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Programme Overview: MBA In Marketing Vs MBA In Finance

Every product or service that is seen in the world now, has been through an expansive process and a major part of this includes marketing and finance. Knowing how to sell a product or service is an impeccable ability to have for any company which in simple terms is called marketing. Marketing can either make or break a company and many top establishments have reached their status due to great marketing. Similarly, acquisition, allocation, and utilisation of funds is an essential component that keeps businesses and companies afloat. Finance is the department that deals with anything to do with cash inflow and outflow. Therefore with finance and marketing being vital entities of any business, most MBA courses now add them as a separate specialisation. To further illustrate, the blog below dives deeper into MBA in Marketing vs MBA in Finance.

What Is MBA In Marketing?

Simply put an MBA in marketing has a highly curated curriculum dedicated to marketing studies. An MBA in Marketing programme equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyse market trends, identify customer needs and preferences, and develop and execute effective marketing campaigns to meet those needs. Students will learn how to use marketing research and data analytics to make informed decisions about product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

Between MBA in Marketing vs MBA in Finance, Marketing MBA also provides the students with effective communication and leadership skills that are favoured in the corporate world. Good marketing is all about influencing people towards the company’s product or service and an MBA marketing degree can provide the necessary tools to perfect this craft.

What Is MBA In Financing?

An MBA in Finance is a graduate-level programme that focuses on developing a deep understanding of financial management, accounting, investment analysis, and other related topics. This programme typically includes courses in financial statement analysis, corporate finance, portfolio management, financial modelling, risk management, and other finance-related subjects. The curriculum of an MBA in Finance programme is designed to provide students with the ability to apply financial concepts to real-world business situations.

When talking about MBA in Marketing Vs MBA in Finance, the latter requires a good understanding of mathematics and accounting. Generally, MBA in finance is a two-year course divided into four semesters and also includes electives. The career prospects for a graduate with MBA in finance are numerous since every business needs good functioning with respect to finance.

What Is The Difference Between MBA In Marketing Vs MBA In Finance?

The rise of entrepreneurship and multinational companies has equally given rise to the number of students acquiring a degree in MBA with a specialisation in marketing and finance. The two streams have their individual focuses and hence the differences between the two are mentioned below.

Focus area

A student pursuing MBA in marketing is made to focus on developing skills and knowledge related to marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, market research, advertising, and sales. Furthermore, communication, collaboration and leadership skills are also polished here. An MBA in finance programme deals with completely other aspects of a business and focuses on financial management, investment analysis, financial modelling, and accounting.

Career paths

Graduates of an MBA in marketing programme can pursue careers in areas such as product management, brand management, advertising, market research, and sales management. These roles are majorly involved in the final stages of a product lifecycle. Graduates of an MBA in finance programme can pursue careers in investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, financial consulting, and other related areas.
Regardless, between MBA in marketing vs MBA in finance, both exhibit promising and exponentially growing career paths.


An MBA in marketing will have some core subjects along with electives such as Operations Management, Consumer and Brand Insight Strategy, SalesForce Management     Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Channels Strategies & Decision Models, International and Multinational Marketing, Metrics for Marketing Performance Evaluation, Sales and Distribution Management. Some of the subjects dealt in finance are, Financial Modeling, Corporate Investment Management, Trading Strategies, Small Business and Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management, Infrastructure and Project Finance, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Skills developed

Since marketing deals with the emotion and psyche of people, students understand human behaviour, trend functioning, and macro and micro implementation. Adding on to this, an MBA in marketing develops skills such as market research, marketing strategy development, communication, and creativity. Finance is more or less a number game and hence the student will have good mathematical and accounting control. Besides this, the skills developed will include financial analysis, strategic thinking, number crunching, risk management, and quantitative analysis.

What Should You Opt for Between MBA In Marketing Vs MBA In Finance?

Understanding every component of the branch is important before pursuing either one of them. The points below should help in the decision.


When a course or programme is done out of own interest and passion, the course is much more enjoyable and does feel like a struggle. It is very important to identify where the true interest lies when choosing between MBA in marketing vs MBA in finance. Is it quite evident that both those streams deal with entirely different things and therefore the skills and personalities required will also be vastly different. Therefore run a reevaluation of oneself or even seek help from friends and family to assess which route is better. 

Prior Experience

Having experience in either of the specialisations is a great addition as it not only provides an edge over the other but admission and employability rate will also be better. It need not specifically be work experience but even any projects, presentations, internships, etc can be utilized. Try to recognise which domain had more time and effort put in among marketing and finance and organise accordingly.

Future Prospects

Any student would want a stable and nourishing future after graduation and predicting future trends is essential. However, the matter of fact is between MBA in marketing vs MBA in finance, both present promising growth. A marketing graduate can work in upcoming roles like social media manager or SEO manager and on the other hand, a finance graduate can get opportunities like an investment banker, financial analyst, etc.

Admission Rate

There are many universities and colleges worldwide that offer these two courses due to their popular demand. Nevertheless, the admission rate and acceptance chance are primarily based on the institute, a prestigious university would be tougher to get into than a regular university.

In the end, both marketing and finance guarantee a bright future and interesting academics too. The world will keep changing and growing, and a new and enthusiastic workforce will always be part of the equation too.

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Programme Overview: MBA In Marketing Vs MBA In Finance

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