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Post-Pandemic Music Scholarships In The UK

Music Scholarships In The UK

If you are a musician or an artist who wants to study further but does not have a way to pay for a university education, you should consider the music scholarships in the UK that have become abundantly available in the year 2021. 

There is no denying that the USA and the UK are expensive countries to study in as shown in the graph below.

To help you cover the exorbitant costs of tuition fees offered by universities in the UK, these following scholarships are offered to meritorious individuals based on their extracurricular achievements such as community service, music, arts, entrepreneurship, etc. 

Music Scholarships In The UK For The Year 2021

Here is a list of the latest music scholarships in UK universities. 

Cardiff University Music Scholarships In The UK 2021

Member of the Russell Group top- 24, Cardiff University is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the UK. The university is known for its world-class research centre and is especially known for offering high-quality education in fields of communication, media & business, mineral & mining, dentistry, language & culture, pharmacy, geography and more. 

The scholarship offered by Cardiff does not specifically target student musicians but is open to all students who have achieved in extracurricular activities such as music, arts, drama, etc. Moreover, this scholarship is only available for undergraduate students.

Eligibility For Cardiff Music Scholarship

  • You must qualify for the student living costs in the UK before applying for this scholarship. This means that you need to provide evidence that you will be able to support yourself throughout your degree course without this scholarship. 
  • Cardiff should be the top university of your preference. This means that you need to accept your offer letter from the university before applying for this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is only given to students who are enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at Cardiff University.
  • In addition to achieving in the field of music and other forms of art, you need to hold a minimum GPA of 3 on a scale of 4. 
  • Meet the English language requirements of the University.

Value Of Cardiff Music Scholarship 

Scholars of the Cardiff music scholarships the UK will be eligible to receive an award worth £3000. Out of this £3000, £1500 will be given at the start of the year and the remaining award will be divided and provided throughout the remaining years of study. 

University Of Salford India Scholarship 2021

If you are among the Indian students who want to study in the UK, there are many scholarships available for this community. One among them is the music scholarships in the UK offered and provided University of Salford. The scholarship is available for all subjects taught by the university and is open to Masters as well as Bachelors students. The university was founded in 1850 and has ever since encouraged and attracted international students from around the world. However, Indian students form a majority of the international cohort at the university. Each year 25% of the students that study at the University of Salford come from India. This is a merit-based scholarship offered especially to Indian students based on their academic performance and extracurricular achievements. 

Eligibility For Salford India Scholarship

  • Only Indian students are eligible for this scholarship. 
  • You must obtain a minimum of 75% in the 12th CBSE. 
  • If your school is accredited by Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), you must score a minimum of 75%. 
  • If you qualify for another board, it should be equivalent to a 75% 
  • If you are applying for this scholarship at a Master’s level, you must receive a minimum of a second class upper degree (2:2) at your undergraduate level. 

Value Of This Scholarship 

Salford India scholars are eligible to receive an award worth £3000. 

Nottingham Trent University International Undergraduate Scholarship 

NTU is the 16th largest university in the UK and has three different campuses all around the UK. Ever since its establishment in 1843, the university has attracted foreign talent and encouraged students from all over the globe to come and study at the university. Music scholarships in the UK such as the one offered by NTU are only given to Bachelor’s students. 

Unlike other scholarships that are offered based on your academic transcripts and extracurricular activities, this scholarship is offered based on your scholarship essay. You can learn how to write a scholarship essay to become eligible for this award. 

Eligibility For This Scholarship by NTU

  • This award is only granted to international students. 
  • You should be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at NTU to be eligible for this scholarship. 
  • You must send a scholarship essay or a statement of purpose in 300 words, describing why you make a good candidate for this scholarship. 

Value Of This Scholarship 

NTU Scholars are eligible to receive an award worth £2000 towards their tuition fees. 

University of Sheffield International Scholarship 2021

The University of Sheffield offers international scholarships to students overseas based on their merit and extracurricular achievements. The university does not specifically offer music scholarships in the UK, however consider achievements in the fields of music and arts in high regards. This scholarship is offered by the University of Sheffield for all fields of study at an undergraduate level, offered by the university except dentistry and medicine. 

Eligibility For This Scholarship 

  • You should be an international student. EU Students are eligible to apply. 
  • Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at the university. 
  • You should be able to provide evidence that you will be able to support yourself financially without this scholarship throughout your course. 
  • Obtain 120 credit points and a minimum of 60% or equivalent in your previous level of study. 
  • You will be considered for this scholarship only if you accept the letter of admission.

Value Of This Scholarship:

Scholars will be eligible to receive an award worth 50% of their tuition fees. 

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Music Scholarships In The UK

Post-Pandemic Music Scholarships In The UK

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