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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Comparing MBA Vs MCA Abroad


Choosing between an MBA and an MCA can be tough, especially when considering studying abroad. Both degrees offer unique opportunities and can open doors to exciting careers. This blog will explore the key differences between an MBA and an MCA, helping you decide which path best fits your goals and aspirations. Whether you want to know the business world or computer applications, we’ve got you covered!

Overview Of Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

Pursuing an MBA abroad is popular for students eager to study management in a different country. Some of the top destinations for an MBA include the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, France, and Italy. Students can use various financial aid, such as MBA scholarships, loans, and institute-specific scholarships, to help manage these expenses.

Some of the top global recruiters for an MBA graduate are:

  • Citigroup
  • Brain and Company
  • Deloitte
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Amazon 

Overview Of Master Of Computer Application (MCA)

Computer Science is a two-year degree course in the US and Europe, covering areas like Computer Applications for careers in IT, robotics, software development, and more. In the US, average tuition fees for Computer Science range from $13,500 to $141,000, while in Europe, they range from €288 to €6,660. Canada offers over 400 Computer Science courses, and Germany has more than 40 colleges that provide these courses. To apply to colleges abroad, students need high GRE scores and must complete language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS.’

Some of the top recruiters for an MCA graduate are:

  • Accenture
  • GAIL
  • HP
  • NTPC
  • HCL
  • BHEL
  • TCS
  • Wipro
  • IBM

MBA Vs. MCA Abroad – Course Comparison 

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve created a comparison table that highlights key aspects of each course, such as duration, average course fees, entrance exams, and popular countries for study: 

Area of ComparisonMBAMCA
Duration1-2 years2-3 years
Course FeeINR 20-75 lakhs INR 24-34 lakhs
Entrance ExamGMAT, GREGRE, GATE (India-specific)
Popular CountriesUS, UK, Germany, Canada, France, ItalyUS, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia
Career PathsManagement, Consulting, EntrepreneurshipIT, Software Development, Robotics, Data Science

Course Eligibility For MBA Vs. MCA Abroad

Examining the eligibility criteria is essential to understanding whether an MBA is best for a student with a computer background or an MCA. 

MBA Abroad Eligibility CriteriaMCA Abroad Eligibility Criteria 
GRE Score above 320A good GRE ranging between 320-340
GMAT Score above 700GATE scores range between 70-80%, or a high percentage, in the Undergraduate Examination.
3-4 years of work experienceApproved working papers
IELTS Score of 6-7.5 for top collegesIELTS score of 6-7.5 

MBA Vs MCA – A Quick Overview With Specific Bachelor’s Course

Students often need clarification with MBA vs MCA, especially after completing BCA, B.tech, B.com, or BSc Math. So, here’s a quick overview of these courses and whether to go with an MBA or MCA. 

BCAAn MBA will be an ideal option for a better career and salary package.It is a convenient choice for academics or research. An ideal MCA job will be desk-oriented. MCA admissions will be more straightforward after BCA.
Bsc. MathGo for an MBA if you wish to start your career in marketing, human resources, or finance. If you want to move away from Maths, your core subject, choose MBA.Pursue MCA if you wish to be a software developer. If you like Math, go with MCA.
B.ComMBA will be better and more manageable.Choose MCA if you have an excellent Math-oriented curriculum.
BtechAn MBA is a more viable option since engineering is developing correctly. Choose MCA depending on the specialisation selected in B.Tech.

Specialisation In MBA Vs. MCA  

Choosing between an MBA and an MCA for your studies abroad involves understanding each programme’s unique specialisations. Whether you’re interested in business management or in computer applications, each path provides a range of focused areas to suit your career aspirations. In this blog, we’ll compare the specialisations available for MBA and MCA courses abroad, helping you decide which programme aligns best with your professional goals.

Specialisations In MBA 

Students can choose from various specialisations when pursuing an MBA abroad from international B-schools. Popular options include Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality, while unique specialisations such as Sports and Entertainment are also available. 

The eligibility requirements, admission process, and duration for these specialised MBAs are the same as for a general MBA abroad. Below, we have tabulated a list of popular MBA specialisations abroad and some colleges that offer these programmes.

SpecialisationsCollegesAverage Annual Fees (INR)
MBA MarketingIUBH University of Applied Sciences, Germany12,,64,649 
The University of Newcastle, Australia18,86,288 
University of Sunderland, UK12,96,899 
California State University Los Angeles Campus, USA13,91,593 
MBA FinanceCoventry University, UK15,54,514 
New York Institute of Technology, USA29,32,113 
University of South Australia, Australia20,78,263 
MBA Human ResourcePace University, USA29,66,340 
University of Bedfordshire, UK12,42,688 
The University of Newcastle, Australia19,16,712 
University of Sunderland, UK12,96,899
MBA Supply Chain ManagementColorado Technical University, USA11,18,082 
Kühne Logistics University, Germany24,47,610 
University of South Dakota, USA14,76,324 
MBA Project ManagementTorrens University, Australia11,96,575 
Salem University, USA17,79,804 
University of Bedfordshire, UK12,42,688 

Specialisation In MCA 

When contemplating your studies, it’s crucial to examine the curriculum of the specific programmes and universities that pique your interest to ensure they match your academic and career objectives. Here are some commonly encountered courses you might encounter while pursuing an MCA degree abroad:

SpecialisationsCollege NameFees(INR)
Data Science and AnalyticsUniversity of Oxford, England 24,30,000 – 34,00,000
Software EngineeringStanford University, USA13,21,000
Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningETH Zurich, Switzerland 1,00,000 – 1,23,500
Database Management SystemsMIT, USA27,73,200
Development and TechnologiesUniversity of Cambridge, UK25,67,400

Career Opportunities – MBA Vs MCA

Your career goal is the ultimate thing in deciding MBA vs. MCA confusion. The type of job you wish to start & the industry you want to work in. These factors will help you choose whether to go with an MBA or MCA course. Below are some positions you can get after completing an MBA and MCA.

MBA Career Options 

Given below are some of the career options that are high-paying in India and abroad. There is a vast range of job opportunities, given below are a few top ones: 

Human Resource ManagerBusiness Analysts
Human Resource GeneralistArea Sales Manager
Senior Business AnalystsMarketing Executive
Operations ManagerProject Manager
Business Development ManagerAssistant Human Resource Manager

MCA Career Opportunities

MCA graduates have promising job prospects both in India and abroad. They can explore opportunities in IT companies, software development firms, government agencies, and educational institutions in India. Similarly, MCA graduates can find employment abroad in multinational corporations, tech startups, research institutions, etc. 

System AnalystsApplication Software
Software ConsultantsInternet
Web DesignersWeb Engineers
NetworkerTechnical Writer
Artificial Intelligence sectorSystems Engineer
Multimedia System sector

Some Interesting Facts On MBA Vs MCA

Since you have some idea about the two streams, it is time to look at some of the interesting facts about both streams: 

Many students enroll in the MBA programme to start a business.The MCA market is expanding with an annual growth rate of 7.7%.
Most experienced professionals enrol for MBA degrees.Since the degree is in demand, MCA graduates can expect a job interview soon after completing the course.
You can enhance your innovative and out-of-the-box thinking through an MBA degree.Google and Microsoft are among the top recruiters, offering a minimum salary of 13 lakhs annually.

MBA Or MCA: Which Is Better?

The most important question is: MBA vs. MCA, which one is better? MCA job opportunities are on the rise, and students with good programming and database skills should pursue an MCA degree. Even the pay range for an MCA graduate after completing a BCA degree will be higher than that of an MBA graduate.

Conversely, if you have leadership qualities, risk management skills, and a business mind, pursue an MBA degree. MBAs are also a fantastic option for students who may need help finding the IT world interesting after completing a BCA course.

MBA and MCA are the two most popular and high-in-demand courses, especially for students with a background in computer science. Students who wish to choose either should prepare a checklist of their expectations and career goals. After doing the pros and cons of both degrees, they will be in a better place to make a sound career-focused decision. As an aspiring student, you can refer to the above document for some handy points to help you select one.  



Which is better, MBA or MCA? 

An MBA is ideal for candidates aspiring to hold leadership and management positions. At the same time, an MCA is more suitable for students who want to focus on honing their technical talents.  

Can I do an MCA after my MBA? 

Yes, it’s feasible to pursue an MCA after completing an MBA. The MCA is a postgraduate degree programme concentrating on computer applications, software development, programming languages, and various aspects of information technology. 

Which MCA has the highest salary?

Senior Software Developers, Project Managers, Information Technology Consultants, and Technical Architects are a few MCA specialisations offering the highest salaries.

Which MBA has the highest salary? 

Finance, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, international business, and investment management are some MBAs offering the highest salaries. 

Is MCA in demand? 

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a highly esteemed postgraduate course in India that provides numerous career opportunities. With technology advancing rapidly, MCA graduates are in high demand across various industries.

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Comparing MBA Vs MCA Abroad

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