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Finding PhD Scholarships In The US In 2024

PhD Scholarships In The US

“I wish to pursue PhD in USA with scholarship programs that can help me manage my expenses”

“Which are the top PhD scholarships available in the US for international students?”

“Universities in the US offering PhD programs with scholarships”

Have you recently typed this on Google with the hopes of finding your answers? Rest assured! You have landed on the right page because UniScholars has eased out this process by compiling the different PhD scholarships in the US for you. 

PhD Studies In The US

Pursuing PhD in the US has a unique set of benefits for international students like you because the US research centers are world -renowned and PhD graduates from US based universities are given preferences when it comes to employment opportunities. You can also choose your research topic from a number of course subjects including – Education, Psychology, Engineering, Physics, English and Literature, Sociology, Biological Sciences, Politics, Medicine, and Anthropology.

PhD Scholarships In The US

List Of PhD Scholarships In The US

There are a number of government funded scholarships, university specific scholarships, as well as scholarships provided by external organizations for students to pursue their research studies in the US. A few of them are listed below:

PhD Scholarships In The US

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Student Program was initiated in order to encourage the “promotion of international goodwill through the exchange of students in the fields of education, culture, and science”. Under this program, graduate students, young professionals and artists from abroad can study and conduct research in the United States. The program operates in more than 160 countries with over 8000 students, both domestic and international, benefiting from this scholarship every year. This is one of the most sought after PhD scholarships in the US and covers tuition fees, airfare, a living stipend, health insurance in the US. It basically covers funding for the duration of study.

Artsybucket Scholarship Program

Artsybucket Scholarship Program is one of the only PhD scholarships in the US that is provided to photography lovers and enthusiasts. There is a prior photography test based on which the students will be evaluated. The obvious winner of this test will be the student who takes the best shot. The usual theme for this contest is ‘Communicating through photography the concept of Freedom in our lives’. A photo that best explains what freedom is will be the winning token to this award. Applicants are required to submit their photograph via the Google form that they will receive once they apply for the Artsybucket program. The best photos will be used by the organisation as canvas prints, frames, or posters. The scholarship amount is valued at USD $750 and applicants must enrol into a US based university to be eligible to apply for this award.

Berows International Scholarship Program Test

PhD Scholarships In The US

This program provides financial aids to international students who have proved outstanding academic capabilities during their entire course of study. These PhD scholarships in the US benefits are provided in order to motivate students to research and work independently. In order to qualify for this program, students are required to appear for the BISPT exam which will be conducted online. Students applying for this program will have to provide their contact information so that they can get updates regarding the examination dates and results on their registered mobile number and email id. The winners of this competition will be ranked from 1 to 220 and will be awarded with $702 for the toppers with additional provisions of laptops and access to online courses.

University-Funded PhD Scholarships For International Students

Many leading universities in the US offer PhD scholarships to bring together brilliant minds from across borders. These scholarships typically cover tuition fees, provide a generous stipend for living expenses and may include additional benefits like research funding and travel allowances. These are some scholarships for PhD students in USA: 

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT’s scholarship programme draws from a confluence of sources – the endowment’s deep reserves, alumni, friends whose belief in MIT’s mission runs strong and the institute’s own funds. This multifaceted approach allows the university to extend the dream of higher learning to deserving students, purely based on their financial needs. It is known that, around 58% of STEM students receive scholarship support annually. 

  • Students receive a monthly stipend of  $4,497 to cover living expenses.
  • Additionally, students can also earn a stable income through teaching or research assistantships for 12 months along with a salary.
  • Over the 15 terms, students benefit from 12 terms of the fellowship stipend, while assistantships cover the remaining 3 terms.
  • The medical insurance in this scholarship is currently valued at $3,237 per year.
  • Students also receive a new laptop upon joining the programme and again during their fourth year. The device will be estimated at $2,000 per device.
  • The university allocates a generous $4,500 budget over five years for conference travel and research-related expenses.

Stanford University: Knight Hennessy Scholars

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars programme is Stanford’s PhD-level scholarship that aims to cultivate emerging leaders from around the world. It provides full funding for any PhD degree at Stanford, including tuition, living stipend, travel, and leadership development opportunities. Knight-Hennessy Scholars from Stanford are selected based on independence of mind, integrity of character and leadership potential. 

  • You are a first-year PhD student at Stanford right now. You will apply to join the KHS program, with the intention of starting the KHS programme in your second year of PhD studies.
  • A stipend for living and academic expenses (such as room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses)
  • A travel stipend intended to cover an economy-class ticket for one annual trip to and from Stanford

Popular PhD Fellowships In The USA

Many universities and organisations in the United States also offer competitive PhD fellowships to attract the brightest minds across disciplines. These fellowships aim to nurture research excellence by providing generous stipends, full tuition waivers and additional academic benefits. 

Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships are offered to students who wish to pursue their postdoctoral research studies. You need to apply to the Helen Hay Foundation in order to receive the award. To be eligible for this fellowship, you should hold at least one year experience in postdoctoral research. You must hold a PhD or an equivalent degree to apply for this scholarship. It is one of the fully funded PhD programmes in the USA for international students. These PhD scholarships in the US are suited for students who are willing to relocate to the USA to complete their degree. 

  • Students who are currently holding or soon to complete a PhD, MD, or equivalent doctoral degree in biomedical research fields.
  • The PhD degree should have been awarded within the past 2 years of the deadline.
  • For MD degree holders, the medical degree should be within 3 years of the deadline.
  • You will be provided an annual stipend of $54,000 in your first year of study, $57,000 in the second year and $60,000 in the third year. 

AAUW International Fellowships In The US For Women

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships are awarded to women who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America. It supports undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies as well as research studies. This is one of the most popular PhD scholarships in the US for women and applicants must meet the following in order to be considered for the scholarship.

  • Applicants must ensure that they have earned the equivalent of a U.S. degree and must have enrolled into a US based university before applying for the scholarship.
  • Preference is given those applicants who are committed to the betterment of women and girls through civic, community, as well as professional work.
  • An amount of USD $30,000 is awarded to the recipient.

East-West Centre Graduate Degree Fellowship

The East-West Centre (EWC) offers a prestigious graduate degree fellowship program for students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. This fellowship opportunity extends not just to students from India but also those from other countries around the world. Students who win this get the chance to be a part of the educational, cultural, community-building and leadership development initiatives at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) while working towards their graduate degrees. 

  • The average amount of the fellowship is $9000. Additionally, a stipend is also provided. 
  • It is a fully funded PhD in the USA. 
  • Along with the above, students will also get accommodation in the East-West residence hall, based on single occupancy. 
  • The fellowship also provides an allowance to cover the costs of books, materials, and supplies.
  • Finally, the programme subsidises health insurance coverage for the applicant.

Am I Eligible To Apply For PhD Scholarships In The US?

If you wish to pursue your research studies in the US with the help of scholarships, you need to make sure that you meet with the necessary requirements. The requirements vary as per the guidelines of the scholarship programs. However, you must fit into the basic PhD Scholarships in the US eligibility criteria in order to proceed with your application and they include:

  1. Previous Education Records: A successful Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in any field with a well organised CV. Anyone with 16 years of education with an outstanding portfolio will be highly considered for a scholarship program. Profiles which include previous research experience, internships and good academic scores make up for a strong candidature. 
  2. Submit Necessary Documents: In order to be eligible for PhD Scholarships in the US, you need to submit documents pertaining to your previous research experience, essays, personal statements, and letters of recommendation.
  3. Test Scores: Most scholarship programs expect international students to provide evidence of English proficiency. This can easily be proven by a candidate who has appeared for English Language Tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Some post-doctoral management programs ask candidates to present their GMAT scores as well.
  4. Finding A Supervisor: Finding the right subject and applying to universities is not enough. One needs to plan ahead in time while choosing the subject and topic of research. Moreover, your idea needs approval from a supervisor. Your supervisor will guide you through all the necessary steps and help you mould your research based on the requirements of the university. 


What are the top scholarships for PhD in the USA?

Fulbright scholarships, Artsybucket Scholarship Program, scholarships from MIT and Stanford are most popular. 

Can I settle in the USA after PhD?

Yes, you can apply for a H-1B visa to live and work in the US after your PhD.

Is there an age limit to study PhD in USA?

There is no age limit!

 How much does a PhD cost in USA for Indian students?

Indian students will have to pitch in $28,000 – $57,000 to study PhD in the USA.

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You can find many scholarships like the ones mentioned in this blog and more on the UniScholars website. Simply sign up for free today and start applying to your dream scholarships. If you need assistance with student accommodation and education loan, head over to UniAcco and UniCreds respectively, today.

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PhD Scholarships In The US

Finding PhD Scholarships In The US In 2024

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