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Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines For 2023

Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines

You’ll be convinced that scholarship grants in the Philippines to study abroad are abundantly available when I show you where the country stands in a list of developing countries. It is a fact that scholarships are easily accessible for developing and underdeveloped countries as compared to the developed nations. Take a look below: 

Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines

If you’re able to find the Philippines on the world pie-chart, let me tell you, that country has ample opportunities to help you study internationally. 

To help you find the perfect scholarship grants in the Philippines to study abroad, I have made a list of the top countries that encourage and organise student exchange between the world and the Philippines. 

Germany’s Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines 

DAAD Scholarship Germany

DAAD Scholarships target students who belong to developing and newly industrialised countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines. The scholarships are offered to Postgraduate, and Master’s students. In addition to creating a cohort of Philippine DAAD Scholars in Germany, the institute also organised a Third Country Program. This is for students who want to pursue their research and studies from their home countries or regions.

Eligibility and Requirements of DAAD Scholarship: 

You must currently work for a public authority or private company in a developing country such as the Philippines. To apply for this scholarship, you must hold a four year Bachelor’s degree in the related field of study. Since this is a merit-based, competitive scholarship, your academic records must be above average. In addition to academics, you must also have 2 years of work experience in the related field of study to be eligible. 

Which Are The Fields Of Study? 

Masters or PhD courses in 

Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics; 

Development Cooperation; 

Engineering and Related Sciences; Mathematics; 

Regional and Urban Planning; 

Agricultural and Forest Sciences; 

Natural and Environmental Sciences; 

Medicine and Public Health; 

Social Sciences, 

Education and Law; and Media Studies

Value Of DAAD Scholarship

Most study abroad scholarships in the Philippines are generous and available abundantly because the country is developing. Scholars receive a monthly stipend of €860. In addition to that, you will also receive a travel allowance, insurance costs covered for accidents and liabilities. 

Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany 

Heinrich Boll Scholarships aims to attract and support international students who wish to pursue their tertiary studies in Germany. Students who belong to developing countries are considered for this scholarship. Awarded towards Master’s or PhD degrees in subjects offered by state-recognised universities in Germany. 

Eligibility and Requirements:

You must first apply to a state-recognised university in Germany before you apply for this scholarship. You may apply for this scholarship anytime after the commencement of your semester to its end date. In addition, students who have work experience are highly considered for this award. Therefore, it is imperative that you submit proof of professional qualifications if you possess any. 

Value Of Heinrich Boll Scholarship:

For Master’s: A Stipend of €850 per month including travel allowances and cover tuition fees. 

For PhD: A monthly stipend of €1200 plus €100 as travel allowance and living expenses.

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United Kingdom’s Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

Denys Holland Scholarship offers study abroad scholarships for Philippine students who wish to study at an undergraduate level. 

This scholarship is specially offered to those students who, without the support of a scholarship or funding, will not be able to study at UCL. However, only those students are broadly considered for this scholarship who are able to describe how this award will help them to achieve their future goals. In addition to that, you will have to show an interest to participate in activities organised by the Student Union and UCL.

Eligibility and Requirements of Denys Holland Scholarship: 

To be considered for this award, the basic requirements are to submit your UCL student number and UCAS Application number. This means that you need to apply to study a course at UCL before you apply for this scholarship. Moreover, you need to be admitted into a full-time course at UCL before you submit your scholarship application form. Only those students will be considered for this grant who demonstrate a need for financial support and are willing to take part in University’s activities. 

Value of Denys Holland Scholarship: 

This scholarship amounts to £9000 per year for a period of 3 years. The scholarship is renewable on the condition of satisfactory academic progress. 

International Ambassador Scholarship at University of West London

Simply put, the international ambassador scholarship selects students from around the world, including the Philippines, who have the potential to represent the University. The scholars should be voluntarily ready to act as ambassadors of the University. The scholarship is open to students who want to study their undergraduate or postgraduate course at UWL. Every year, up to 100 scholars are produced through this program who become successful global ambassadors of the university. 

Eligibility and Requirements: 

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is simple. Before you apply for these study abroad scholarships in the Philippines offered by UWL, you need to enroll yourself into a course offered by the university. This means that you already need to have a letter of acceptance from the university before you apply for this scholarship. In addition to that, you must be a non-EU national. 

Value Of The International Scholarship By UWL: 

University of West London’s scholars will receive a tuition fee waiver up to £5000 in their first year of study. 

Japan’s Scholarship Abroad For Philippines 

JFUNU Scholarships For MSc In Sustainability 

Japan’s Foundation of UNU offers scholarships to students who belong to developing countries such as the Philippines and India to pursue their Master’s in sustainability and development. Only those students are considered for this award who need financial help, without which they will not be able to pursue their Master’s in the Institute For Advanced Study of Sustainability. 

Eligibility and Requirements: 

Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent before applying for a Master’s program in a field related to sustainability. You must show an interest in the field of sustainability for applying for this scholarship. Only students with satisfactory academic standing are considered for this award. This means you need to score a GPA of at least 2.8 on a scale of 4 or 70% out of 100% or other equivalents. In addition to meeting the academic requirements, you must also meet the English Language requirements of the university. 

Value Of JFUNU Scholarships For Sustainability: 

JFUNU scholars receive a full waiver of their tuition fees. In addition to that, you will receive a monthly allowance of 1,20,000 JPY  for a period of 24 months. This can be used to cover travel and other living expenses. 

Thanks for reading this blog on Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines For 2021

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Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines

Study Abroad Scholarships In The Philippines For 2023

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