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New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Rate 2024: Process of Re-Applying & More

New Zealand student visa rejection rate

Many students worldwide aim to attend top universities in New Zealand. However, some face visa rejections as a challenge. Good news is, visa approval rates have risen. Overall approvals have gone from 85% to nearly 88%. For international students, the increase is even more impressive, rising from 62% to a promising 84%. The New Zealand student visa rejection rate varies. Let’s delve into the reasons behind these fluctuations.

Highlights Of New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Rate

Overall New Zealand student visa approval rate       88% (increased from 85%)
International student visa approval rate  84% (increased from 62%)
Indian student visa rejection rate (July 2019 – February 2020)  25%
New Zealand student visa English proficiency requirements IELTS scores: 6.0 (Undergraduate), 6.5 (Postgraduate), 5.5 (Foundation Courses)
New Zealand student visa age requirement No age limit
New Zealand student visa durationValid for the duration of the course, up to 4 years

New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Rate India 

The lower visa rejection rate for international students is great news for thousands of young Indians aiming to study in New Zealand. In terms of numbers, from July 2019 to February 2020, about 4500 Indian student applications were unexpectedly turned down. This was surprising because Indian applicants had been seeing more approvals over the years. The sudden increase in rejections during this period was quite confusing. Refer to the image given below to understand the difference between New Zealand and Germany student visa success rates: 


The bar graph and the pie chart show interesting numbers of admissions as given below: 

  • New Zealand accepts 84% of applicants, with 16% facing rejection. Germany has a higher acceptance rate of 90%, with only 10% being rejected.
  • The pie chart illustrates New Zealand’s student visa success rates. 84% of applications are approved, while 16% are rejected. This is good news for international students looking to study in New Zealand.

Comparison Of New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Rate With That of Ireland’s 

Both New Zealand and Ireland student visas seem pretty welcoming to international students. New Zealand’s rejection rate for student visas is at 3.97%, and Ireland’s is even lower, between 1 and 4 percent. These numbers suggest it should be easy for most qualified students to secure a visa for studying in either country. 

English Language Test Score That Indian Students Need For A New Zealand Student Visa 

Here are the general English test scores expected by most universities. However, it’s important to check the specific requirements of the programs you’re interested in, as these scores can vary depending on the university and the courses.

Course LevelMinimum Overall IELTS ScoreMinimum Score Per Module
Foundation Courses     5.55.0

Reasons For New Zealand Student Visa Rejection 

Often, there can be a few common reasons behind such happenings. But the reality is that it affects too many international students. While we are discussing the significant aspects of student visa New Zealand, let us also cover a few reasons for New Zealand student visa rejection:

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Documentation: Not providing all required documents or submitting inaccurate information can lead to rejection.
  • Financial Insufficiency: Insufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses in New Zealand can result in visa denial.
  • English Proficiency: Demonstrating English proficiency through exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE is crucial, as English communication skills are essential in New Zealand.
  • Academic Performance: Low academic grades may raise concerns about your ability to succeed academically in New Zealand.
  • Intentions and Justification: Failing to demonstrate a genuine intention to study in New Zealand or providing unclear reasons for your stay can lead to rejection.
  • Passport Condition: A damaged, expired, or incomplete passport can also be a reason for visa refusal.
  • Interview Performance: An important part of the application process, a poorly conducted interview can negatively impact the visa decision.

How To Prevent New Zealand Student Visa Rejection? 

Getting a student visa for New Zealand might seem challenging, but don’t worry! By following a clear plan and preparing carefully, you can significantly improve your chances of approval.

  • To avoid rejection of your New Zealand student visa application, make sure you have enough funds, fill out the application forms correctly, explain your purpose clearly, and meet the English language requirements.
  • Ensure your passport is valid (at least three months beyond your intended stay) and gather all necessary documents.
  • Apply well ahead of time to handle any issues that may arise during the application process.
  • Understanding common reasons for rejection and taking proactive steps can increase your chances of getting your visa approved.

It doesn’t take much for a single mistake to ruin an entire process. The same is true for other countries, such as student visa Canada

What To Do If Your New Zealand Student Visa Get Rejected

Apart from New Zealand, applying for a student visa USA  is also a great choice if you haven’t yet applied to any university. Check out the things to consider if your New Zealand student visa is rejected.

  • You can take expert advice from study abroad counsellors like UniScholars. They will guide you throughout the process, including interviews. 
  • Things like missing paperwork and the financial side of things can also lead to visa rejections. You need to keep your documentation strong. 
  • You can re-attempt your visa application after you are 100% ready with the right paperwork, test scores, etc. 
  • Keep yourself clued in on the latest policies. Throughout the process, don’t compromise on reaching out to the immigration experts.

How To Re-Apply For New Zealand Student Visa? 

As mentioned above, if your New Zealand student visa gets rejected you can re-apply for another one, Here’s how to reapply for a New Zealand student visa after a rejection:

  • Address the reason for rejection, such as lack of proper documentation or lower English language scores.
  • Set up a New Zealand Government ‘RealMe’ account for online application.
  • Complete the application form and upload the required documents.
  • Visit the New Zealand Immigration website, apply for the student visa, pay the fee, and submit the application.
  • Await the decision on your reapplication. 

What Is The New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time? 

In the table below, we show the average processing time for New Zealand Student Visas by educational institution. The following NZ Student Visa Processing Time shows the combined time for the most common student visas.

NZ Education ProviderAverage Processing Times for NZ Student Visa90% of Student Visa Applications are Completed Within
Te Pūkenga37 weekdays59 weekdays
PTEs25 weekdays47 weekdays
Universities22 weekdays47 weekdays
Schools12 weekdays31 weekdays

That’s it for the blog! If you are someone looking for study abroad opportunities, let UniScholars hand hold you throughout the process! 


Does New Zealand reject student visas?

Incomplete or incorrect documentation, insufficient or unacceptable funds, wrong course choice, failure to meet immigration requirements, or concerns about your intent to study in New Zealand could result in your New Zealand visa being rejected.

Is it difficult to get a New Zealand student visa?

Obtaining a student visa for New Zealand can be challenging but achievable with careful preparation and meeting the necessary requirements. 

How much percentage is required for a New Zealand study visa?

A New Zealand student visa application involves collecting proper documentation, achieving test scores, and having the right mindset and doesn’t involve any percentage counts.  

What is the age limit for a New Zealand Student Visa?

No, there are no age limits to getting a student visa in New Zealand.

How long is a New Zealand Student Visa?

In New Zealand, a student visa usually runs for as long as your course lasts but no more than four years.

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New Zealand student visa rejection rate

New Zealand Student Visa Rejection Rate 2024: Process of Re-Applying & More

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