for individuals passionate about global economics, foreign policy, and world affairs. If you’re interested in knowing the numerous career opportunities in international relations available to you with an international relations degree, this article will provide valuable insights. 

What Are International Relations?

International Relations is a crucial sector of the academic field that centres on examining a nation’s policies concerning the competitive global landscape. It delves into acquiring and maintaining power while fostering peace between nations. Career opportunities in international relations equip individuals with a structured approach to analysing political situations within a global context. In addition, as a discipline, it prepares students for various career opportunities, both within and outside their home countries.  

Our economy continuously evolves, and countless individuals want to make the best of it and to do the same; what is better than pursuing a career in international relations? It offers a diverse range of career opportunities for international students. Graduates can work in various fields, including diplomacy, international organisations, NGOs, business, and government. Moreover, with increasing globalisation, there is a growing need for professionals with a background in international relations to help address global challenges and promote international cooperation.

Career Opportunities For Graduates With A Degree In International Relations

You can pursue various international studies career opportunities with a degree in international relations. You can work as a diplomat, intelligence analyst, political risk consultant, foreign service officer, international journalist, international lawyer, or NGO professional, among other roles. The degree provides a solid foundation in political science, economics, and history, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills that are valuable in many fields.

  1. Diplomat: Fostering Positive Relations Among Nations

You can work as a diplomat by earning a degree in international relations. You will advocate for and defend the interests of your country in international trade, politics, and consular matters. Typically, you’ll reside abroad for three years or so. Some of your duties will include:

  • Serve as a liaison between the nation you represent and the nation where you are posted.
  • Gather and submit all the information that could have an impact on the interests of your country.
  • Discuss, bargain, and mediate matters relating to trade, commerce, economy, social, and cultural issues with the local government.

Their average pay scale is around $97,444 per year. 

  1. Intelligence Specialist: Collecting Crucial Information For The State

You can also specialise in intelligence when pursuing an international relations course. As an intelligence specialist, you can work for practically any state department of a national government agency as well as the military, navy, national security departments, or other departments.  Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Gather and examine operational intelligence information.
  • Make mission reports utilising information from maps and charts.
  • Prepare reports, statistics, and visualisations after evaluating the results.
  • Upkeep of intelligence libraries, databases, and files

Their average pay salary is around $41,569 per year. 

  1. Political Analyst – Explanation Of The Political Climate

Another potential effect of a degree in international relations is becoming a political analyst.  This typically refers to employment with the government, but there may also be job openings in media outlets or research organisations. Your duties will include:

  • Inform on and analyse political developments of all kinds
  • Analyse governmental actions, public policies, and legislation.
  • Inform public servants, political parties, or the media
  • Forecasting election outcomes and political tendencies
  • Put the events in a historical perspective

Their average pay salary is around $76,994 per year. 

  1. Lobbyist: Advocating Specific Causes To Government Officials

People studying International studies have job opportunity as a lobbyist. A corporate organisation or non-profit organisation typically employs them as government officials to take action. These actions could be advantageous to the group or business they are representing. You will carry out duties like these as a lobbyist:

  • Monitoring, investigating, and studying laws
  • Being present at congressional hearings
  • Contacting the decision-makers in the government
  • Using media to spread ideas to the general population

Their average pay salary is around $35,023 per year. 

  1. Communication Specialist: Expert In Effective Communication Strategies

An international non-profit organisation may hire you if you have a degree in international relations. With this, you can advance your career as a communications specialist in a regional office with a global clientele and also learn more about international studies job opportunities. Nonprofit organisations offer these services globally. Your key responsibilities will be: 

  • Developing strategies for effective communication
  • Taking care of internal communication
  • Creating content for media outlets and social media

Their average pay salary is around $69,643 per year.

  1. Economic Analyst: Studying Economic Trends And Data To Make Forecasts

An economic analyst is a research expert that uses financial data analysis to identify trends in commerce and then develops projections and models for their organisation regarding the effects of these trends on their sector. 

  • These specialists could work for organisations in the public or commercial sector. 
  • Economic analysts must frequently be familiar with international business and financial trends and the global economy.

The annual average pay they are offering is $74,555. 

  1. International Policy Analyst: Analyzing International Political Systems And Policies

International policy analysts, often known as foreign affairs analysts, research political structures, laws, and regulations that may affect the organisation they work for.  

  • They frequently specialise in one or more areas of international relations, such as foreign, health, environmental, or global trade issues. 
  • They might work for corporations or nonprofit organisations, the government, or the public sector. 
  • To achieve their objectives, they may research and analyse policies, provide recommendations for programmes and policies, assess the results of the initiatives, and write and disseminate reports summarising their analysis. 

The annual average pay they are offering is $76,994. 

  1. International Lawyer: Providing Counsel And Representation On Matters Of International Law

An international lawyer can work for a law firm, a private business, or a government agency and advise and represent clients. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Providing legal advice to clients
  • Investigating and evaluating international laws and regulations
  • Creating trade agreements and contracts. 

International lawyers may specialise in a variety of areas, such as international environmental law, human rights, and trade and investment law, with respect to  international relations job opportunities.

The annual average pay they are offering is $89,645. 

  1. Interpreter 

An interpreter explains what people say from one language to another so that people who don’t speak the same language can talk to each other.

  • Interpreters must be able to think quickly and speak at least two languages well to keep up with a normal conversation. 
  • They often work in places like schools, hospitals, courts, and customer service. 

Their average pay across the country is about $45,754 per year.

  1.  Regulatory Affairs Manager

A regulatory affairs manager is a point of contact for their organisation’s operations division with regulatory organisations. 

  • They frequently acquire in-depth knowledge of their sector and pertinent governmental rules.
  • These experts monitor a company’s manufacturing processes to ensure it complies with laws and other relevant regulatory bodies. 
  • They undertake significant business operations inspections and ensure licences and certifications are up to date. 

The annual average pay they are offering is $92,597.

Average Salaries For Jobs In International Relations

If you’re passionate about your career opportunities in international relations and want to make a meaningful contribution to society, that’s great. It is essential to have the right skills and knowledge, excel in this field, and develop expertise in specific segments of International Relations, such as foreign trade policies, global economics, or international law. International studies job opportunities can be intellectually and financially rewarding as you contribute to shaping global policies and making a difference. However, you also need to make a living and cover your expenses. Let’s look at the average salaries for international studies after obtaining a degree in this field.

Here’s a list of some of the top-paying jobs in the International Relations field and their respective average salaries:

  • Political Analyst – $94,000 per year
  • Diplomat – $87,000 per year
  • Lobbyist – $87,500 per year
  • Intelligence Specialist – $75,500 per year
  • Communication Specialist – $55,000 per year

Developing specific skills during your studies is essential to succeed in these fields. It includes becoming fluent in at least two foreign languages, improving communication, persuasion, and negotiation abilities, fostering creativity, and developing problem-solving skills.


Whether you aspire to become a diplomat, political analyst, lobbyist, or communication specialist, this field provides a chance to impact the world while earning a competitive salary. By developing your skills and pursuing your passion for global affairs, you can forge meaningful international relations job opportunities and play a vital role in shaping the future of an interconnected world.

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career opportunities in international relations

Top Career Opportunities In International Relations

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