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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Teesside University Scholarships For Indian Students

teesside university scholarship

Teesside University is a public university situated in Middlesbrough, North East England. The university is an ambitious institute of education focused on the needs of this pragmatic new generation. They aim to provide real opportunities for students to learn and hone themselves for a practical future. They develop degree apprenticeships specifically structured to the industry needs so students can become responsible social members. Ultimately, Teesside University has a vision to provide innovative, creative and supportive education and research that will help its graduates tackle real-life challenges in the long run. One of the many prominent features of this institute is the Teesside University scholarship for international students.

Teesside University recognises the importance of finances for study-abroad candidates. Inadequate funds can often cause a hurdle in a student’s higher education. Thus, to help students manage this burden, the institute has several Teesside University scholarships available. These are granted based on academic merit, past records and financial background. In the following sections, we explore the major Teesside University scholarships offered, their eligibility criteria, granted amount and subsequent details that will help students determine which type of financial aid is best suited for them.

Top Teesside University Scholarships For International Students

Teesside University offers a wide range of different scholarships to study in the UK for international students that will help them incur the financial burden of abroad education. Here are the top ones:

  1. Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship
  2. Deans’ International Scholarships
  3. Alumni Scholarship
  4. Global Excellence Scholarships
  5. Commonwealth Scholarships
  6. Chevening Scholarship + UK Government’s International Awards Scheme

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Point of entry: January 2024

Amount: £5,000

Deadline for application: October 20, 2023

Up to 30 Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships of £5,000 each are offered to eligible students every year. These scholarships are granted as a fee waiver in the first year of study of the student’s course. This financial aid is not only designed for undergraduate applicants but also qualifies under Teesside University postgraduate scholarships. Applicants must have accepted their offer and paid the deposit amount.

In order to apply, students must submit a statement of purpose or personal essay of a minimum of 500 words stating their unique qualities and attributes, academic achievements, commitment to leadership, and dedication to the degree. They must also demonstrate how they intend to use the degree to shape their futures.

Deans’ International Scholarships

Point of entry: January 2024

Amount: £3,000

Dean’s International Scholarships are offered as a fee waiver to undergraduate or postgraduate students in the first year of their study. However, note that this Teesside University scholarship is available only for students enrolled in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law or in the School of Arts & Creative Industries. Students must also be first-time applicants.

Fortunately, students aren’t required to apply for the scholarship separately. Any student who is eligible for the scholarship programme is automatically considered for the grant. However, their records are only considered and the scholarship isn’t guaranteed. Depending on the past record and achievements, any student may be successfully granted the scholarship.

Alumni Scholarship

Amount: £1,000

All postgraduate candidates who have completed their undergraduate degree at Teesside University are eligible for this Alumni scholarship. Authorities offer £1,000 as a fee waiver on the student’s first-year fees. However, students must apply to the university directly in order to avail of this Teesside University Scholarship. Any candidates who apply through a middle-man or agent won’t be eligible to obtain its benefits.

Global Excellence Scholarships

Point of entry: January 2024

Amount: £2,000

Global Excellence Scholarships are awarded as a fee waiver worth £2,000 on the candidate’s first year of study. Any student who has applied to the undergraduate or postgraduate programme is eligible for the scholarship. However, any student enrolled on pathway or foundation programmes won’t be considered.

Fortunately, students aren’t required to apply for this Scholarship separately. If they’re eligible for the scholarship at the time of enrolment, their application will be considered automatically. Based on past merit and academic excellence, a candidate may or may not be awarded the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded by Teesside University in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom. Through this, authorities offer three full-tuition-fee-waiver scholarships to candidates hailing from different Commonwealth countries. The major criterion of eligibility is financial background. The six major themes for Commonwealth scholarships are as follows:

  1. Science and Technology for Development
  2. Strengthening Health Systems and Capacity
  3. Promoting Global Prosperity
  4. Strengthening Global Peace, Security and Governance
  5. Strengthening Resilience and Response to Crises
  6. Access, Inclusion and Opportunity

The most prominent feature of these awards is that they’re bifurcated depending on the annual household income of the candidates. For instance, the Teesside University PhD scholarships under the Commonwealth are divided into low, middle and high-income country candidates.

Chevening Scholarship + UK Government’s International Awards Scheme

Chevening Scholarships or any other government awards consist of scholarships funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and their subsidiaries. The criteria of eligibility for Chevening Scholarships are typically leadership qualities, dedication to making a global change, influencing capabilities and decision-making qualities. These scholarships are designed to encourage students to develop their abilities professionally and academically, build an extensive network and foster long-lasting relationships with the authorities of the United Kingdom. Chevening Scholarships are of variable amounts.

Why Avail Of A Teesside University Scholarship?

Because of the high costs, international students often find it tough to bear the expenses of study-abroad education. Thus, Teesside University Scholarships are designed to help students incur these expenses. To get a better insight into why a scholarship or other means of financial aid is so essential, look at the average cost of studying in the UK and living in the following sections.

Cost Of Studying At Teesside University

The average cost of studying at Teesside University is £14,000 for undergraduate aspirants. On the contrary, master’s applicants at Teesside University are expected to pay an average of  £17,000. The university has five schools and 15 departments that offer numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes among various other courses. The five schools coming under Teesside University are as follows:

  • School of Arts & Creative Industries
  • School of Health & Life Sciences
  • Digital Technologies
  • School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law
  • Teesside University International Business School

Cost of Living In Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

The average annual cost of living in Middlesbrough, UK, is £14,784. Check out the following table for a detailed breakdown of the living expenses.

ParticularsMonthly Living Expenses in Middlesbrough
Off-Campus Accommodation £236
On-Campus Accommodation£300
Food Cost£540
Utility Cost£243
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation £1,232
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation £1,296
Annual Cost of Living£14,784

Why Choose Teesside University?

Teesside University is one of the top recommendations for study-abroad options among international students. Here are some of the top reasons why it might be a suitable university for you:

  • The university encourages a global learning experience, so students of all academic backgrounds can learn actively. Along similar lines, their graduates can step out into the world and work anywhere they want.
  • Teesside University has partnerships with several organisations that allow students to build and expand their networks. It also enables students to find better opportunities for their careers more easily.
  • The university is located in a region of rich cultural heritage, historic sites and picturesque landscapes offering a once in a lifetime experience for international students.
  • The institute has several Teesside University Scholarships that help students navigate through and manage their finances effectively.
  • The university provides additional career support to its students to help them determine their strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings and powers.


What scholarships are available for international students at Teesside University?

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships, Deans’ International Scholarships, Alumni Scholarships, Global Excellence Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships and Chevening Scholarships are some of the most beneficial scholarships for international students at this university.

When is the deadline to apply for Teesside University scholarships?

Fortunately, for most scholarships, students aren’t required to apply separately. After their enrolment at the university is complete, they are automatically considered for these scholarships. However, for some scholarships where students must apply, the deadlines are typically three months before. Students are advised to verify the deadlines on the university’s official website as they are liable to change for each scholarship.

How can I find information on Teesside University scholarships specifically for graduate students?

Students can contact Teesside University Middlesbrough campus via the email enquiries@tees.ac.uk or contact number 01642 218121 for more information. Students can write to studentlife@tees.ac.uk or contact 01642 342277 for more details specifically about scholarships offered by Teesside University.

How competitive is the application process for Teesside University scholarships?

The Teesside University acceptance rate is around 31%, making it highly competitive. If we consider the same amount of competition for these scholarships as well, students can assume that getting a good scholarship will be tough. You can also explore education loans to supplement the costs here.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Top Teesside University Scholarships! Let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below!

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