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Things To Consider For The Intakes In Australia 2024-25: Documents, Deadlines

Planning to study abroad is definitely any aspiring student’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to land in a different country, study at some of the top universities in Australia and befriend people from all across the globe. However, it is more than just pack, fly and land before opting for any of the intakes in Australia. Besides planning and preparing, here are some things to consider before studying in Australia.

Intakes In Australia

No university or college in Australia will have admissions running throughout the year hence, they are divided into 3 intakes. These are in the months of February, July and November.

February intake/Semester 1

This is the major intake in Australia, all universities start their admission then and all of their programs will be open.

Since this is the most popular intake, there will be a lot of applications that come in too. Most of the scholarships are generally provided for the February intake.

July intake/ Semester 2

This is the next study intake in Australia, this intake is much less popular than February but the number of universities and open programs is still in good numbers. Another factor to consider is since the applicants are comparatively fewer the acceptance rate would be high, however, the flip side to this is that there would be fewer programs and fewer universities open.

November intake/Semester 3

This is the least popular intake among the intakes in Australia. Very selective universities accept applications and very few courses will be open. However, it also depends on the course and university the student prefers, at times these might be only open during the November intake and might be favourable to go for this intake.


Australia houses some of the top-ranked universities in the world with best-in-class facilities and infrastructure. Some of the most sought after universities in Australia are the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the University of Queensland, etc. Getting into any one of these universities will take hard work and determination since these universities accept the best students. Therefore along with academic excellence, the student must have personal as well as extra-curricular development as well.

The intakes in Australia for these university work just as stated in the previous point. Some of them might have only two intakes than three.


There are separate procedures when applying for intakes in Australia and for a student visa in Australia and both are very particular of a lot of things that are as follows:

Entrances exams

Language exams such as IELTS/ TOEFL. These have to be taken well in advance with a good qualifying score.


Passport, Academic transcripts/certificates, Student Visa, Proof of financial resources, LOR/SOP, IELTS/ TOEFL scorecards, Resume/Work experience letters, Photographs.


This factor is very important when planning for any of the Australia intake months. This also depends on the university, place, program, and style of living that the student goes for. Tuition fees for a program generally range from AUD 25,000 to AUD 60,000.


SOP or Statement Of Purpose is vital in the student’s selection process. This document showcases why the student is interested in applying to the university/program and what they bring to the table. An SOP can be self-written or outsourced.

An LOR or Letter of Recommendation is given by a mentor or boss/manager that portrays the students’ abilities and ergo recommends the student for the university/program.


Taking a big step of leaving behind everything that you loved and moving to a different country is a challenging task, therefore, it should not be done with a herd mentality. When selecting a program for any of the Australia university intakes it is essential to know which university has it and which intake is it open in. Besides this, it is also important that the program should be something the student likes and not forced into.

The universities in Australia have a wide spectrum of programs, ranging from Vocational Education and Training to Doctorate degrees. Keep in mind that February has the most open programs and November has the least among the intakes in Australia.


1. What are the best intakes in Australia?

Australia in general has 3 intakes in a year, they are during February, July and November. However, the most popular intake is during February also called the Semester 1 intake. This is due to the fact that most of the universities in February have all their programs open for the students. Hence the student has much more options during February than in the other months.

2. How many intakes are present in Australia for the year 2024?

The intakes in Australia are majorly divided into 3 semesters. The first intake happens in February, this is the most popular intake since all the universities have all their programs open. The second one is in July, here the number of programs offered is lesser compared to February. The third one is November, this is the least popular intake since only specific universities and few programs will be open.

3. How difficult is it to get into one of the Australia intakes for international students?

With hard work and dedication is it not difficult to get into one of the intakes in Australia. It is important to start preparations well in advance when planning to study overseas by completing the language/entrance test, acquiring funds and scholarships, and analysing the program and university you are applying for. If all of these are well-planned then it is fairly easy to get into Australia.

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Things To Consider For The Intakes In Australia 2024-25: Documents, Deadlines

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