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SAT Exam Fees: Amount & New Changes In 2024

sat exam fees

The SAT is a common test used in college admissions in the U.S. and other countries. It checks a student’s readiness for college by testing reading, writing, and maths skills. The SAT scores range from 400 to 1600, with the class of 2020 averaging 1051.

Many schools now let students decide if they want to submit SAT scores due to test-optional policies. Still, a high SAT score can increase chances, especially at selective schools. The SAT exam fees also play a role in accessibility. Ultimately, the SAT is just one part of the admissions process, which also looks at grades, activities, essays, and recommendations.

In this blog, understand the amount you need to register for SAT exam fees. 

Key Takeaways

  • Starting August 24, 2024, the SAT exam will have a registration fee of USD 68. Students may also face extra costs for late registration, changing test centres, score reports, and verification. These fees can impact how accessible the SAT is for students.
  • Starting in March 2024, the SAT will go fully digital. The test will last about 2 hours. Each passage will have just one question. Students can use calculators throughout the Math section. Scores will be available within days. However, it may challenge students without digital devices or test prep materials.
  •  Indian students can get SAT fee waivers if they meet certain criteria. These include having a family income below INR 3.5 lakhs, being in grades 11 or 12, maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA, and showing financial need. With these waivers, eligible students can take the SAT for free twice. They also get free Answer Service reports and college application fee waivers.

SAT Registration Fees

The registration fee for the SAT for U.S. test takers, effective August 24, 2024, is USD 68. Some students can get a fee waiver. Here are some services that might incur extra fees:

Test centre fee (select locations only)USD 24To book the test centre at specific locations.
Late registration        USD 30Register after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.
Change test centreUSD 25Follow these steps to change your test centre only. If you need to change the test date, cancel your current registration and sign up for a new one.
Cancel registration feeUSD 25You can cancel your registration by the change deadline.
Late cancel fee USD 35To cancel your registration, do so by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET before the test day.
Waitlist fee   USD 53To get admitted to the test centre on test day after being waitlisted.
Additional score reportsUSD 14 per reportYou can request your first four score reports within nine days of your test date to receive them for free. After this period, additional reports will incur a fee.
Rush reportsUSD 31+ USD 14 per reportGet your score reports faster. 
Get scores by phone USD 15 per callYou can access it when online scores are available. Pay with a credit card. 
Archived scores         USD 35 + USD 14 per reportTo get scores from past years.
Score Verification      USD 55To verify digital SAT scores.

For the SAT essay, you need to spend an additional fee. This fee covers storing and sending your essay scores to colleges.

You can pay the SAT fee online with a credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB) or PayPal. You can also pay offline using a check, money order, or bank draft.

UniScholars helps eligible students apply for SAT fee waivers. Students can contact the UniScholars team for more details about the fee for the SAT exam.

Registering For The SAT Exam

Apart from focusing on the SAT exam price, it is also essential to look at the significant dates related to the test.

You can take the SAT exam seven times in the 2024-2025 academic year. The test dates run from August 2024 to June 2025. Here are the critical registration dates and deadlines for the 2024-2025 testing year:

The SAT registration fee is USD 60, plus a USD 43 regional fee for India, for a total of USD 103. From August 24, 2024, the registration fee will increase to USD 68, for a total of USD 111. Students register for the SAT through their College Board account. Those who qualify for fee waivers can take the SAT for free and get additional benefits.

The SAT now lasts 2 hours and 14 minutes and has two sections: Reading, writing, and Mathematics. You can take this multistage adaptive test online.

The top colleges in the US and India accept SAT scores: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Caltech, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Ashoka University, OP Jindal Global University, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

New Changes In The SAT Format For 2024 

The SAT exam will change a lot in 2024. It will be fully digital for everyone. Here are the main updates to the SAT format:

  • Starting in March 2024, students will take the SAT entirely on digital devices. They can use their laptops, desktops or devices provided by their school or the College Board.
  • The exam will last about 2 hours instead of 3. Each question will have more time.
  • Passages will be brief. Each will have one question. Topics will be diverse.
  • You can use calculators throughout the whole Math section.
  • You’ll get your scores in days, not weeks.
  • The SAT will now adjust its question difficulty based on students’ performance, making it a multistage adaptive test.

The College Board thinks these changes will make the SAT easier to access, more relevant, and simpler for students. However, the digital switch could be tough for some students, especially those lacking digital test prep materials or devices. Counsellors suggest students get used to the new digital format and use the free practice resources from the College Board.

Eligibility Criteria For SAT Fee Waivers (Indian Students)


Indian students must meet these criteria to get SAT fee waivers:

Family IncomeYou qualify if your family’s yearly income is below INR 3.5 lakhs (about USD 4,500).
EnrolmentCurrently enrolled in grades 11 or 12 in an Indian high school.
Academic RecordMaintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent.
CitizenshipAn Indian citizen or permanent resident.
Financial NeedDemonstrate financial need and inability to pay the SAT registration fee.

Advantages Of SAT Fee Waivers For Indian Students 

Indian students who get SAT fee waivers receive these benefits:

SAT Registration Fee Waivers 

  • Students are eligible to take the SAT at no cost on two occasions.
  • You need to pay INR 1,400 for the regular SAT registration fee. That’s about USD18 for each test.

SAT Answer Service Waivers

  • Students can ask for up to 2 free Answer Service reports.
  • The fee for the Answer Service is INR 600 per report. This is roughly USD 8.

College Application Fee Waivers

  • Students can get fee waivers for college applications at certain schools.
  • In India, the average fee for a college application is about INR 1,000. This equals roughly USD 13 in US currency.

Documents Required For Indian Students To Get An SAT Fee Waiver

  • Students must show documents proving their family’s yearly income is under the required limit. For a 90% waiver, the income must be less than INR 8 lakhs per year. For a 50% waiver, it should be between INR 8-15 lakhs. Acceptable documents include income tax returns, pay stubs, or other financial records.
  • Students must show they are in grades 11 or 12 at an Indian high school.
  • Students must give a copy of their Indian passport or other proof of citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Students need to send their academic transcripts or mark sheets. This shows they meet the minimum GPA requirement, usually 3.0 or equivalent.

Importance Of Planning And Budgeting For SAT Exam Price

Planning and budgeting for SAT exam costs are crucial for students who want to study abroad, especially those from India. The SAT exam fee for Indian students is around INR 7,900 ($95). However, this is just the beginning. Several additional fees and services can significantly increase the overall SAT budget.

Knowing these costs is crucial for preparing for the SAT Exam. It assists Indian students and their family’s budgets and helps them make informed decisions throughout the application process. Being well-informed and ready lets students concentrate on excelling in the SAT and reaching their academic goals.


What Is The Cost To Register For The SAT In 2024?

The fee for registering for the SAT in 2024 is USD 68.

Are There Extra Charges For The SAT Exam?

Additional fees apply for services such as late registration, test centre changes, cancellations, and requesting score reports.

Do Students Who Qualify For Fee Waivers Need To Pay The Entire Registration Fee?

No, those who qualify for fee waivers can take the SAT at no cost and receive additional benefits.

Is It Possible To Change The Date Of My SAT Exam, And If So, What Is The Cost?

Yes, you can change your SAT exam date; the rescheduling fee is USD 30.

What Are The Payment Methods For The SAT Exam Fee In India?

In India, you can pay the SAT exam fee with a credit card or PayPal.

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sat exam fees

SAT Exam Fees: Amount & New Changes In 2024

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