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MBA In Ireland: Know Top Colleges, Fee & Scholarships! 

mba in ireland

Ireland has proven to be among the top countries to study. MBA in Ireland is excellent for international students, with the best universities globally and many career development opportunities. Although still attached to the UK, Ireland is undergoing some transitions because the U.K. has decided to exit the E.U. This has changed a few dynamics and opened doors to multiple opportunities. Furthermore, Ireland holds headquarters for several industry-leading brands, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, H.P., LinkedIn, etc.

MBA being the most popular graduate course globally, Ireland ranks among the best countries to study the course because of the host of openings available in the job market. MBA students also enjoy a wealth of networking opportunities, and what better place to do that than a hotspot of professional communities? Aspiring students who want to pursue MBA courses in Ireland should consider choosing the best MBA colleges in Ireland, marketable specialisations, and getting all their documentation in check, including CV, LOR, and SOP for an MBA to be considered for admission.

Course LevelPostgraduate
Course TypeFull-time | Part-time
Course Duration1 or 2 years
Entry RequirementsMust be a graduate and have 3-5 years of work experience
Exams RequiredIELTS | TOEFL | GMAT
Average Tuition Fees10,000 – 36,000 EUR
Top Recruiting CompaniesGoogle, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, H.P., LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Intel, etc.
Average Annual Salary55,000 EUR

Top 10 MBA In Ireland Schools

While there are multiple higher education institutions, they are rated according to their rankings and niche-biased courses. The top B schools in Ireland are recognised for their quality delivery of business courses. They also have connections with hiring companies to open career doors for their graduates to ensure they secure employment after their studies. If you want to study for an MBA here, consider the following schools:

Top business schools in IrelandCourses 
Trinity College DublinMBA | EMBA
University College DublinMBA | EMBA
University of LimerickEMBA
Griffith CollegeMBA | EMBA
Dublin Business SchoolMBA | EMBA
Technological University of DublinMBA

MBA Cost Or Fees In Ireland

The cost of masters in Ireland varies depending on your course. Ireland universities for MBA have different prices for their programmes, with the cheapest MBA in Ireland for international students starting at 12,750 EUR and going to as high as 36,990. Suppose you cannot fully or partially fund your master’s in business administration in Ireland. It would be best to consider applying for scholarships for a master’s in Ireland to get a fee waiver.

Best Colleges For MBACourses Tuition Fees (EUR)
Trinity College DublinMBA | EMBA36,600 | 36,600
University College DublinMBA | EMBA36,990 | 36,980
University of LimerickEMBA30,124
Griffith CollegeMBA | EMBA14,000 | 28,000
Dublin Business SchoolMBA | EMBA12,750 | 25,500
Technological University of DublinMBA21,000

Requirements – Eligibility Criteria

Requirements differ from one university to another, although there is a standard eligibility criterion across all colleges in Ireland. While applying for the best MBA, there are specific requirements that all applicants should meet. Admission is based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and showcasing financial ability to meet the MBA Ireland costs. Some constants include denial of admission for an MBA with no work experience and an MBA in Ireland without a GMAT.

Basic Admission Requirements-Bachelor’s degree equivalent to an Irish university’s primary degree level (Irish NQF level 8)-GMAT score between 550 – 600-English language proficiency (IELTS: 6.5 – 7.0 | TOEFL: 90)-3-5 years of work experience-Interview
Documents Required-Completed admission application form-Academic transcripts-Proof of English language proficiency-Score report of GMAT or GRE Test-Payment receipt of non-refundable application fee-Letters of Recommendation-Statement of Purpose-CV or Resume-Copy of Passport
Ireland Student Visa Requirements-Recent passport-size photos-Medical insurance paper from a private medical insurance company-Offer letter from a university in Ireland-Bank statements

Work Permit

The top business schools in Ireland can guarantee employment after completing your MBA. There are two approaches to this: 

  • Internship programmes – these are employment opportunities that students can opt for while studying for their MBA courses in Ireland. These openings are limited to specifications for every job, from working hours to wages and where to work.
  • Post-study pathway – these are more solid opportunities offering up to 40 hours a week of full-time employment. You require an Ireland post-study work visa for these opportunities and must commit to staying in the country during the period.

After completion, you can be offered three work permits: a Residence Permit, a General Employment Permit, and a Critical Skills Employment Permit.

MBA Scholarships In Ireland 

Applying for scholarships is a good approach for students who need help to fund their tuition fees or cost of living in Ireland. Scholarships are available in various packages, from complete to partial sponsorship. Various patrons provide scholarships, whether internal or external programmes, alumni, or the government. They also expose scholars to networking opportunities and community-based events. The table below shows the scholarships available at the best universities in Ireland for MBA.

Trinity MBA Merit Scholarship10,000 EURMust have an offer to study at Trinity College Dublin and issued based on application, reference, CV and candidate’s academic achievementsN.A.
GMAT MBA Scholarship100% tuition waiverMust have a GMAT score of 720 or above and be accepted at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business SchoolApril 30, 2024
Business Finance MBA Scholarship100% tuition waiverMust be a full-time or EMBA student at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business SchoolApril 30, 2024
Kemmy Business School Scholarships1,500 EUR/ yearMust be a student at the University of Limerick in Graduate and Professional studiesN.A.

MBA In Ireland Specialisations

You can specialise in several areas while doing your MBA. This will affect your placement as you can only work based on the kind of specialisation that you did in your course. The different streams in MBA include:

  • Managerial economics
  • Marketing management
  • Operations management
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Quantitative techniques in management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Human research management
  • Management Information systems
  • Financial Management
  • Macro Economics
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Laws
  • Strategic Management

MBA Jobs And Salaries In Ireland

So why do an MBA in Ireland? There are various jobs that you could apply for based on your qualifications. Each assignment will have its own salary range.

CareerAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Chief Executive OfficerOne crore
Director of Operations83.73 lakhs
Marketing Director80.20 lakhs
Financial Controller74.73 lakhs
Finance Manager57.52 lakhs
Operations Manager50.63 lakhs
Marketing Manager43.90 lakhs
Business Analyst38.93 lakhs

Top Recruiters

Various recruiting companies can hire you on multiple levels depending on your experience and expertise. The top recruiters for MBA in Ireland include Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, H.P., LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Genesis, Smartling, Redhat, Citco, Delloite, SAP, etc.


What Is the Cost of MBA in Ireland in Indian Rupees?

The cost of MBA Ireland for Indian students can be calculated using the current exchange rate of 1 EUR = 90.08 INR.

Is Ireland Worth It for an MBA?

Ireland is an excellent place to study MBA as there are multiple career development opportunities.

Does an MBA Get PR in Ireland?

MBA has good P.R. in Ireland.

Which MBA Has the Highest Demand in Ireland?

MBAs in marketing and operations are in the highest demand.

How Long Can I Stay in Ireland After an MBA?

You can stay up to 4 years after finishing your MBA if you have a work permit, but indefinitely if you get a residential visa.

Is IELTS Compulsory for an MBA?

IELTS is compulsory for showing your English proficiency while applying for an MBA in Ireland.

Can I Settle in Ireland After Masters?

You can settle in Ireland after your master’s if you get a residential visa.

What Is the Duration of MBA?

MBA in Ireland takes 1-2 years.

Which Is the Best University For Studying An Irish MBA?

Trinity College Dublin is the best university for MBA.

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MBA In Ireland: Know Top Colleges, Fee & Scholarships! 

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