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MBA In Entrepreneurship In USA Guide For Beginners!

mba in entrepreneurship in usa

Masters in Entrepreneurship programmes in the United States typically last between 12 to 24 months, with an annual tuition fee ranging from approximately 22.30 lakhs. Upon completion, graduates can expect an average entry-level salary of 51,34,410 INR. However, salary prospects increase with experience, ranging from 31.10 lakhs to 1.02 Cr. This is a much sought after field with aspirants wishing to improve their life by throwing themselves into the world of international education. This blog will help them understand the prerequisites for MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA and other details, read on!

Eligibility Criteria For MBA In Entrepreneurship In USA

The MBA in Entrepreneurship USA eligibility can differ based on the educational level sought. Here’s an overview of the essential requirements for the admissions in MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA: 

Educational Qualifications For:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants must hold a valid 12th-grade certificate from a recognised educational institution, preferably with a background in business or commerce.
  • Master’s Degree in MBA Entrepreneurship USA: Aspiring candidates should have completed a BBA course with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.
  • PhD: Prospective students must possess a master’s degree in entrepreneurship or a related field, supplemented by GRE scores, and research paper endorsements from relevant universities.
  • A student will have to present all their educational documents from the past along with the statement of purpose for the USA. 

English Language Proficiency Test Scores:

The English language proficiency criteria vary depending on the level of study:

  • For MS and MBA: Acceptable scores for TOEFL iBT range from 89 to 94, or paper-based scores of 577 to 587. Additionally, an IELTS score of 6.5, GRE score of 320, or GMAT score between 550 and 600 are required.
  • For PhD: A minimum TOEFL score of 100, IELTS score of 7.0, and GRE score of 300 are expected.

Work Experience

While not obligatory for all institutions, possessing a two-year work experience is advantageous for those aiming to pursue entrepreneurship studies in the USA.

USA Student Visa For MBA In Entrepreneurship In USA:

Specific prerequisites must be fulfilled to apply for a student visa to the USA. However, precise details regarding these requirements are not explicitly provided in the available sources.

These criteria delineate the general prerequisites for embarking on an MBA journey specialising in Entrepreneurship in the USA, encompassing educational qualifications, English language proficiency, and work experience considerations.

Top Universities Offering Masters In Entrepreneurship

Below are the universities to study in the USA that top in ranking. We have mentioned their names along with their QS World University Rankings that will help you identify the colleges best suites for you. 

S.No.Universities Offering MBA In Entrepreneurship In USABusiness SchoolEntrepreneurship Course in USAQS World University Rankings
1.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySloan School of ManagementSloan MBA#1
2.University of ChicagoChicago Booth School of BusinessFull-Time Booth MBA#10
3.University of PennsylvaniaThe Wharton SchoolWharton MBA#13
4.Columbia UniversityColumbia Business SchoolThe Columbia MBA#19
5.Cornell UniversityJohnson School of ManagementTwo-Year Johnson MBA#21
6.Northwestern UniversityKellogg School of ManagementOne-Year Kellogg MBA#30
7.University of California, Los AngelesAnderson School of ManagementAnderson’s MBA#40
8.New York UniversityStern School Of BusinessMS in Computing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation#42
9.Duke UniversityThe Fuqua School Of BusinessAccelerated Daytime Fuqua MBA#52
10.Carnegie Mellon UniversityTepper School of BusinessTepper MBA#53

Admission Process For MBA In Entrepreneurship In USA

USA university intakes generally have a summer, fall, winter cycle. Students will have to check the requirements for the separate cycles differently. Admission to Masters in Entrepreneurship programmes is based on a comprehensive review of applications, including exam scores, extracurricular activities, and work experience. Applicants are encouraged to showcase any entrepreneurship or innovation experience.

Visa Requirements For International Students

International students must obtain a valid visa to study in the USA. Required documents include a valid passport, Form I-20, standardised test scores, proof of financial support, and a return plane ticket.

Cost Of Studying For MBA In Entrepreneurship USA

The cost of studying for a Masters in Entrepreneurship in the USA can be categorised into pre-arrival expenses, tuition fees, and cost of living. Below are estimated expenses:

Pre-arrival Expenses

Expense TypesCost (in INR)
Programme Application Fees7,456-14,913
Visa fees11,931
TOEFL Fees11,931-18,644
IELTS Fees13,796-14,169
GRE Fees17,154-18,644
Health Insurance37,217-74,434

MBA In Entrepreneurship USA Fees

Universities for Entrepreneurship in USAAverage Annual Tuition Fee (in INR)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology38.30 lakhs
University of Chicago44.05 lakhs
University of Pennsylvania32.61 lakhs
Columbia University28.76 lakhs
Cornell University44.82 lakhs
Northwestern University41.84 lakhs
University of California, Los Angeles31.78 lakhs
New York University23.10 lakhs
Duke University46.02 lakhs
Carnegie Mellon University34.20 lakhs

Cost Of Living In USA

The average cost of living for international students in the USA is approximately 11,16,060 INR per month. The living costs in the USA can differ based on the personal choice of a student, the above costs are differ depending on the spending habits of the student. 

Scope After Graduation

Graduates of Masters in Entrepreneurship programmes have diverse career opportunities, including roles as business development managers, executive assistants, IT consultants, product marketing managers, and programme managers. Average salaries range from 29.06 lakhs to 1.02 Cr.

In conclusion, pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship in the USA offers international students a valuable educational experience and opens doors to exciting career prospects.


What is the salary of MBA Entrepreneurship in USA?

The average salary for MBA graduates in Entrepreneurship in the USA varies, with top programmes like Harvard and Stanford offering salaries ranging from $202,000 to over $253,000.

What are the top-ranked MBA programmes for entrepreneurship in the USA?

Top-ranked MBA programmes for entrepreneurship in the USA include Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD, with London Business School and University of Cambridge also offering renowned programmes.

What are the typical admission requirements for MBA programmes specialising in entrepreneurship?

Typical admission requirements for MBA programmes specialising in entrepreneurship in the USA include educational qualifications like a BBA or related degree, English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS, and work experience, with specific criteria varying by university.

What is the duration of an MBA in entrepreneurship from the USA?

The duration of MBA in entrepreneurship in the USA typically ranges from 1 to 2 years, depending on the university and programme structure.

What is the course fees?

Course fees for MBA in entrepreneurship in the USA vary across universities, with costs ranging from around $45,700 to $97,500 for programmes like Imperial College Business School and London Business School.

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mba in entrepreneurship in usa

MBA In Entrepreneurship In USA Guide For Beginners!

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