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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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30K+ Students Counselled

All About Study In Israel For International Students

Study In Israel

There are many preconceived notions that surround the Middle East, Israel is sometimes neglected as a study abroad location. Few destinations, however, can compare to Israel for students with a sense of adventure who wish to broaden their cultural knowledge and learn fresh perspectives while receiving a world-class education and study in Israel

Located on the Mediterranean Sea’s coast, this country is home to unusual and beautiful landscapes as well as some of the world’s top colleges in Israel. This small country, with its profound religious origins and unique culture, is a source of both beauty and amazement, offering unrivalled experiences for culture enthusiasts and adventurers alike! So don’t miss out on one of the most underappreciated study abroad destinations!

Israel is regarded as a technological powerhouse and one of the world’s most inventive nations!

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Why Study In Israel?

It is known as the “Start-up Nation” since it has the most startups per capita in the world, making it an ideal location for students with an entrepreneurial spirit! In terms of quality of life, several statistics rank Israel as the 9th happiest country in the world and the happiest country in Asia!

All of this results to a high-quality university education system that includes some of the best universities, institutes, and research institutes in the country for developing entrepreneurs. Four Israeli universities are among the world’s top 50 undergraduate university courses for generating entrepreneurs. Israel has a long history of academic excellence and promoting research and innovation in the fields of Innovation, Science, and Engineering. In Israel, out-of-the-box thinkers and doers will feel completely at home! To study in Israel is quite a pleasurable experience.

Here are Quick Facts & Figures For Study Abroad In Israel

Capital – Jerusalem

Language – Hebrew, Arabic

Population – 9 Million

Area Size – 11,145 km²

International Students – 11,000

Academic Year – September to June

Currency – New Israel Shekel (NIS) 

Calling Code – +972

Time Zone – GMT +3

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More Information On Study In Israel Programmes

Israel’s higher education institutions provide a wide selection of English-language academic programmes for international students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels, ranging from short-term courses to full-degree programmes. PhD and post-doctoral researchers are also welcome in Israel, where they will have many opportunities to collaborate with world-class experts.

In Israel, there are nine universities, 31 colleges, and 21 teacher-training colleges, all of which are overseen by the Council of Higher Education, which oversees the entire Israeli higher education system.

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Israel has 61 higher education institutions, 50 of which are government-supported and 11 of which are privately funded, making tuition costs competitive on a global basis. Fees vary by university and can range from $4,000 to $30,000 per year, depending on the sort of programme and the institution.

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Reasons Why Students Choose To Study In Israel 

Education Of The Highest Quality

When it comes to studying abroad, your main worry as a student is the quality of the institution you’ll be attending. Israel’s higher education institutions’ intellectual superiority is well-known around the world. Israel provides you with a high-quality academic experience, with multiple universities considered among the best in the world, superb schools, and research centres! Many universities offer English-language programmes, providing you with a unique international learning environment in which to learn and flourish.

Technology & Innovation | Study In Israel

Israel is the place to be if you’re interested in innovation and technology. Israel dubbed the “Start-Up Nation,” is a land that thrives on innovation. It is a hotbed of hi-tech growth, with the world’s highest per capita investment in start-up businesses. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index, Israel is the world’s third most creative country. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Israel’s booming startup culture and ecosystem while you study there.

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The Student Experience

There’s more to studying in Israel than just pounding the books, whether you live on campus or off, in or out of the city. Israel offers a bustling student social scene, with countless possibilities to get out and explore the country. You will have the opportunity to form lifelong friendships with Israelis and other international students.

Fascinating Culture| Study In Israel

You will be immersed in a diverse, lively, and ever-changing culture if you choose to study in Israel. Israel’s history spans over 4,000 years and has absorbed a wide range of cultural influences. You will have several opportunities to immerse yourself in Israel’s beautiful culture during your studies, whether through food, history, art, or music.

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Exploration & Scenery

When it comes to sightseeing in Israel, there is enough to see. You can visit world-renowned historical sites, float in the Dead Sea, hike in the gorgeous Sea of Galilee region or the Negev Desert, marvel at the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, or watch the sunset on Tel Aviv beach. Israel has a plethora of attractions to keep you busy till you graduate and beyond.

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Study In Israel

All About Study In Israel For International Students

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