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The Best Psychology Scholarships Around The World

In this article we list the best psychology scholarships around the world.

Psychology is one of the most fascinating subjects of humanities to study. Studying psychology gives students a chance to learn more about human behaviour and experiences and opens up a path of versatile career choices, as knowledge about human mentality is a common requirement for all fields. Some of the careers which a graduate in psychology can undertake include professional psychology, child care, social work, law, etc. They also get high salary packages and a lot of respect for their work in society. Mental health is now deemed and acknowledged to be as important as physical health is, and psychology professionals are in demand more than ever as people become aware of the need to maintain good mental health and sort out their life issues. However, since these courses abroad are expensive, students might need to opt for scholarships. If you are planning to study psychology in any part of the world and need help with extra funding here is a look at some of the best psychology scholarships around the world for international students:- 

1) Funded Scholarships for Ph.D. at Queen’s University, Belfast

The School of Psychology Department of Queen’s University, Belfast offers fully-funded Ph.D. scholarships for psychology major students enrolled in the university from the UK, European Union, and Ireland. To qualify for this scholarship they must have a 2:1 honours degree or its equivalent in psychology or related subjects. 

2) Ailie Donald postgraduate international scholarship at University of Edinburgh

The School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences department of the University of Edinburgh offers international scholarships in psychology under the Ailie Donald scholarship program to deserving candidates. It is awarded to students who are enrolled for admission in an MSc program of the university and pays off the full tuition fees of the selected students. This is one of the best scholarships for psychology majors in the UK.

3) Surrey International MSc Funding for Psychology in the UK 

The psychology department at the University of Surrey offers this scholarship to deserving international students who fulfill the required criteria for selection. It is open to all international students who are pursuing a full-time MSc course at the University. The scholarship is worth 5000 Euros.

4. Dean’s Scholarship for International Students at King’s College London

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King’s College London offers 12 MSc scholarships for students of all the above fields. These scholarships are open to students from the UK, the European Union, and international applicants. The range of the scholarship awards is between 1000 to 5000 euros. 

5. UG Global Excellence Scholarship at University of Exeter

The University of Exeter offers an undergraduate global excellence scholarships program that is open for international students in all fields including psychology with these scholarships for students award being worth around 5000 euros each. 

6. Covenant University International Excellence Award in Nigeria

This university located in Nigeria offers an international excellence scholarship to international students in various subjects including psychology. This is to help fund their higher studies in Nigeria and is open to masters applicants that seek an on-campus course in the university.

7. Health Workforce Scholarship Program

This PG scholarship is available for qualified health professionals to pursue their further studies in Australia. It is one of the top scholarships for psychology majors in Australia.

8. University of Auckland school of psychology scholarships

This university offers a range of scholarships for PG students to study psychology on its campus in New Zealand. One of the scholarships is the Winifred Gimblett prize. It is one of the top psychology scholarships for students in New Zealand.

9. University of Sydney Scholarships

A wide variety of PG psychology scholarships are available at the university’s school of psychology, one of which is the Campbell Perry international research scholarship for psychology.

10. Chicago School of Professional Psychology Scholarships

The university offers a list of psychology scholarships for college students including the Global Impact Scholarship and the International Student Grant available for international students who wish to study psychology at the Chicago School US.

11. Bangor University school of psychology scholarships 

The University offers a wide range of psychology scholarships for both international and local students. One of these scholarships is an annual women in science bursary. 

12. Bournemouth University subject achievement scholarship

This  psychology scholarship is available for the UK and European Union students to fund their undergraduate programs in psychology at the University. 

13. Lancaster University Scholarships 

The university offers psychology scholarships for college students based on merit, need and qualifications to deserving candidates who undertake an MSc in psychology in the university.

14. London School of Economics Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship

Under this program, three scholarships worth 2,000 Euro each are available for deserving students to study for a full-time MSc degree in social and cultural psychology. 

15. Reading University School of Psychology scholarships

Under this university 3, international excellence scholarships are offered to deserving psychology students from outside the European Union who display outstanding levels of achievement in academics in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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In this article we list the best psychology scholarships around the world.

The Best Psychology Scholarships Around The World

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