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MBBS In USA 2024: Durations, Scholarship, Eligibility, Top Colleges


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a doctor, saving lives, and making a meaningful impact on the world? Studying MBBS in the USA might be your ticket to fulfilling that dream. The American education system offers a unique and comprehensive path to a medical career, but the journey is not without its questions and challenges. In this blog, we aim to provide you with essential information about pursuing an MBBS in USA.

When you think about pursuing an MBBS in the USA, the first question that crosses your mind is likely, “How do I make this dream a reality?” It’s a question that many aspiring medical students grapple with. Finding reliable and accurate information is crucial for making informed decisions on your path to becoming a doctor.

The path to becoming a doctor is undoubtedly demanding, but it’s also one of the most revered professions. While many dream of pursuing an MBBS, only a handful are selected to do so. When thinking about where to study, the USA often tops the list. Known for its top-notch education system and research opportunities, it’s a hotspot for students worldwide. We’ll simplify the process and guide you through entrance exams for MBBS in USA, MBBS duration in USA, medical colleges in USA for Indian Students, USA MBBS fees 2023 structure, and much more, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to turn your dream into a reality. 

Why Study MBBS In USA?

If you’re an Indian student considering a career in medicine, studying MBBS in the USA, specifically for Indian students, comes with several remarkable advantages. First and foremost, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t need to face another entrance exam in India to practice medicine.

Upon successful completion of your MBBS in USA, there’s no need to tackle the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) hurdle. The Medical Council of India recognizes MD degrees from accredited and reputable U.S. colleges and universities. 

Here are some more compelling reasons to consider an MBBS in the United States:

1. World-Class Education: The USA is renowned for its top-tier education system. An MBBS degree from the USA is highly regarded worldwide, eliminating the need for additional exams.

2. Global Recognition: MBBS degrees from the USA are endorsed by prestigious bodies like the WHO, ECFMG, and MCC, ensuring your qualifications are recognized internationally.

3. Scholarship Opportunities: Generous scholarships are available for students pursuing MBBS in USA, easing the financial burden of their education.

4. Job Prospects: The USA is facing a significant shortage of physicians, with projections estimating a deficit of 54,200 to 139,000 doctors by 2032. This shortage extends to family physicians, specialists, and more, offering a promising job market.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), some of the specialities expected to remain in high demand for the next decade include psychiatrists, obstetricians and gynaecologists, neurologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, paediatricians, and cardiologists.

Top MBBS Colleges In The USA

The USA has many options for MBBS in the USA after the 12th for Indian Students. Many government medical colleges in the USA offer excellent education and training for aspiring doctors. Following is the list are some of the top MBBS colleges in the USA along with the programmes offered, duration and average tuition fees.

UniversityProgrammes OfferedProgram DurationTuition Fee (USD)QS Ranking 2023
Harvard UniversityMD5 years69,3001
Columbia UniversityMD5 years70,8846
Johns Hopkins UniversityMD4 years62,8502
Stanford UniversityMD4 years84,9963
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)MD4 years65,9404
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)MD and PhD (dual degree)7 years (MD and PhD)43,843 (in-state), 55,968 (out-of-state)9
Yale UniversityMD and PhD (dual degree) or MD-ScM (Master of Science in Management), MD-MHS (Master of Health Science) or MD-MBA (Master of Business Administration)5 years (MD), 6-8 years (MD and PhD), or 70,1845
Duke UniversityMD or MD-PhD or MD-MBA or MD-MPP or MD-JD or MD-MA or MD-MS or MD-MTS4 years (MD), 68,1477
University of California, San DiegoMD or MD-PhD or MD-MAS in Clinical Research or MD-MPH in Public Health or MD-MBA in Business Administration5 years (MD), 43,292 (in-state), 55,417 (out-of-state)8
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)MD or MD-PhD or MS in Biomedical Imaging, MS in Nursing, MS in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science 4 years (MD), 12,26410

Course Structure For MBBS In USA

In the USA, to pursue an MD degree, you typically need a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, or a related field. If you’re an Indian student applying after the 12th grade, you’ll first complete a pre-med course, which takes about 1 to 2 years. This pre-med course covers the basics of medicine and science.

Once that’s done, you can apply for the MD program at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine. This programme includes both theory and practical training. It begins with 1 to 4 semesters of pre-clinical sciences, followed by a Basic Science Integration Course and the USMLE Exam.

If you pass, you move on to Clinical Sciences Rotations, taught by experienced doctors. This stage lasts 84 weeks and ends with the USMLE Exam. The entire MBBS/MD program takes about six and a half years. Upon completion, you’ll earn your MD degree from the American University of Antigua College of Medicine. Indian students must also clear the NEET examination in India.

Admission Process For MBBS In USA

Admission to MBBS programs in the USA demands a strong academic background and adherence to specific university requirements.


  • To pursue an MBBS in the USA, international students need strong academic qualifications.
  • Typically, admitted students have an average GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0 (90-92%) or higher.
  • A minimum of 1 year of pre-medical coursework in the USA or Canada is required for admission.

Requirements Of Top Universities

UniversityAcademic RequirementsMinimum TOEFL Score
Harvard University3 years of college work, 1 year at a USA/Canada institution103
Columbia University3 academic years in a college, MCAT within 3 years of applying105
Johns Hopkins UniversityBachelor’s degree, at least 1 year at a US UniversityReading & Listening: 26, Speaking: 25, Writing: 22
Stanford UniversityBachelor’s degree, at least 1 year of education in USA/Canada/UK100
UCLA3 years of UG coursework, PG degree from a US/Canadian institution100
Yale University3-year bachelor’s degree, a pre-medical course in USA/UK/Canada100
University of PennsylvaniaBachelor’s degree, 1 year of science coursework in the USA100
Duke UniversityCoursework, MCAT exam, minimum MCAT score of 50090
UC San DiegoGPA: 3.7, MCAT: 510, volunteer work in a hospital/clinic83
UC San FranciscoUniversity degree in English, 1 year of study in the US, GPA of 3.080
Cornell UniversityPremedical course, Letter of Evaluation, MCAT Score100

MBBS in USA Standardized Test Scores

  • Students must provide standardized test scores, including program entrance exams and English proficiency tests.
  • MCAT score of 511 or above is considered good.
  • NEET score above the 50th percentile is acceptable.
  • A TOEFL score of 100 or higher is generally expected, but equivalent scores in tests like IELTS and Duolingo are also accepted.

Cost of Studying

One of the factors that you need to consider when studying MBBS in USA is the tuition fee. The tuition fee varies depending on the university and the program that you choose. For Indian students, the tuition fee can range from $11,700 to $84,996 per year, which is equivalent to 9.66 to 70.24 lakhs INR. This is the MBBS in USA for Indian students fees that you need to be aware of. Here is data that shows the tuition fees at some of the renowned universities in the USA:

  • Harvard University: $69,300 (57 lakhs INR)
  • Columbia University: $70,884 (58 lakhs INR)
  • Johns Hopkins University: $62,850 (52 lakhs INR)
  • Stanford University: $84,996 (70 lakhs INR)
  • University of Pennsylvania: $65,940 (54 lakhs INR)
  • UCLA: $43,843 (36 lakhs INR)
  • Yale University: $70,184 (58 lakhs INR)
  • Duke University: $68,147 (56 lakhs INR)
  • UC San Diego: $43,292 (35 lakhs INR)
  • UC San Francisco (UCSF): $12,264 (10 lakhs INR)
  • Cornell University: $67,400 (56 lakhs INR)

Scholarships For MBBS In USA

One of the ways to reduce the financial burden of studying MBBS in USA is to apply for scholarships. There are many scholarships available for Indian students who want to pursue an MBBS in USA. These scholarships can help you pay for your tuition, living expenses, books, and other costs. Here are some examples of scholarships that you can apply for if you want to study MBBS in USA with scholarship:

Harvard Medical School Scholarships (Harvard University)

  • Eligibility: Demonstrated financial need.
  • Reward: Full-need students can receive funding for both tuition and mandatory fees.

Stanford University Financial Aid (Stanford University)

  • Eligibility: Based on the family’s financial condition, and scholarship intent must be demonstrated in the application.
  • Reward: Variable funding based on the family’s financial condition.

Vagelos Scholarship (Dr. P. Roy and Diana Vagelos Scholarships)

  • Eligibility: Demonstrated financial need (the gap between the total budget and available resources).
  • Reward: Covers the required amount to meet the total budget.

AMTIE Scholarship (American Medical Technologists)

  • Eligibility: Enrollment in an accredited institution, along with 2 Letters of Recommendation.
  • Reward: Scholarships of USD 500 and more.

MBBS In USA Specializations

International students pursuing MBBS in USA have a wide array of specializations within the healthcare and medicine field to choose from. Some of the popular specializations offered at the top medical colleges in America include:

  • Dermatology: Focused on skin disorders and conditions.
  • Neurology: Addressing conditions affecting the nervous system.
  • Urology: Concentrating on the urinary system and male reproductive health.
  • Psychiatry: Addressing mental health disorders and treatment.
  • Oncology: Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Career Opportunities After MBBS In USA

Completing an MD/MBBS in the United States opens up a world of possibilities for Indian students. After achieving this milestone, there are several career avenues to explore, including:

  • Private Practice: Starting their medical practice.
  • High-Paying Jobs: Landing well-paid positions in private or public healthcare institutions.

It’s important to note that practising in the U.S. requires the completion of a residency program. Indian students who earn their MD/MBBS in the U.S. can practice in India without the need for the NMC screening test. 

Average annual salaries for various medical specializations in the USA are as follows:

SpecializationAverage Annual Salary (USD)Average Annual Salary (INR)
Surgeons255,5001.90 crore
Psychiatrists220,5001.64 crore
General Pediatricians183,5001.36 crore
General Internists196,5001.46 crore
Obstetricians and Gynecologists238,5001.77 crore
Family and General Physician212,0001.58 crore
Anesthesiologists267,0001.99 crore


By choosing to study MBBS in USA, you not only receive a world-class education but also open doors to a promising and fulfilling career in the medical field. The opportunities are vast, and the impact you can make on people’s lives is immeasurable.


1. How long is MBBS in the USA?

The duration of MBBS in the USA is about 4 years, and the degree is equivalent to an MD degree (Doctor of Medicine).

2. Can I study MBBS in the USA without NEET?

Qualifying for the NEET examination is mandatory for all Indian residents who want to practice medicine in India after studying MBBS abroad. However, some universities in the USA offer MBBS programs without NEET requirements, such as Harvard Medical School, Penn Med, Stanford Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, and Baylor College of Medicine.

3. Can I do my MBBS in the USA after 12th?

Yes, you can do your MBBS in the USA after the 12th, but you need to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with an overall aggregate of 83-86% before applying for medical school. 

4. Can I study MBBS in the USA without NEET?

No, you cannot study MBBS in the USA without NEET. Qualifying for the NEET examination is mandatory for all Indian residents who want to practice medicine in India after studying MBBS abroad. However, some universities in the USA offer MBBS programs without NEET requirements, such as Harvard Medical School, Penn Med, Stanford Medicine, Yale School of Medicine etc.

5. Is the USA MBBS degree valid in India?

Yes, your USA MBBS degree is valid in India. You can take up a job in any part of India after graduation. You can also apply for a postgraduate course in any medical field. 

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MBBS In USA 2024: Durations, Scholarship, Eligibility, Top Colleges

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