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MS In Business Analytics In UK: Top Unis, Fees, Salaries & More!

MS in Business Analytics in UK

Business analytics jobs are skyrocketing – the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a stellar 11% growth rate between 2021 and 2031, far outpacing overall employment trends. Meanwhile, workplace flexibility is the new frontier. An increasing number of forward-thinking CEOs are actively exploring four-day workweeks, hybrid schedules and remote options for their teams.  This blog will highlight the top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in UK for your understanding. 

In addition, top-quality education and rising demand for Business Analytics in the UK allows students to leverage various career opportunities from diverse sectors. This programme simply focuses on utilising software applications to create statistical models to analyze multiple aspects of businesses. With the right training, students can evaluate past performance and predict accurate strategies to meet future milestones in the world post-graduation. 

Why Study Masters In Business Analytics In UK?

Every aspirant may find studying at the best universities and countries exciting, but before beginning to apply for admissions, it is important to understand what the programme or your preferred destination has to offer. Let’s have a closer look at the top reasons: 

  • Range of Job Opportunities:  Along with rising demand in Business Analytics, students studying from top-ranked universities in the UK have a higher chance of acquiring the best career opportunities. From Data scientists to business analysts to more options, international students can develop various job opportunities at top companies. 
  • Top Ranked Universities: The UK has a range of top-ranked universities offering exceptional education when pursuing a master’s in business analytics programme. According to QS Business Master Rankings 2022, five universities in the UK are regarded as the best among the top 50 for offering ideal Business Analytics courses. 
  • Acknowledged Certificates: Business Analytics is in rising demand worldwide, so aspiring students must pursue this programme in a country whose academic certificate or programme is recognized worldwide. In addition, studying Masters in Business Analytics from Uk universities can help students access a range of top career opportunities after completing graduation. 
  • High Salary: The UK is known for facilitating top-quality education and range of job opportunities in a range of sectors. However, candidates can expect an average salary for the role for a Fresher Business Analyst around £ 47, 302 per year. And for a Senior Business Analyst salary can revolve around £ 63,746 per year. 

Course Details

After determining the top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in UK, we are sure you might want to learn more about top universities. However, before beginning with the admission process, students need to understand varied factors like eligibility criteria, the cost of living in the UK to seamlessly manage finances for Business Analytics Masters in UK, and more. 

To simplify the process of securing admissions at your preferred colleges or universities for Master in Business Analytics in UK, find detailed information below for a few factors that play a vital role for eligibility purposes in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria For MS in Business Analytics in the UK

When exploring the top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in  UK, eligibility criteria are one of the essential aspects to consider. While every university will have separate eligibility parameters, a few common factors can simplify the process of securing admission in the UK. 

1. Proof Of Bachelor’s Degree

Students who wants  to study masters in the field of Business Analytics in the UK should complete a bachelor’s degree in subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Economics, or more.  And, students should score at least 60-80% in your Bachelor’s degree to secure admissions. 

2. Student Visa and Valid Passport

Another important eligibility factor for UK universities includes passport and student visa form for international students who want to study Business Analyst Masters in UK. Though, you should apply for a visa application 3 months before the travelling date. 

3.English Language Test

International students need to appear for English proficiency tests to secure admission for MS in Business Analytics in the UK universities. Let’s understand the minimum score requirement for these tests. 

  • IELTS: 6.5 – 7.5
  • TOEFL: 88 – 100

4. GRE/GMAT Criteria

There are a few universities tha keep GRE or GMAT as mandatory criteria for students to secure admissions. When you research top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in UK, though, don’t miss out on determining minimum scores criteria. 

  • GRE: 300+
  • GMAT: 600+

Duration And Syllabus: Master’s In Business Analytics Courses

The duration of MS in Business Analytics at the colleges of the UK is around 1-2 years. This programme is most preferred worldwide, as it offers practical training and prepares students to manage varied demanding situations in the industry seamlessly.Though, the duration of this programme can differ depending on the university you choose and its curriculum. 

Additionally, this programme’s curriculum is designed to help students develop practical skills, and understand industry perspectives. One of the top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in the UK is the career opportunities and advanced learning experience which includes moulding students to develop a knack for problem-solving. 

Curriculum Followed

The Business Analytics programme emphasises on a few subjects to assist students gain knowledge and prepare them to face challenges in the real world. A few common subjects in most of the UK universities for this programme include:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Experiential Learning
  • Financial Accounting
  • Analytics for Competitive Advantage
  • Predictive Analytics
  • And more

Cost of Studying 

While understanding why you should study this course in the UK, ensure you plan the budget for the overall cost of living, tuition fees, and other expenses. Let’s examine a few essential aspects of the cost of study in the UK. 

1. Tuition Fees

If you want to apply in one of the top-ranking universities in the UK for a Masters in Business Analytics course, then expect tuition fees from  £25,750 and £35,100 per year. 

2. Average Cost Of Living

Comparatively, the cost of living in the UK is slightly expensive. However, it relies upon at the university you choose and lifestyle. For instance, if you select to reside in a luxurious area such as Winchester, then the cost of living would be comparatively high. Moreover, students can set their budget for overall expenses for studying in the Uk like  £10,000- £16,000 per year basis. 

Top 10 Universities In The UK for MS in Business Analytics

The UK is regarded for top-notch education, practical syllabus, and wide array of job opportunities. One of the top reasons to study MS in Business Analytics in the UK is the top-ranked universities. To simplify your research journey, we list a few UK top universities.

University NameQS World Ranking (2023)Admission Openings
University of Cambridge2September
University of Oxford4September
Imperial College London6January
The University of Edinburgh15September
The University of Manchester28June
King’s College London37September
The London School of Economicsand Political Science (LSE)56October
University of Bristol61September
The University of Warwick64September

Scholarships Available

MS in Business Analytics in the UK includes availability of a range of scholarship programmes to help international students manage finances to complete the programme quickly. Let’s have a closer look at the scholarship programme. 

Scholarship NameEligibility & Amount Granted
Deans Impact ScholarshipStudents who have good score in subjects like  Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation, Sustainability, Social Impact and Leadership have high chances to acquire financial aid. 

Amount Granted: £20,000
Imperial Excellence ScholarshipStudents who showcase having all-round excellence in interviews for MS in Business Analytics Programme can acquire scholarship benefits seamlessly. 

Amount Granted: £10,000

Career Opportunities

With rising demand for the business landscape, Business Analytics from the UK – offers a range of job opportunities to graduates with high-paying salaries. Let us explore overall job opportunities. 

Job RoleSalary (Per Year)
Data Analyst£36,535 
Data Scientist£52,052
Business Intelligence Analyst£52,052
Quantitative Analyst£75,557
Business Analyst Manager£65,889

Role Of Business Analysts In Improving The Business Process

Business analysts play a pivotal role in empowering organisations to stay agile and thrive amidst ever-shifting market landscapes.

  • They’re tasked with the complex challenge of identifying and resolving operational inefficiencies and roadblocks.
  • Skilled business analysts leverage forecasting and budgeting expertise to pinpoint risks and untapped commercial opportunities for their companies.
  • Their insightful reports illuminate key business performance metrics and areas for improvement.

The impact? Companies like Walmart harness business analytics to analyse customer buying patterns and forecast demand – allowing them to optimise inventory levels, reduce waste, and cut costs. At PepsiCo, big data and predictive modelling ensure targeted ads reach the right consumer segments at the right times.


1. What Is  Scope Of Pursuing Business Analytics In the UK?

Pursuing Business Analytics in the UK has great scope as it uses data analysis to make informed business decisions through varied applications. 

2. What Is an Average Salary Of Business Analyst Graduates In UK?

.An average salary for a Business Analyst graduate can be up to £51,617 in the UK. Remember, salary can vary depending on factors like a candidate’s expertise, experience, and more. 

3. Do I Need GMAT For a studying Business Analytics In The UK?

Yes, GMAT may be required for some Master’s in Business Analytics programmes within the UK. Though, remember it depends on the university you selects, and its eligibility criteria. 

4. What Is The Duration Of The MS In Business Analytics Course In The UK?

The duration of the MS in Business Analytics programme is around 1-2 years inside the UK. However, the length of this programme can range relying at the university’s curriculum.

5. How Much Is The Tuition Fee?

The tuition fees range from  £9,250 to £16,000 a year, the fees will differ from universities in the UK. 

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MS in Business Analytics in UK

MS In Business Analytics In UK: Top Unis, Fees, Salaries & More!

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