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Study MBBS In New Zealand In 2024

mbbs in new zealand

If you plan to study MBBS, New Zealand is one of the top destinations to choose from. With high-standard MBBS courses for international students, you can choose among the two medical colleges in New Zealand for your MBBS. The average fee for MBBS is around 79,647 NZD to 495,696 NZD. However, once you pass out as an MBBS from New Zealand, you can earn around 50,000 – 160,000 NZD annually. An estimate states that around 30,000 international students are pursuing MBBS and other allied courses from New Zealand Universities.

If you would like to understand how to start a career in New Zealand in MBBS, read on!

Top Universities To Study MBBS In New Zealand

The MBBS Course in New Zealand is offered through two prime institutes, as mentioned below. The institutes are regarded for top-notch educational standards and quality infrastructure. The table below provides details like free structure, intakes, and raking for the two top Universities in New Zealand.

University NameWorld Ranking as per QS 2022ProgrammeCourse Fees in $NZDIntakes
Auckland University87Graduate course in Medicine & Graduate in Surgery (MB ChB)79,647December
Otago University217Graduation in Medicine & Graduation in Surgery (MB ChB)495,696September

Why Study MBBS In New Zealand?

Analysing the benefits of studying in New Zealand is essential before seeking admission. There are multiple reasons for choosing this global destination for learning. Among the total % of practising doctors in New Zealand, around 40% are from other countries. 

Besides, one of the medical colleges, i.e., the University of Otage, is approved by MCI.

Thus, an MBBS in New Zealand for Indian students is beneficial. MBBS from this institute are eligible to practice in India and other countries. Some of the other benefits are

  • MBBS graduates have higher employment chances in New Zealand as the country employs 1500 doctors yearly.
  •  MBBS has worldwide recognition, and the workforce shortage in this field enhances employability.
  • If you are a Doctor in New Zealand, you may earn around 150,000 NZD, or 79 Lakh INR, per year.
  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week using their study visa for New Zealand.
  •  New Zealand MBBS fees for Indian students can be reduced by utilising various scholarships available for global students.

MBBS In New Zealand Eligibility Criteria For Global Students

MBBS In New Zealand Eligibility Criteria

Valid GPA Score

You must have a GPA score of 6.0 on a scale of 8.0 to be considered for admission to New Zealand Colleges for MBBS. This score is essential to be eligible for an interview. In addition, students should also provide UMAT scores. In the admission process, 60% weightage is given to GPA, and your UMAT score gets 15% weightage.

A Recognised Bachelor’s Degree

International students have two options to seek admission—first, a 12th pass-out in science subjects with 75% or through Graduate Entry. However, international students seeking admission through a graduate degree should have completed the degree well before applying.

Viva Or Interview

After qualifying on GPA score and academic qualification, a student must do well in an interview. The interview has a 25% weightage for the admissions.

Process Of MBBS Admission in New Zealand

You can secure admission to the New Zealand College by securing 75% aggregate in 12th standard. In addition, you need to have a valid GPA and UMAT score of 6.0 on a scale of 8.0. You also need to produce various documents.

  • A NEET scorecard and a copy of the mark sheet are required to process your admission.
  •  IELTS scorecard and UMAT Scorecard are also mandatory to initiate the admission process
  •  You may also need a school leaving certificate and a COVID-19 test reports
  •  Next, you need a record of physical medical check-ups
  •  Proof of nationality is also required in New Zealand colleges to seek admission
  •  Bank or personal statement justifying adequate funds to study MBBS in New Zealand.
  •  Furthermore, passport-size photographs are also needed to process admissions.

Scholarship Opportunities For Indian MBBS Students In New Zealand

MBBS colleges in New Zealand offer scholarships to Indian and other international students. Interestingly, Indian students can benefit from the New Zealand Excellence Award scholarship, which offers 1800 NZD per annum to an Indian student. 

However, scholarships to study in New Zealand include scholarships for international students. 

ScholarshipStipend Per Annum (IN NZD)Eligibility
New Zealand Excellence Award18,000An Indian citizen with a minimum GPA of B+ in their highest qualification
International Student Excellence Scholarship 10,000Foreign students enrolled under the whole fee-paying category.
Generation Study Abroad Excellence and Travel Awardstravel award of 3,458 and 865 under excellence awardAll USA citizens with a GPA score of 3.0
TWJ Johnson Scholarship in Clinical Medicine6000MBChB degree part iii holder, along with a GPA score of 7.0
MBChB Graduate Entry-International Student Scholarship Up to 70,000Students enrolled in MBChB by graduate entry category

Cost For MBBS In New Zealand

The cost of an MBBS is estimated at 14,000-16000 NZD per year. However, the cost of studying in New Zealand is determined by two factors: college fees and the cost of living. The tuition fee for an Indian student is around 37,723 to 79,648 NZD per year. Refer to the table for the total cost of living in New Zealand.

Expenses TypeMonthly Estimate (in NZD)

Career Opportunities For MBBS International Students

An MBBS from New Zealand offers excellent job opportunities worldwide. An MBBS doctor makes around 100,000-250,000 NZD in New Zealand annually. An overview of potential job profiles is mentioned in the given table:

Job RolesAverage Annual Salary (NZD)
Medical Practitioner and Surgeon145,000
General Physician136,500

Post Study Work Visa In New Zealand

The post study work visa in New Zealand allows international students to stay in the country for up to three years after completing their studies. This visa is designed to allow students to gain work experience and contribute to the New Zealand economy.

To be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed a qualification in New Zealand that meets the acceptable qualification requirements.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Meet the health and character requirements.
  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in New Zealand.

The length of the Post-Study Work Visa depends on the qualification completed in New Zealand. If a student has completed a Master’s or doctoral-level qualification in New Zealand and studied here for at least 30 weeks, they can work in New Zealand for three years. If a student has completed a qualification at level 8 or below, their work visa will be for the same length as their study.

Students can apply for a Post-Study Work Visa online or on paper through the Immigration New Zealand website. The application fee is NZD 700 for online applications and NZD 625 for paper applications. The processing time is 38 days.

During their stay in New Zealand on a Post-Study Work Visa, students can work for any employer in almost any job if they have studied a degree level 7 qualification or above. Suppose they have studied a non-degree level 7 or below qualification. In that case, they must qualify for the Qualifications Eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa list, and the job they find must be related to their studies. International students can bring their families to New Zealand on a Post-Study Work Visa.


Is MBBS From New Zealand Valid In India?

Yes, an MBBS from New Zealand can practise in India. The license is valid across the states of India.

What is the Cost of Doing MBBS From New Zealand?

The tuition fees at Auckland University and the University of Otago are 77,000 NZD and 35,000 NZD, respectively. For an Indian student, the cost is around 16 lac and 35 lac.

How Much Is The Salary Of An MBBS In New Zealand?

$177,128 per year is the average salary for An MBBS doctor in New Zealand. Students must make note of the fact that the average salary can differ based on the seniority level.

How Much Does MBBS Cost At The Auckland University?

Usually, you need around 77,000 NZD to do an MBBS at Auckland University.

How long does it take to get visa approval for New Zealand?

Generally, 30 to 90 days is required for visa approval. Students must apply for the same well in advance.

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