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30K+ Students Counselled

Mercy University Acceptance Rate 2024 – Detailed Guide

Indian student receives admission at a university in USA

Mercy University is a highly rated university. It ranks #123 among Regional Universities North, #800 in the USA, and #3069 globally according to 2024 ratings. Mercy University offers over 100 degrees and certificates in multiple disciplines. It has only 124 international students from over 59 countries and a Mercy University acceptance rate of 86%. Read and understand the acceptance rate, factors that affect the acceptance rate, and so on!

Acceptance Rate86%
Application Fee$40
Academic CalendarSemester-based
Intake SessionsFall, Spring, and Summer
International StudentsAccepted
Number of International Students124 (from over 59 countries)

What Is The Acceptance Rate? 

The USA intakes report shows the Mercy University acceptance rate is 86%. This high acceptance rate means the university is open to taking in new freshers. Of every ten applicants, approximately nine will receive an offer to study at the university. This is good for Indian students provided they meet the entry requirements.

Historical Trends On Acceptance Rate

At the initial stages of its operations, the better half of the 20th century from when it was established, the acceptance rate of Mercy University was very low, about 5 – 10%. Mercy University Admission wasn’t open to many international students at this time. However, this changed in the 2000s as the acceptance rate has risen significantly to where it is today.

Racial Demographics At Mercy University 

Students from around the world are a part of Mercy University. The racial demographics data for Mercy University is as follows:

Race/EthnicityPercentage of Students
Black or African American15%
-Asian-Multi-Ethnic-International-Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander-OthersRest

This table represents the racial demographics of students at Mercy University, showing the percentage of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

How Can We Get Selected For Mercy University?

Getting selected for Mercy University programmes entails a very straightforward procedure. However, before applying for admission at the university, it is important that you check the eligibility criteria and ensure you can cover the studying and living costs in the USA. You can apply online or via the office; this is often clarified per programme. The online process is:

  1. Visit the Mercy University official website.
  2. Go through the course catalogue and select your ideal programme
  3. Check the entry requirements and compare them with your qualifications
  4. Once everything lines up, fill in the online application form
  5. Submit the application and attach the necessary documents

Different Courses Acceptance Rate At Mercy University

There is a uniform mercy university acceptance rate for international students. It doesn’t change with programmes. However, the difference can be noticed by the number of intakes by semester. This is often affected by the number of slots available for that programme, a common factor in many graduate programmes.

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At The Mercy University?

Based on the numbers, being accepted at Mercy University is easier. With an 86% Mercy University acceptance rate for Indian students, many applicants stand a chance of getting offered admission at the institution. However, that’s different from the awarding of scholarships in the USA. These funding options are highly competitive and only the most qualified are accepted.

Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements

The number of slots available per slot often affects the admission rate. Faculties communicate this information, and it is eventually evident from the number of intakes. There are standard enrollment requirements for the level of studies, but specific ones apply to various programmes.

Admission ratesHighLow
Academics-High school transcripts/ High school diploma-Official standardized test scores-Bachelor’s degree in the same field-Relevant work experience-Special programme requirements
EIKENPre-1Not accepted
GTEC1140Not accepted

NB: An application fee of $40 applies.

Undergraduate And Graduate Acceptance Rate

There is no difference between Mercy University undergraduate acceptance rate and Mercy University postgraduate acceptance rate as they all use the standard rate of 86%. The acceptance rate does not change according to the level of study. However, there will always be more undergraduate intakes than postgraduate intakes.

Programmes And Their Tuition Fees

According to the international trend, higher education institutions revise their tuition fees annually and this has caused an increase in the cost of studying in USA. As a requirement, you should submit bank statements to prove that you can cover the study costs at Mercy University. 

Programme Tuition Fees Per Term/Credit
Business Honors Programme – Undergraduate$300.00
Clinical Lab Science – Undergraduate $315.00
Design and Animation – Undergraduate $800.00
Nursing – Undergraduate $800.00
MBA – Postgraduate $1,029.00
Education – Postgraduate$1,005.00
Health Services Management – Postgraduate$1,005.00
Computer Science – Postgraduate$1,029.00

While many might shy away from courses with high costs, it often has a return on investment. As soon as you’re done with the studies, you can process your visa for post study work in USA and the salary can hep you offset any debt incurred.

Notable Alumni

Many personalities in various disciplines are studied at Mercy University. Some of the notable alumni of the school include:

  • Sandra Uwiringiyimana: Author
  • Jamaal Bowman: United States Representative
  • Gabourey Sidibe: American Actress
  • Mookie Wilson: Former American Major League Baseball player and coach
  • Wesley Walker: Former American Football Player


What Is The Current Mercy University Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate is 86%.

Can You Provide Information On The Mercy University Acceptance Rate For International Students?

Mercy University acceptance rate for international students is 86%.

What Factors Influence The Acceptance Rate At Mercy University?

Number of slots available and school resources.

Are There Specific Programs Or Majors With Higher Or Lower Acceptance Rates At Mercy University?

No, all programmes share a similar acceptance rate.

How Does The Mercy University Acceptance Rate Compare To Other Universities In The Region?

It is pretty high compared to the competition.

Has The Mercy University Acceptance Rate Changed In Recent Years, And If So, What Are The Trends?

It has increased over the years as the university grows.

What Are The Admission Requirements Applicants Should Focus On To Improve Their Chances Given The Acceptance Rate At Mercy University?

Academic excellence and English proficiency are vital for admission.

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Indian student receives admission at a university in USA

Mercy University Acceptance Rate 2024 – Detailed Guide

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