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Salford University Acceptance Rate For International Students

salford university acceptance rate

The University of Salford, also called Salford University, is a premier public research institute in Salford, England. The university is a centre of high-quality education, the latest technology, top teaching methodologies and a wide range of courses offered under various departments. Currently, the Salford University acceptance rate is around 8%, indicating a very stringent admission process. To get ahead of the admission percentage, students must make extra efforts and portray their mettle as worthy candidates. To find out more details about the acceptance rate, continue reading!

What Is The Salford University Acceptance Rate?

Source: @BLOG: Five reasons why the University of Salford is great for international students 

The first step in the Salford University admission procedure is to look at the admission percentage. This statistic is a direct indicator of any applicant’s chances of enrollment. By analysing this, you get an idea of how tough the competition could be, and how stringent the admission process is. 

Currently, the Salford University acceptance rate for Indian students is around 8%, implying that the university has a very stringent selection process. An acceptance rate that low indicates a razor-thin tough competition, where candidates must bring their A-game. Fortunately, the Salford University undergraduate acceptance rate and that for master’s is the same as the general percentage.

What Are The Trends Of Salford University Acceptance Rate?

Since the past couple of years, the Salford University acceptance rate hasn’t changed much. However, before that, it was noted to be around 4.8%, even less than what it is this year. But this is a positive indication. An increasing acceptance rate could mean anything – the university has more seats available under each course, the number of applicants has decreased, the competition has lessened, or the selection process is easier. Whatever it means, international candidates must take advantage of it!

How To Get Ahead Of The Salford University Acceptance Rate?

Since the Salford University acceptance rate is so low, applicants must persevere more to get enrolled. The first step is to fulfil all the entry requirements. To get the edge, students must ensure that they score higher than the average in the standardised tests. Moreover, a compelling personal essay or statement of purpose is essential to demonstrate the unique characteristics that make you a suitable candidate for the university’s student community. Lastly, through your application, portray consistent progress and growth in your academics and extracurriculars.

Popular Courses At Salford University

How do the popular courses affect the Salford University acceptance rate? Since the top courses are applied to more than others by international students, the competition automatically increases. If your desired field of study is in the list of domains mentioned below, you can probably get an estimate of the difficulty level. This step also helps you get an idea of the overall cost of studying in the UK for students.

  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedicine
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Physics
  • Computing Networks
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Geography and Environmental Management

Salford University Entry Requirements For International Students

Entry Requirements are, without a doubt, the most essential. These are the primary methods of screening any application from the general bunch. While fulfilling these is important, the best way to get ahead of the acceptance rate of Salford University is to go the extra mile with these prerequisites. For instance, the statement of purpose, CV, portfolio, etc.

Salford University Entry RequirementsDetails
UndergraduateWest Bengal: 50%
CISCE: 55%
CBSE: 60%
Other state boards: 65%
Postgraduate55% or 5.8 CGPA from a recognised institute
3 to 4 years of bachelor’s degree
Students scoring fewer marks but having relevant additional qualifications may be considered.
Official documentsOfficial transcripts and certificates of all previous degrees
Curriculum Vitae
Copy of passportFinancial documents
Additional requirementsPersonal statement
Letter of recommendation (at least 2)
ResultsEnglish  proficiency language tests

English Language Proficiency Tests

After analysing the admission requirements, it is evident that the English proficiency tests are the only standardised tests required for all courses at Salford University. Thus, these tests become the only criterion of viable competition where students can be accurately judged. So the Admissions Team considers these scores as ‘tie-breakers’ between two candidates. The following table consists of the details of all the requirements.

ExamMinimum Scores for UG/PGMinimum Scores for PG HighMinimum Scores for International Foundation Year
IELTS6.0 (5.5 in all components)6.5 (6.0 in all components)4.5 (4.0 in all components)
Trinity College London – Integrated Skills in EnglishISE II Merit with no less than a pass in any given skillISE II Distinction with no less than a pass in any given skillISE II Pass
LanguageCert International SELT39 on SELT B2 with no less than 33 in any given skill 45 on SELT B2 with no less than 33 in any given skill33 on SELT B2
PTE64 with no less than 59 in any given skill70 with no less than 59 in any given skill59
TOEFL79 overall including minimum listening – 17; reading – 18; writing – 17; speaking – 20.

Note that the university does not accept TOEFL Home Edition. For Indian applicants, other exams can also substitute for the need for IELTS. However, note that it applies only to students of CBSE, CISCE, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana boards.

  • IELTS 6.5: Standard XII: 70% English
  • IELTS 6.0: Standard XII: 65% English

Also, if you can prove the medium of instruction is English, you can be exempted from the requirement. For Indian applicants, here are the regulations:

  • Indian Institute of Technology: Successful completion of course
  • Indian Institute of Management (Any campuses): Successful completion of course
  • University of Delhi: Successful completion of course
  • University of Mumbai: Successful completion of course
  • University of Calcutta (Kolkatta): Successful completion of course

Salford University Specific Intakes & Deadlines

Some intakes have a very small number of applicants which makes the acceptance rate higher, thus, making it essential to consider the intakes in the UK. The Salford Business School has 3 major intakes- March, June, and September. This implies that students pursuing business courses automatically get the advantage of applying for more intakes.

The entire processing time for each application is around 3 weeks. The university is currently accepting applications for the September intake. Note that the application deadlines often vary from course to course. Thus, it is advisable to visit the official course page on the university’s website and verify the deadline when you’re exploring the admission process.

March Intake: Salford Business SchoolSubmit the documents22 December
Induction26 February
Teaching4 March
May Intake: PGApplications open on25 September
Submit the documents 12 April
Induction28 May
Teaching4 June
May Intake: Salford Business SchoolApplications open on2 October
Submit the documents 26 February
Induction28 May
Teaching3 June
September Intake for PG TaughtSubmit the documents 24 June
Induction9 September
Teaching16 September
September Intake for PG ResearchApplications open on25 September
Submit the documents 16 August
Induction9 September
Teaching16 September
September Intake: UGSubmit the documents 16 August
Induction9 September
Teaching16 September

What Are The Top Reasons To Choose Salford University?

Source: @University of Salford – Wikipedia 

After looking at the Salford University acceptance rate, it is quite evident that the admission process is a tough cycle. But what makes it worth it? The university has several aspects to offer to international students that they may not find in other similar universities. Look at the list below, which elaborates on the top reasons why you, as an international student, should choose to study at Salford University:

  • The university offers a range of different UK scholarships and financial aid to support students in paying their tuition fees.
  • The university has a student community of 25,000 students, where more than 4,000 students are international candidates forming a diverse and vibrant community.
  • In case your chosen master’s degree isn’t directly relevant to what you studied in your bachelor’s, you can still pursue it by showing adequate interest and qualification.
  • All the courses offered at Salford University are worldwide accredited courses that enable students to explore new opportunities and learn more.
  • The university is located close to Manchester, which is a hub for different cuisines, art galleries, museums, and more.
  • The cost of living at Salford University is quite affordable when compared to the cost of living in the UK for students. This is certainly an advantage as students can save up and manage their expenditures better.


Q1. What is the current Salford University acceptance rate?

Ans: At present, the Salford University acceptance rate is around 8%. However, it was as low as 4.8% just a few years back.

Q2. What factors influence the acceptance rate at Salford University?

Ans: Usually, the total number of applicants, available seats, intakes, popular courses and overall selection process affect the acceptance rate. To combat these, students must fulfil all the entry requirements, score high grades on the standardised tests, write a compelling statement of purpose and apply within the given deadlines.

Q3. Are there specific programmes or majors with higher or lower acceptance rates at Salford University?

Ans: There are no specific programmes or courses that have a higher or lower acceptance rate than the general at Salford University. The Salford University acceptance rate masters and bachelors remains the same. However, the courses of the Business School are offered in three intakes, thus giving students an opportunity to secure enrollment more easily.

Q4. How does the Salford University acceptance rate compare to other regional universities?

Ans: The top three institutes of higher education in Salford or nearby are the University of Salford or Salford University, the University of Manchester, and the Pendleton Sixth Form College. We know that the admission percentage of the first institute is 8%. The admission percentage of the other two is mentioned here:

  • University of Manchester acceptance rate: 27%
  • Pendleton Sixth Form College acceptance rate: 87%

Q5. Has the Salford University acceptance rate changed in recent years, and if so, what are the trends?

Ans: The Salford University acceptance rate has slightly increased over the years. Close to 4-5 years back, it was noted to be around 4.8%. However, in the past few years, it has increased to 8%.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Salford University acceptance rate! Let us know your queries in the comments section below!

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salford university acceptance rate

Salford University Acceptance Rate For International Students

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