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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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MS Biotechnology In New Zealand In 2024!

ms biotechnology in new zealand

Are you seeking a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, Mathematics, or Microbiology? Programmes like MS Biotechnology in New Zealand can be ideal for your interests and help you excel in your career. The Master’s programme in biotechnology offers a curriculum with a combination of theoretical sessions focusing on areas like Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and practical experience, which includes Laboratory work and in-depth studies in computer applications and research with suitable case studies. 

In addition, students graduating from MSC Biotechnology colleges in New Zealand can leverage a wide range of opportunities in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Environmental industries, Genetics and Regenerative Medicine, process control, or even research and development. 

Highlights Of MS Biotechnology in New Zealand In 2024

Pursuing Masters in Biotechnology in New Zealand can help international students build skills and access detailed knowledge with practical experiments in subjects like Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Drug design and development and develop essential IT skills.

Whether you wish to seek job opportunities in New Zealand after MS in Biotechnology.

With the job role of biophysicist, quality control analyst, biomedical engineer, crime lab technician, or pharmaceutical sales representative, qualifying for Biotechnology masters in New Zealand can help you fulfil your dreams in your preferred industry. 

Course NameMaster Of Science In Biotechnology
Course Duration 1-2 years
Course TypeFull Time
Average FeesNZD 9,157 to NZD 48,386 annually
Exam requirementsTOEFL / IELTS / Cambridge: C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency/  PTE / Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)

Top List Of Universities In New Zealand For MS In Biotechnology

After selecting the ideal programme to pursue in your perfect country, the next step is to find the best universities for masters in Biotechnology in New Zealand to ensure securing admissions in a high institute that offers top-notch learning experiences and other academic benefits. To help you save your time, we are listing a few globally recognised MS in Biotechnology in New Zealand Universities.

University NameNo Of ScholarshipCoursesCourse FeesProgramme DurationRequired Exams
University of Auckland1MSC in BiotechnologyMaster Of BiotechnologyNZD 48.39 K – 48.62 K18 monthsIELTSTOEFLPTE
University Of OtagoMSC in Plant BiotechnologyNZD 43.23 K2 yearsIELTS

Along with an innovative curriculum of the best biotechnology master’s programs in New Zealand, it has a high acceptance rate. If you want to gain more insights about biotechnology scholarships to study abroad or how to acquire a post-study work visa in New Zealand, connect with us for detailed guidance. 

Application Aspects For MS Biotechnology in New Zealand

Before planning to pursue biotechnology master programmes in New Zealand, you must be aware that the standard academic year for most universities starts in February and ends in November, with a break in June and July. 

In addition, to complete your application for the best colleges for masters in biotechnology in New Zealand,, ensure that you submit suitable documents to receive confirmation letters from the university officials seamlessly. 

  • A personal statement of intent or SOP
  • Academic transcripts from Secondary school for any University programme
  • Test score – SAT, ACT and English Proficiency tests
  • Submit proof of funding or application for tuition fees scholarship
  • Make payment for application and submit proof for the same
  • Details for other scholarship application 

Additionally, if you want to access more details about the application process in a particular university or identify the best universities in New Zealand that meet your preference, contact us to access the correct information at the right time. 

Enhance Your Admission Chances In MSC Biotechnology Universities In New Zealand

To secure your spot at your preferred University in New Zealand, meet a few eligibility requirements. Along with your bachelor’s degree qualification, most universities look for the test score for a few tests to shortlist international applicants of MSC Biotechnology in New Zealand.

To be eligible for a master’s degree in New Zealand, international students need to prove their English proficiency, showing that they can participate in classes. To prove your proficiency in the English language, you need to submit the test scores listed below, along with other documents, during the application process. 

Standard English Proficiency tests that are accepted in New Zealand include:

  • IEFL – Minimum score – 6.0
  • TOEFL – Minimum score -90
  • PTE – Minimum score – 64 and above
  • Cambridge: C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency – Overall score 176
  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) – 85 and above

Cost Of Living For Studying In New Zealand

One of the major aspects of studying abroad that you must consider is the overall cost of living. Students need to check other costs along with annual tuition fees to set an accurate budget. Let’s look closer at the cost of living while pursuing an MS in Biotechnology in New Zealand’s top universities.

Tuition Fees In New Zealand Universities

In New Zealand, the Government permits various Universities to set their preferred method and amount for international students. Hence, tuition fees differ depending on the University you choose to apply to. 

However, the average tuition fee for a Master’s Degree ranges from NZD 13,224 to NZD 19,022 per annum. In addition, you can explore the availability of financial assistance in the University you select. To know more about scholarships for study abroad in New Zealand or how to apply for a New Zealand study visa, connect with our team. 

Other Expenses – Accommodation & More

The cost of living for international students is slightly high. However, you can expect monthly expenses ranging from NZD 1,449 to NZD 2,355. Let us break down the cost of various factors to help you set a budget beforehand. 

Budget FactorsExpense (Per Month)
RentNZD 724 – NZD 2,898
Restaurant MealsNZD 19 (Per Meal)
Transport PassNZD 163
UtilitiesNZD 235 to NZD 307
Other Expense ( Coffee, Bread etc)NZD 5 -20

Why Study In New Zealand?

The education system in the best Universities for MS Biotechnology in New Zealand follows an application-based format. Along with the academic curriculum, other innovative activities support, and certain clubs aid students in building overall skills to enhance their learning experience with confidence. 

In addition, a few MS Biotechnology in New Zealand Universities offer support services to resolve issues for international students. These universities focus on providing support and dedicated workshop sessions to guide students on stress management, mindful techniques, and more. 

Other Benefits Of Studying In New Zealand

Pursuing a Master’s Degree like MS in Biotechnology in New Zealand has been proven to be the best decision for many international students to date. In addition to academic perks, a range of universities located in New Zealand offer other benefits.

  • Quality Education Model: The education system In New Zealand follows the academic module of the UK to ensure a strong foundation of students and has positioned itself as globally appreciated.
  • New Zealand is a Friendly Nation: New Zealand is known for its openness and friendly nature. This attracts international students to safely pursue education and consider taking varied opportunities. 
  • Relatively Affordable Education: Compared to countries like the US, UK, Canada or Australia, New Zealand is considered an affordable country for pursuing higher education, with diverse programmes available. 


1. Is New Zealand Good For Masters In Biotechnology?

Pursuing an MS Biotechnology in New Zealand is ideal, as top universities offer quality education and opportunities in Research, Biomedical, Chemical and more. 

2. How Much Does MS Biotechnology In New Zealand Cost?

The cost of an MS in Biotechnology in New Zealand varies depending on the area you live in and the tuition fees of the specific University. However, on average, you can expect a cost ranging from NZD 9,157 to NZD 48,386 per annum. 

3. What Is The Salary Of MS Biotechnology In New Zealand?

The salary of a graduate of MS in Biotechnology in New Zealand ranges from NZD 55,000 to NZD 75,000 per year. However, remember the salary will depend on the candidate’s caliber, skills, experience, and more aspects. 

4. What Are The Ideal Universities For MS Biotechnology In New Zealand?

To pursue top quality MS Biotechnology in New Zealand, consider applying in universities like University of Auckland, University of Otago, and more. 

5. What Is The Typical Duration Of An MSC Biotechnology Programme In New Zealand?

The duration of MS Biotechnology in New Zealand programme is around 1-2 years, in some cases 18 months.

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