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Top MBA Colleges in Canada

Student from MBA Colleges In Canada

Canadian MBAs have recently gained recognition, making Canada one of the top three places in the world to pursue an MBA. Rotman School of Management, Smith School of Business, Schulich School of Business, and Desautels Faculty of Management are among Canada’s top MBA schools.

For Indian and international students, tuition fees at Canada’s top MBA programmes range from CAD 20,000 to CAD 130,000. However, after factoring in other costs such as living fees, books, and supplies, the entire cost of getting an MBA from one of Canada’s best universities varies.

In this blog, we compare the top MBA colleges in Canada and provide information on the most popular B-schools for MBA programmes.

1. Requirements for Pursuing an MBA in Canada

The eligibility criteria for admission to top MBA programs in Canada can differ based on the specific college and program prerequisites. Below, we outline the fundamental criteria typically adhered to by students aspiring to pursue MBA programs at Canadian universities:

  • Attain a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, meeting the minimum GPA stipulated by the respective university.
  • Acquire relevant work experience in alignment with program requirements. (You can also check for MBA colleges in Canada without work experience.)
  • Obtain a valid score on standardized tests like GMAT or GRE.
  • Provide evidence of proficiency in the English language through scores on tests such as TOEFL, PTE and IELTS Score for Canada.

2. Top MBA Colleges in Canada

The following is a comparison of the top MBA colleges in Canada based on cost, GMAT score, location, and MBA programme type:

Sr.noCollegesTuition FeeGMAT ScoreLocationType of MBA Program
1.The University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management$131,120670TorontoFull time, Part-time, Executive, and dual degree
2.Queen’s Smith School of Business$102,100654KingstonFull time, Part-time, Executive, and dual degree
3.Western University – Ivey Business School$120,500680LondonFull-time, Executive, dual degree
4.McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management$99,500675MontrealFull time, Part-time, Executive, and dual degree
5.York University – Schulich School of Business$106,900660TorontoFull time, Part-time, Executive, and dual degree
6.UBC Sauder School of Business$90,057650VancouverFull-time, Part-time, dual degree
7.Alberta School of Business$60,000650EdmontonFull time, Part-time, Executive, and dual degree
8.Concordia University – John Molson School of Business$41,500640MontrealFull time, Part-time, and Executive MBA
9.HEC Montréal$54,000625MontrealFull time, Part-time, and Executive MBA
10.Rowe School of Business$82,205550+HalifaxOnline, corporate residency, Dal MBA

3. Canada’s Top MBA Schools

Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

Here are MBA colleges in Canada, as determined by a variety of factors, including academic reputation, faculty quality, and alumni employment outcomes.

3.1. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

The Rotman full-time 2-year MBA programme is one of the best MBA colleges in Toronto with diverse programmes. Its campus lies in the heart of downtown Toronto, a major commercial and financial centre.

Bloomberg’s Best Business School for an MBA in Canada rates it third. The GMAT average score is 670. In 2021, an MBA graduate’s total base income will be CAD 87,000. Here’s a quick rundown of the programme:

Duration20 Months
Class Size275
Average GMAT Score670
Tuition fees (International Student)$103,001
Teaching ApproachA model-based problem-solving approach
Average Salary including bonus$87,000
Popular Industry employmentFinance
Essay questions1 written and two video essay

3.2. Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

The 12-month Smith School of Business curriculum employs a flexible and highly tailored approach, allowing you to tailor the programme to your specific professional objectives. An MBA graduate from Smith may expect to earn around CAD $92,084 on average. Queen’s University’s MBA programme is one of the top MBA colleges in Canada and has a small class size of 88 students, with an average GMAT score of roughly 654. Here’s a quick rundown:

Duration12 Months
Class Size88 
Average GMAT Score654
Tuition fees (International Student)$102,100
Teaching ApproachBlend of -Experimental, simulation, and case studies
Average Salary including bonus$92,084
Popular Industry employmentConsulting
Essay questions1 written and two video essay

3.3. The Ivey School of Business at Western University

The Ivey MBA is a full-time, one-year programme that begins in March and is one of the best MBA programmes in Canada. The case study method is used at the Ivey MBA programme, as it is at HBS. Over 300 cases are presented to students each year, which helps to reflect the challenges and complexities of real-world business in the classroom.

An MBA graduate’s average income is CAD 117,997, while the average GMAT score for the incoming class is 680. Here’s a quick rundown of the MBA programme:

Duration12 Months
Class Size161
Average GMAT Score680
MBA Canada fees (International Student)$120,500
Teaching ApproachCase-based approach
Average Salary including bonus$117,997
Popular Industry employmentConsulting
Essay questions2 written and 2 video essay

4. Affordable MBA Programs in Canada

Canada provides various MBA options for those seeking to pursue a degree without incurring substantial expenses considering the cost of living. Here are some of the most affordable MBA colleges in Canada, including options for those looking to study without the GMAT requirement:

Memorial University of Newfoundland$36,947
University of Saskatchewan$68,190
University of Ottawa$68,000
Concordia University$47,900
Simon Fraser UniversityCAD 63,320
University of Calgary$25,293
Vancouver Island UniversityCAD 51,408

5. Part-time MBA Programs at Leading Canadian B-Schools

For individuals who may not have the flexibility or resources for a full-time MBA, there are attractive part-time alternatives available. Here are some part-time business programs offered by renowned Canadian universities:

SchoolProgramTuition FeeCourse Duration
University of AlbertaExecutive MBACAD 83,197Up to 6 years
Rotman School of ManagementMorning and Evening MBACAD 136,41032 months
Queen’s UniversityAccelerated MBA for Business GraduatesCAD 81,92012 months (1 year)

These part-time MBA programs cater to diverse needs, allowing individuals to pursue their MBA aspirations while accommodating their schedules and financial considerations.


1. In Canada, how long does an MBA last?

In Canada, an MBA is a two-year curriculum. However, some universities offer expedited MBA programmes that last less than a year. For example, Ivey Business School provides an eight-month to one-year accelerated MBA programme.

2. Why should you study for an MBA in Canada?

The following are the top five reasons to get an MBA in Canada:

  • 1. Low tuition costs 
  • 2. Excellent quality of life
  • 3. Post-graduation employment permit scheme in Canada
  • 4. Top MBA programmes in Canada with a high international ranking
  • 5. Society with a Multicultural and Diverse Population

3. Is it possible for me to pursue a specialised MBA degree in Canada?

Yes. Students interested in pursuing a management degree in Canada might go for a standard MBA or a speciality degree in marketing, consulting, finance, and other fields.

4. Are there universities in Canada that offer scholarships for MBA students?

Yes, here are some universities in Canada that offer scholarships for MBA students:

  • The University of Canada West
  • University of Toronto
  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Alberta School of Business
  • McGill University
  • Haskayne School of Business
  • Smith School of Business

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