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MCA In USA Detailed Course Guide 2024!

mca in usa

In recent years, due to rising advancements in advanced technology and computer functionalities, there has been a high demand for professionals in this domain. This is the reason why today most international students are seeking to pursue an MCA in USA—a Masters in Applications. This course is focused on elevating student’sstudents’ understanding of advanced computer applications, web-based applications, software development, and more. 

Masters in computer application in USA offers students a range of high-paying job opportunities in the IT industry. This programme lasts 1-2 years, and students can expect to earn substantial income upon graduation due to increasing demand for the field. 

Overview Of MCA Degree In USA

Are you considering pursuing an MS In Computer Science In the USA? But aren’t you sure about the best University, eligibility criteria, and other vital factors? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! 

Course NameMasters in Computer Application (MCA)
Degree TypeMasters
Programme EligibilityBachelor’s Degree in BCA or similar qualification
Course Duration1-2 Years
Average Course Fees$ 38,953
Entrance Exam RequirementGRE, TOEFL or IELTS

While exploring career options, students are often confused about Computer science vs. software engineering. However, after completing the MCA course, a candidate is considered equal to a Software Engineer. The course is designed to help students determine the conceptual framework of advanced computer programming languages and tools to develop advanced applications precisely. 

As per the research, the USA invests around $ 2 trillion annually for the advancement of computer applications and software. Hence, students pursuing an MCA in USA are more likely to leverage a robust career in computer engineering. 

Top MCA University In USA

Pursuing a Master’s degree in a foreign country involves multiple-step procedures, and finding the right University may feel overwhelming. Whether to apply for an MCA in MIT USA or other top universities is one of the common challenges faced by students considering pursuing an MCA in USA. We list a few reliable options below to help you gain insights into top universities in the USA. 

University NameUniversity LocationMCA Annual Fees
Stanford UniversityCalifornia$ 15, 891
MITMassachusetts$ 33, 361
Harvard UniversityNew Haven$ 37, 088
Columbia UniversityNew York$ 54, 062
University of TexasAustin$ 15, 674
University of MichiganAnn Arbor$ 38, 471
Cornell UniversityIthaca$ 25, 984
University of CaliforniaLos Angeles$ 28, 113
New York UniversityNew York$ 28, 330
Yale UniversityNew Haven$ 37, 088

What Is The Cost Of Living In The USA For Students?

To pursue MCA in USA, international students need to determine varied expenses apart from the standard course fees. Consider a few intakes in the USA, such as overall living costs, travelling expenses, insurance, etc. While the MCA in the USA fees are high compared to other countries, the ROI too is high regarding diverse career opportunities, and growth is expected to outweigh the high cost.

Estimated Cost To Study In The USA

Still confused? To help you understand the overall expense you can expect over 1-2 years to pursue MCA in USA, we have listed two essential factors that will define your cost of living in this country. 

Tuition Fees: The average tuition fee for pursuing MCA in the USA for Indian students and other international students is around $ 38,953. However, the exact amount will depend on the University you select in the USA. 

Cost of Living in USA: While estimating the cost of living, consider the location and lifestyle you choose to live in. On average, students must set their budget for completing MCA in USA with around $10,000 to $15,000 annually to cover the expenses of daily meals, accommodations, and other basic needs. 

Outlining MCA In USA Eligibility

Students aspiring to pursue their education in MCA in USA must meet a few requirements, like fulfilling exam entrance, SOP for MS in computer science, and other requirements based on their selected University. 

Academic Requirements

Students who aim to pursue an MCA degree in the USA must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications, Computer Science or a similar field. Most universities in the USA have a minimum score eligibility of 60% in a student’s qualified degree or course and submit SOP for the USA to enhance the chances of acquiring admission. 

Subject Specialisation

Having a subject specialisation in web-based applications, computer programming, or software development is considered mandatory in most US universities for MCA-based programmes. 

Proof Of English Proficiency

Submitting proficiency in English for international students is essential to acquire admission to US universities.The standard test accepted in the USA includes:

  • TOEFL – Minimum score 90
  • IELTS – Minimum score 6.5

Entrance Exam Requirement

In most cases, Universities in the USA have a mandatory method of selecting applicants based on the results of a few exams, like the GMAT or GRE. The minimum accepted score for these exams will depend on the University’s criteria. 

Admission Process To Pursue MCA In USA

Like eligibility criteria, the admission process varies depending on the University you select for your Master’s degree. However, we are listing a standard admission process followed in the US for your better understanding. 

  • Shortlist University: Applicants must begin by shortlisting their preferred universities and checking the official website or admission portal to gain details regarding the admission process and programme. 
  • Eligibility Check: After understanding the requirements, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for your ideal course – whether it is a perfect test score, submitting a set of documents, or more. Then, fill out the application form, which is usually available on the University’s website. 
  • Submit Documents: Then upload all documents and ensure they align with the guidelines provided on the University’s website. 
  • Application Fees: Then, submit the form and pay the mandatory application fee to confirm the application for the programme. Be sure to complete this step meticulously, as in most universities, application fees are non-refundable. 
  • Confirmation and Visa: Then, 2-3 weeks after the application form submission, you can expect to receive an update from the University. Upon confirmation of the offer, revert to the University and apply for student visa process in the USA

Scholarship For International Students 

There are a range of scholarships available in the US that international students can apply for. Find the scholarship names below in the table. If you want more details about scholarship eligibility for Indian and other students or how to obtain a post-study work visa in the USA? Get in touch with our team. 

Scholarship TypeScholarship Name
Government FundedHubert Humphrey, Fellowship Programme, Fullbert-Nehru Fellowship 
Non-Government AAUW International Fellowship, International Student Financial Aid (ISFA)
Merit-BasedFairleigh Dickinson Scholarship, Berea College Scholarship, and more
University-fundedUniversity of Haven Scholarship,  University of Minnesota Fellowship, and more

Scope Of Career After Graduation In MCA In USA

Pursuing MCA is one of the best courses in today’s competitive landscape. With rising advancement, this field offers a range of lucrative jobs with the best profile. After completing the MCA programme, you can expect to receive opportunities in areas like Software Development, IT, Engineering, and more. 

  • Software Engineering – Programmer, Internet Expert, System Analyzer, and more. 
  • Data Scientist – Software Developer, Database Administrator, Software Consultant, Hardware Engineer
  • Web Designer- Project Manager, Senior Tech Consultant
  • Ethical Hacker


Is There a MCA In USA?

Yes, the Master of Computer Application (MCA), a postgraduate most preferred programme, is available in the USA in most universities. 

Which is the best country for MCA?

The best countries to acquire an MCA degree are the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. However, the USA is known for offering the best learning experience with lucrative career opportunities. 

How Many Years Is MCA in USA?

In most universities in the USA, the duration to complete an MCA in USA includes at least 1-2 years, with practical learning experience, which includes advanced tools for students’ exposure to the development of varied applications. 

What Is The Salary Of MCA Per Month In The USA?

On average, an MCA graduate student can expect to earn a salary of around $4,665 to $9,833 per month, depending on their skill sets, capabilities, experience, and other factors. 

What Is The Salary Of MCA In USA For freshers?

The average salary of MCA freshers in the USA ranges from around $299.67 to $678.9 monthly, depending on the specific designation.

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