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Student Visa For Study Abroad 2024: Requirement, Fees & Application Process

Student Visa for study abroad

Many students seek student visas to study abroad in top countries like the US, the UK, and Australia. Other developed countries like Germany, Canada, France, Turkey, China, the Netherlands, and South Korea are also popular choices, attracting 60% of international students. Notably, Indian students account for 41.4% of Graduate Route visas, highlighting a growing interest in overseas education from India. This blog has everything you need to know about the student visa to study abroad!

Highlights Of Student Visas For Study Abroad
Surge in International Students  Over 6.4 million students studied abroad in 2021, a significant increase from 2 million in 2000.
Top Destinations for International StudentsOver 60% of international students choose the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Turkey, China, Netherlands, and South Korea.
India as a Leading Exporter of Students in 2022       India surpassed China in 2022, with Indian students obtaining 41.4% of all Graduate Route visas.

What Is A Student Visa? 

A student visa allows a foreign national to enter and temporarily stay in a country to pursue full-time studies at an approved educational institution. To obtain one, you typically need:

  • Acceptance letter from a recognised school
  • Proof of sufficient funds for tuition, living costs, etc.
  • Evidence of English proficiency (in some countries)
  • Proof of ties to your home country
  • Medical examination clearance (in some countries)
  • Police clearance certificate/no criminal record

The visa duration is usually tied to the length of your course, plus some additional time before and after. Requirements can vary by country, so check official sources for the most current information.

Take a look at the table below to know about student visa USA.

FeatureF-1 VisaM-1 Visa
Type of ProgrammeAcademic programmes (college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school, language training)      Vocational or nonacademic programmes (excluding language training)
Initial Work RestrictionsMay not work off-campus during the first academic year; can work on-campus under certain conditions.Cannot work during study.

Remember that international students on F-1 visas have a fantastic opportunity to gain experience through Curricular Practical Training, Optional Practical Training, and even a STEM Extension for Optional Practical Training – these programmes are important for landing a post study work visa USA.

 When Should I Apply For A Student Visa?

 Obtaining a student visa for studying abroad is an important step, and the process can vary significantly depending on the country you plan to study in. When it comes to Germany, the student visa Germany requirements demand extra attention due to its strict visa approval process. Let’s take a closer look at when to apply for a student visa for different countries, with a specific focus on the German student visa.

CountryTypical Processing TimeRecommended Application Time Before Start Date
Germany10-15 days3-4 months
CanadaVaries depending on the country and seasonAt least 6 months
New ZealandUp to 60 working daysAt least 3 months
IrelandUp to 8 weeksAt least 12 weeks
USAVaries depending on the embassy and season3-4 months

What Type Of Visa Do I Need? 

For students studying abroad, the options for the type of visa depends on the country you are planning to study in. For example if you are planning to study in New Zealand, you’ll need a student visa New Zealand, for the USA, you might need a USA student visa. Given below are the types of student visas need depending on different top countries: 

CountryKey Features
USADiverse universities, high costs, F-1 visa proof of funds, OPT for STEM (3 years) and non-STEM (1 year).
UKHigh-quality education, 18-month skilled-graduate visa, 2-year graduate visa, merit-based scholarships.  
IrelandWelcoming, high-quality education, one-year work post-graduation. 
GermanyNo tuition for most public universities, part-time jobs, permanent visa after 5 years.
CanadaWelcoming, high-quality education, three-year post-grad work permit, path to residency.
AustraliaMulticultural, high-quality education, 18-month post-grad work, comparative living costs.
New ZealandHigh-quality, welcoming, 12-month post-grad work, scholarships and funding.  

Documents Required For Student Visa Application 

The student visa process for studying abroad can feel like a complex task, with numerous requirements and documents to prepare. Though the list of documents would vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for, here’s a general list of must-have documents for you:

  • A valid passport
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies issued by course provider
  • Evidence of enough fund to meet the expenses
  • Valid ATAS certificate if required
  • Evidence of parental or guardian permission for minors
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Written consent from financial sponsor if sponsored
  • Additional documents depending on circumstances
  • Proof of financial support
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Completed Study Permit Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Educational transcripts and certificates
  • Language proficiency test results
  • Biometrics
  • Medical examination results
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Visa application fee
  • Custodianship declaration for minors
  • Additional documents as required
  • Proof of payment for tuition fees

Popular Scholarships For Studying Abroad 

Scholarships are among the financial documents for study abroad visas that are necessary to show proof of funds. You can opt for many scholarships offered by the universities, external organisations, or trusts. Abroad scholarships range from merit based to need based. You can seek help from UniScholars which has a database of over 1500 scholarships, grants, or bursaries. Given below are a few scholarships you can go for: 

Scholarship ProgrammeDescription
Fulbright Foreign Student ProgrammeThis is for postgraduates and artists to study or do research in the US.
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees    For master’s studies at multiple universities overseas.       
QS Leadership ScholarshipFor postgraduate students demonstrating leadership potential.
QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence For students with strong academic potential. 
Great Wall Programme   For students from developing countries to study or research in China.
Chevening ScholarshipsFor students with leadership potential to pursue a master’s in the UK.       
DAAD Scholarships     For semester or degree study in Germany.  
Australia Awards ScholarshipsFor students from developing countries to study in Australia.
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships   For doctoral students demonstrating leadership and academic excellence.  
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation ScholarshipsFor Indian students to study postgraduate or research in the US, UK, or Europe.  

Procedures To Be Followed For Student Visa Application 

 Given below are some mandatory things you need to follow for a student visa application. No matter which country you have applied for: 

  • To receive a letter of confirmation, you have to pay the fee for the first semester/year.
  • Provide proof of English proficiency.
  • Submit standardised test results if required by the institution.
  • Under the SDS scheme, show a GIC deposit certificate or proof of liquid funds.
  • Complete a medical examination and obtain a police clearance certificate if necessary.
  • Prepare academic transcripts of previous education records.
  • Provide passport size photographs as per the high commission’s specifications.
  • Draft a Statement of Purpose detailing course, institution, country selection, and plans.
  • Submit any other required or relevant documents.
  • If it’s Canada, also consider the Canada student visa fees.

Requirements For Visa Extension

It may happen that you decide to take up an extra course and stretch your stay abroad. However, every action that you take should be official while studying there. Hence, you should immediately apply for a visa extension. Given below are the requirements for visa extension: 

  • Meet specific visa category requirements including financial stability, English proficiency, and educational or professional qualifications.
  • Comply with current visa conditions such as working for the sponsor and adhering to work hours and salary.
  • Explain any UK absences with supporting documents like passport stamps and employer letters.
  • Show absences relate to the sponsored employment in the UK.
  • For Skilled Worker visas, provide employer confirmation of work pattern, leaves, and trips.
  • It’s best to keep your absences under 180 days within a year.
  • When applying for indefinite leave to stay, be sure to recount all your overseas journeys in detail, referencing the official stamps in your passport that mark your entries and exits.
  • Explain excessive absences for ILR due to serious illnesses, conflicts, or natural disasters.
  • For ILR, confirm that long absences are not allowed unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • Provide financial evidence for ILR to show self-sufficiency without public funds.
  • Submit evidence of English proficiency and continuous residence for ILR, as required.
  • Apply before the current visa expiry, covering all fees and the health surcharge.
  • Provide biometric data and disclose any criminal records or immigration violations.
  • Respond to Home Office requests and await their decision, adhering to any specified conditions.

Pointers To Avoid Student Visa Rejection 

Student abroad study visa applications can be a real bureaucratic maze. With some careful prep work and an eagle eye for detail, you can significantly boost your odds of approval. Here are some key pointers to direct you clear of the dreaded denial:

  • Research the student visa process thoroughly before applying
  • Ensure all entry requirements are met accurately
  • Provide complete and correct accommodation details
  • Avoid errors in the application to prevent rejection


Which country easily gives a student visa?

Some countries are generally considered more straightforward processes for international students like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

How long is a student visa?

The length or duration of a student visa can vary depending on the country you plan to study in and the specifics of your academic programme.

How much bank balance is required for a student visa?

It usually varies, depending on countries. For the UK, you should have around GBP 1200.

How to apply for a student visa?

To apply for a student visa, you typically need to secure admission from a recognised educational institution, gather required documents like acceptance letter, financial proof, and academic credentials, pay the visa fee, and submit the application. 

When do I start applying for a student visa?

Yes, there is an apt time to initiate the student visa procedure. It is generally recommended to apply for a student visa 3-6 months in advance of your intended start date or programme.

Where do I apply for my student visa?

You can submit your application to the embassy or consulate in your desired country.

Can I work on my student visa?

It is generally possible to work while on a student visa, but with restrictions on the number of hours and types of employment allowed, which vary by country.

How Long Can I Limit My Stay On A Student Visa?

It is usually linked to the length of your academic programme, which can span 3-4 years or more.

Usually what are the student visa application processing times?

It takes around 6-8 weeks but the processing time might vary. 

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Student Visa for study abroad

Student Visa For Study Abroad 2024: Requirement, Fees & Application Process

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