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MS In Cyber Security In Ireland – Check Universities, Courses, Fees For 2024!

ms in cyber security in ireland

MS in Cyber Security in Ireland – Ireland has established itself as a premier destination for pursuing a Master’s in Cyber Security due to a variety of compelling reasons. The country is home to over 500 cybersecurity companies and sees immense growth in this sector annually. With major technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon as well as financial institutions having their European headquarters in Ireland, opportunities for skilled cyber professionals are boundless.

  • Course-wise, leading Irish universities like Dublin City, Galway and Cork offer an array of specialisations at postgraduate level including cybersecurity management, forensics, privacy and trust. 
  • Fees for these programmes range from €10,000-18,400 per year, comparatively lower than many other European nations. Meanwhile, several universities also provide merit-based scholarships up to 50% tuition fee waiver making education affordable.
  • Beyond academics, Ireland allows post-study work permits of 2 years, giving international graduates a supervisor edge to gain critical job experience. 
  • With its English speaking culture and young population, the country yields a lively environment for personal and professional growth. 

Due to these factors, Ireland has consolidated its reputation as a top-notch hub for advanced Master’s programmes in cybersecurity stressing upon training, research and subsequent employment.

5 Reasons To Study MS In Cyber Security In Ireland

Ireland is one of the best study abroad destinations for new-age courses such as Cyber Security. According to a Report on State of Cyber Security in Ireland, there are at least 500 companies in the country which recruit cyber security professionals or provide cyber security services. What this means is that as an international student studying Masters in Cyber Security in Ireland, you will have plenty of career opportunities. The following are some of the popular reasons to purse MS in Cyber Security in Ireland –

  1. High job prospects and growing demand – Cybersecurity has been one of the fastest growing fields in recent times due to increasing digitisation globally and rising cyber threats. According to reports, there will be a shortage of over 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs by 2025. Ireland itself faces a shortage of over 4,000 cybersecurity professionals. Studying MS in Cybersecurity in Ireland places students in a lucrative career field with abundant job opportunities. Several Irish and multinational companies are constantly on the lookout for cybersecurity experts.
  1. Supportive visa policies – Non-EEA students can avail two-year post-study work visa in Ireland upon completing an eligible Irish master’s programme. This allows international graduates to gain valuable work experience by working full-time for two years in Ireland. Later, they can switch jobs and employers flexibly during this period. The post-study work visa offers added attraction to study in Ireland.
  1. High quality education at affordable costs – Irish universities are renowned for offering world-class education at affordable tuition fees, even for international students. On average, an MS in Cyber Security in Ireland would cost between 8000-13,000 EUR per year for international students. Compared to tuition fees of over $30,000-50,000 per year in UK and USA universities, Ireland provides a relatively inexpensive option to pursue quality master’s education.
  1. Research excellence and infrastructure – Irish universities boast state-of-the-art labs, networking infrastructure and research centers dedicated to cybersecurity. For instance, University College Dublin is home to the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics. Students gain access to excellent research opportunities, internships, and industry connections which help build careers in cybersecurity.
  1. Welcoming culture and networking opportunities – The friendly culture and ease of living in Ireland makes it an ideal destination for international students. Studying in Ireland offers a chance to interact with a multicultural community of students and scholars from all over the world. Events organised by universities and student organisations facilitate networking – important for future career prospects in the cybersecurity field.

Best Universities For Masters In Cyber Security In Ireland

Ireland is home to the world’s top ranking universities that offer high quality courses with a specialisation in Cyber Security, which are globally ranked for their cutting-edge technical syllabus and research projects. Pursuing Masters in Cyber Security from top-ranked Irish universities equips students not only with the technical know-how of the field, but trains them with an acumen for solving real-world problems in Cyber Security. The following are the top universities in Ireland for MS in Cyber Security –

S.No.University/CollegeQS World University Rankings 2024Description
1.Trinity College Dublin#160TCD offers MSc Cybersecurity with Research and MSc Cybersecurity & Cryptography programmes ranked among the best globally.
2.University College Dublin#151-200UCD provides MSc in Information Security & Master of Cybersecurity programmes featuring cutting-edge modules and research projects.
3.Dublin City University#301-350DCU’s MSc in Applied Cybersecurity focuses on technical skills and covers current topic areas like Cloud Security, Network Security etc.
4.University College Cork#201-250The MSc Cyber Risk for Business programme at UCC equips students with technical and business skills to combat cyber threats.
5.Technological University Dublin#351-400TU Dublin’s MSc in Computing – Applied Cyber Security offers two learning pathways for professionals and research aspirants.
6.University of Limerick#301-350UL’s MEng in Information & Network Security allows specialisations in Digital Forensics or Cloud, IoT and Network Security domains.
7.Maynooth University#801-850Maynooth provides MSc Cybersecurity & Privacy which focuses on legal, ethical and security engineering aspects of cybersecurity.
8. Technological University of Dublin#851-900TU Dublin offers a 1-year full-time MSc in Computing – Applied Cyber Security programme which aims to produce industry-ready cyber security professionals. Students can opt for either an applied pathway focusing on hands-on technical skills or a research pathway allowing a cyber security research project. The university has strong industry partnerships and provides opportunities for internships.
Did You Know?
The Cork region in Ireland, which has more firms per capita than any other county in Ireland, is home to 129 Cybersecurity offices!

Popular Master’s Courses In Cyber Security In Ireland

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Cyber Security in Ireland is one of the best career paths for students who want to pursue a career in Cyber Security abroad. Below is a snapshot of some of the popular Master’s courses in Ireland that are globally ranked – 

  1. MSc in Cyber Security (Technological University Dublin)

This 1-year full time course focuses on developing practical technical skills through hands-on labs and project work. Students can choose between an applied pathway or research pathway. The course aims to produce job-ready professionals in cyber security. 

Course Fees – €7,500 per year.

  1. MSc in Information and Computer Security (University College Dublin)

This 1-year course develops expertise of core topics in security like cryptography, network security and digital forensics. It involves a research dissertation project allowing students to specialise in an area of interest. 

Course Fees – €11,500 per year.

  1. MSc in Cybercrime and Digital Investigations (Maynooth University)

This specialised course teaches digital forensic processes and techniques to retrieve evidence from compromised systems and networks. It develops skills to investigate cybercrimes and security breaches according to legal and ethical standards. 

Course Fees – €8,500 per year.

  1. MEng in Cyber Security and Adaptive Systems (University of Limerick)

This 2-year engineering programme offers both technical and management modules to create specialists in securing complex IT infrastructures, systems and networks. It includes an optional 6-month industry internship. 

Course Fees – €8,000 per year.

  1. MSc in Applied Cybersecurity (Dublin City University)

This intensive 1-year course not only provides expertise in technical domains but also equips students to understand cybersecurity from business and risk management perspective. It involves practical industry-focused assignments. 

Course Fees – €9,250 per year.

  1. MSc in Cyber Risk and Business Administration (University College Cork)

This unique interdisciplinary programme develops skills needed to assess organisational vulnerabilities and help businesses address emerging cyber threats. Students gain dual technical know-how with business acumen. 

Course Fees – €9,000 per year.

  1. MSc in Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Trust (Trinity College Dublin)

This advanced research-oriented degree builds expertise in state-of-the-art methods, algorithms and protocols with applications in cybercrime analytics and network forensics. It involves an individual research dissertation project. 

Course Fees – €11,250 per year.

Career Scope

Ireland is a golden pot of opportunities for Cyber Security graduates, be it local or international students. The country has emerged as a global hub for cybersecurity with over 500 companies offering cybersecurity products, services and employment opportunities. With the growing number of data breaches and cyber attacks, there is a high demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals in Ireland. Graduating with a Master’s degree in cyber security opens up excellent career prospects in both public and private sectors. Some of the top job roles include –

  1. Cybersecurity Consultant
  2. Information Security Analyst
  3. Security Engineer
  4. Security Architect
  5. Chief Information Security Officer. 

Companies like Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG hire cybersecurity consultants who provide risk assessment, auditing and compliance services to clients. As an analyst or engineer, graduates can get jobs with technology giants like Microsoft, Amazon and major Irish banks exploring vulnerabilities and strengthening security operations.

The public sector in Ireland also provides jobs in cybercrime investigation and policy making. Graduates find opportunities in the law enforcement agencies like An Garda Síochána, working on cybercrime cases and training. Several work for the National Cyber Security Centre developing strategies for critical infrastructure protection. 

  • The average salary ranges from €37,000 to €85,000 per annum based on the role, experience and industry. 
  • Entry-level salaries for security analysts and engineers start from €40,000-€45,000 in Ireland. 
  • Mid-level professionals with 3-8 years of experience make €55,000-€75,000, while senior security managers and architects drawing salaries upwards of €80,000. 
  • With extensive experience and specialisation in domains like forensics, encryption, cloud or network security, salaries can exceed €100,000 at managerial levels in MNCs in Ireland.


Is Ireland good for Masters in Cyber Security?

Ireland is a good option to pursue Masters in Cyber Security. Several top Irish universities like National University of Ireland offer specialised courses in this field.

Is a Master’s degree from Ireland valid in India?

A Masters degree from Ireland is definitely valid in India as Ireland follows international standards of education. The degree will help candidates to apply for jobs in India and multinational companies.

Is the National College of Ireland good for Cyber Security?

National College of Ireland is ranked among the top institutions for Cyber Security education. It offers programmes like MSc in Cyber Security, Internet Technologies & Digital Forensics which are industry-relevant and recognised globally.

How much does a Cyber Security graduate earn in Ireland?

With the growing threat of cyber crimes, the job market for cyber security professionals is thriving in Ireland. On an average, candidates with a Masters can earn a salary starting from €36,000-€50,000 per annum based on their skills and experience levels in the dynamic cyber security industry.

Is Cyber Security in demand in Ireland?

Cyber security is considered a priority area in Ireland. Job opportunities exist across sectors with employers keen to hire qualified security analysts, engineers and consultants to strengthen their digital defences.

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ms in cyber security in ireland

MS In Cyber Security In Ireland – Check Universities, Courses, Fees For 2024!

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