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San Diego State University Admissions

san diego state university admissions

San Diego State University (SDSU) is a place for students who want to improve their life and the world around them. This top-ranked public research institution in sunny San Diego, California, offers an academic community that values diversity, creativity, and leadership. International students will discover a thriving community at SDSU, where they may interact with a worldwide network of professionals from over 100 countries. San Diego provides an exceptional setting that will encourage you to study, explore, and grow, with 70 miles of sandy beaches, a bustling arts and cultural scene, and infinite choices for adventure. This guide on San Diego State University admissions can help you understand the eligibility, admission deadlines and acceptance, application steps, and more!

I. Introduction

About SDSU: 

Since its inception in 1897, San Diego State University has evolved to become a renowned public research university. Students benefit from San Diego’s highly urbanized city, coastal and mountain access, wonderful weather, blue sky, and sandy beaches. SDSU’s more than 190 undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes are meant to challenge and inspire students. Hands-on, experiential learning and research opportunities at the university prepare students for successful employment and leadership roles in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, health sciences, and the arts and humanities.

As an international student at SDSU, you will have access to a variety of resources and support services that will help you excel academically and personally. The International Student Center provides programmes and activities that enhance cross-cultural understanding and assist you in overcoming the hurdles of studying in a new country. The institution also offers academic counselling, language aid, and assistance with visa and immigration concerns.

SDSU Acceptance Rate: 

San Diego State University’s acceptance rate stands at 37% indicating that it is a competitive university. SDSU received almost 103,000 individual applications for the most recent academic year, with just 34,842 enrolling. San Diego State University admissions are available in its eight schools, which offer 96 bachelor’s, 80 master’s, and 21 doctorate degrees. Let’s dive into the university’s admissions process and understand the eligibility criteria, language requirements, documents, deadlines, application fees, and more!

II. San Diego State University Admissions Requirements

Here’s an Application Checklist for international students who are planning to enrol at SDSU:

  • Transcripts/Academic Records: You will be requested to list the universities you attended, the dates you attended, and any degrees you have obtained.
  • English-Language Test Results: You will be requested to give any available test scores as well as future exam dates.
  • Payment: You will be required to pay a $70 application fee at the time of submission.

Admission Requirements For UG Students:

SDSU has country and course-specific eligibility criteria for international students at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral). The following provides an overview of the San Diego State University admissions requirements for all degree-level programmes –

  • Applicants must have completed high school or secondary-level education.
  • Secondary School Examination Certificates or Higher Secondary/Intermediate Examination Certificates are also accepted for Indian aspirants.
  • A GPA of at least 3.0 (Grade B or 80%) or greater in its US equivalent.

Certain majors have extra criteria that students must complete in order to be admitted to the major and the university, and they include:

  • Dance: Applicants must meet the CSU admissions standard and pass an audition.
  • Music: Candidates must satisfy the CSU admissions criteria and pass an audition.
  • Nursing: Applicants will be rated for admission alongside other nursing applicants based on their college preparatory courses GPA, preparation for the selected field of study, and other criteria. Students must also have a B or better in Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry with lab classes in high school.
  • Theatre Arts-Performance: Students must fulfil the CSU admissions criteria and successfully complete an audition to major.

Note: The California State University (CSU) system does not need or accept SAT or ACT exam results from first-year applicants. Nonetheless, scores may be required after acceptance to help with course placement.

Admission Requirements For PG Students:

International graduate applicants should comply with the minimal SDSU requirements stated in the university’s Graduate Bulletin along with the individual academic programme requirements. A minimum US equivalent GPA of 3.0 (B grade or 80%) or above is required in order to qualify for admission. Exam scores like GRE or GMAT may be necessary as per course requirements. The following requirements are to be met as part of the San Diego State University admissions:

  • Applicants must have earned an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution or one approved by a Ministry of Education in the term preceding enrollment, or 
  • Applicants will earn an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution or one approved by a Ministry of Education in the term preceding enrollment.

English Language Proficiency Requirements:

International students are required to meet San Diego State University’s English language requirements by qualifying for the authorized tests as approved by the university. According to the university, students must have any one of the following exam scores –

English TestMinimum Score
Duolingo (DET)105
SDSU’s American Language Institute’s Level 106 courseOverall GPA of 3.0 or higher

Document Checklist:

While applying to SDSU, students must attach original and official documents based on their chosen programme. Official academic records should be supplied in a sealed envelope from the secondary institution(s) such as credential evaluators or the Ministry of Education. All additional documents must be in English and/or in the local language(s) (s) failing which applicants must provide a certified English translation of each document in sealed envelopes, either from the high school or from a certified translator. SDSU urges candidates to seek more than one official transcript if a certified English translation is necessary. 

Here’s a list of documents that students must include –

  • GMAT/GRE test results
  • Grade 9-12 or Grade 10-12 for undergraduate applicants
  • Undergraduate or master’s degree certificate or diploma for postgraduate applicants
  • Official Academic Transcripts for each year of study completed 
  • Scores for English language proficiency
  • Recommendation Letters (LORs)
  • Essay
  • Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Additional documentation, as required by the course
  • Financial documents
  • Passport photocopy

Application Fees, Timelines & Deadlines:

It is recommended that international applicants register 6-8 weeks ahead of time because the university can take up to three weeks to process paperwork once they have been received at SDSU. For both UG and PG applications, international students must pay a non-refundable application fee of 70 USD (roughly INR 5,248).

From October 1 through December 15, the San Diego State University admissions accept international first-year applications. International students are not permitted to apply for spring admission to the university. The generic deadlines for overseas students to consider are as follows:

Admission TypeDeadlines
Early ConsiderationDecember 15
Regular AdmissionApril 1

Different timelines & deadlines apply for different courses. It by and large varies based on the course type that the student is applying for. It is advisable to check the university’s website portal to confirm the exact dates and deadlines when submitting applications for specific courses.

III. San Diego State University Admissions Process

Steps To Apply To SDSU:

International students must apply to SDSU using the Cal State Apply portal (CSA), which is a consolidated application system for all 23 California State University campuses. Applicants can apply to SDUSU using this website in five simple steps, regardless of the programme for which they are applying.

Step 1: Visit the Cal State Apply website & select the term for which you’d like to apply for.

San Diego State University admissions

Step 2: Create an account & fill out the application form with relevant information.

SDSU Admissions

Step 3: Create an SDSU account

San Diego State University admissions

Step 4: Attach relevant documents & submit the application.

SDSU Admissions

Step 5: Review the application status

San Diego State University admissions

When Will You Hear Back From SDSU?

As an international student, you must wait up to three weeks for processing after submitting your documents. When documents and test scores are received and examined by the Office of Admissions, their status will be updated in your ‘my.SDSU’ account. It is advisable to track the status of your San Diego State University admissions from time to time to see the progress of your application.

IV. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships To Study At SDSU:

International students can apply for merit-based scholarships starting in mid-March and running through the end of July. Students must apply by mid-April for priority consideration. External sources, such as churches, local clubs, national organisations, and so on, provide a few scholarships, each with its own set of criteria and deadlines. Students can also apply for recruitment/merit scholarships at the university. San Diego State University has a limited number of scholarships available to students studying in the United States. A few of them are listed below –

  • SDSU Aztec Scholarships
  • External Scholarship Checks & ScholarShare
  • Recruitment/Merit Scholarship

V. Conclusion

To conclude, San Diego State University provides students pursuing higher education with a robust and dynamic academic community. SDSU delivers a unique and rewarding educational experience for its students through its strong academic programmes, cutting-edge facilities, and commitment to student achievement. The San Diego State University admissions process might be rigorous, but with diligent preparation, attention to deadlines, and a great application, students can improve their chances of admission to this exceptional institution. Overall, SDSU is a great option for students looking for a world-class education in a beautiful and lively setting.

Thank you for reading this blog on San Diego State University Admissions. If you’d like to read more, do check out our other blogs of interest:

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san diego state university admissions

San Diego State University Admissions

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