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Masters In Management In UK: Fees, Colleges & Salaries In 2024

Masters In Management In UK

Table of Contents

Pursuing a Masters in Management in the UK opens doors to unparalleled global exposure and promising career prospects. With an exceptional return on investment, students can remove any concerns regarding educational debt and swiftly transition into their professions. With starting salaries ranging from £26,000 to £46,000, graduates find themselves sought after by prestigious companies like McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, JPMorgan, Unilever, Amazon, and more. 

If you’re intrigued by these opportunities or seeking comprehensive insights into MIM programmes in the UK, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Learn more from this blog on mastering management in the UK.

Masters In Management (MIM) In The UK Highlights

Total Number of MIM Colleges135+ Approx
MIM CostTuition fees: INR 20.02 Lakhs Approx + Living expenses: INR 6 Lakhs Approx
Top SpecialisationsAccounting, Marketing, Analytics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics
Admission Process2-3 years of full-time work experience, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, GMAT score, IELTS score, 2-3 Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose

Who Is This Course For? 

The course “Master’s in Management” (MIM) is typically designed for individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies and are looking to develop their management and business skills further. This course is suitable for:

Why Study Masters In Management In The UK?

Studying masters not only amplifies your skills but also acts a mould to get into newer more dynamic work environments. Students will be industry ready after this course with a unique sense of business and the key developments. Below, understand why one should study masters in the UK in management. 

  1. Immediate Business Expertise: Start a corporate career right after obtaining your bachelor’s degree; no extensive work experience is required.
  2. Growing Popularity: MIM degrees are widespread in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.
  3. Innovative Features: UK MIM programmes offer specialisations, language options, and double degrees for improved employability.
  4. Cross-cultural Experience: A diverse student community enhances cross-cultural communication skills.
  5. Unique Cultural Exposure: Experiencing British culture and lifestyle enriches personal and professional development.

Best MIM Colleges In The UK

Masters In Management In UK

Students must only pursue management from top colleges in the UK. Here are the top 10 Masters in Management colleges in the UK with average fees, top courses, and location in multiple columns:

Sr NoQS Rank 2024CollegeApplication DeadlineTuition Fee per year (GBP)Tuition Fee (INR)Acceptance Rate
184University of BirminghamMay 7, 2024£30,330₹32 L13.40%
232University of Manchester30 June 2024£30,000₹31.2 L27%
33London Business SchoolJune 1, 2024£47,500₹50.1 L25%
478Durham UniversityJuly 31, 2024£31,500₹33.2 L41%
56Imperial College Business SchoolRolling basis£37,000₹39 L12%
642University of Bath School of Management30 June 2024£30,000₹31.2 L10-20%
745London School of Economics and Political ScienceRolling basis£36,480₹38 L9%
89Warwick Business SchoolAug 2, 2024£36,250₹38.2 L13.0 %
946Alliance Manchester Business SchoolMay 5, 2024£30,000₹31.6 L45%
10218University of Sussex Business School1 August, 2024£25,000₹26 L93%
119University College London30 June 2024£56,006₹59.11 L30-38%
121001-1200Birmingham City University4 July 2024£19,500₹20.58 L53%
1375University of Leeds28 June 2024£27,500₹28.7 L75.40%
14213Strathclyde Business SchoolJanuary 15, 202528,25029.5 L42%
1522University of Edinburgh31st May 202426,50027.78 L10.00%

Types Of MIM In UK

There are several types of MIM in the UK. These programmes equip students as they journey through MSc management UK with essential skills and knowledge for success in the global business arena. Check the types here: 

  1. Full-Time MIM: Intensive 1 year management courses in UK without concurrent employment, covering various aspects of global business, ideal for fast-tracking career progression.
  2. Part-Time MIM: Flexible programmes for working professionals, allowing them to balance work and study effectively, enhancing qualifications and career advancement.
  3. MIM with Internship/Work Placement: Offers practical experience in real-world business settings, boosting employability and soft skills.
  4. MIM with Study Abroad: Provides international exposure and cross-cultural experiences, enriching students’ perspectives and global network.
  5. Specialised MIM: Focuses on specific areas within international management, providing expertise for career aspirations.
  6. Dual Degree MIM: Students earn two master’s degrees concurrently, combining business and specialised knowledge for a multidimensional skill set.

Top MIM Specialisation In The UK

The following are the top management degrees in 202,4 as well as an insight into their respective field:

  1. Finance: Covers finance management, investments, accounting, analysis, valuation, and risk mitigation. Career options include investment banking or corporate finance.
  2. Marketing: teaches branding, market research, customer behaviour, and campaign design. Graduates can work in marketing, brand management, or advertising.
  3. Strategy and Consulting: Masters in Business Management UK focuses on planning, assessment, and management consultancy. Graduates can become management consultants or lead ventures.
  4. Entrepreneurship: This programme helps students with business planning, innovation, and funding strategies. Graduates can become entrepreneurs, consultants, or venture capitalists.
  5. International Business: Focuses on global operations, intercultural communication, marketing, and finance. Graduates can pursue careers in multinational corporations or cross-border transactions.
  6. Operations Management: Optimises business processes, including quality control, supply chain, and project management. Graduates can work in operations, supply chain, or logistics.
  7. Human Resource Management: Trains students in workforce management, recruitment, training, and appraisal. Graduates can pursue careers in HR, development, or talent management.
  8. Information Systems Management: This field focuses on workforce oversight, recruitment, training, and assessment. Graduates can enter HR, development, or talent management careers.

MIM Courses In The UK Without GMAT

Masters-level Management programmes (MIMs) are in high demand among students. Some of the best MIM colleges in the UK don’t require high GMAT scores for admission. Instead, they assess applicants based on academic achievements and personal statements. 

Notable UK institutions like Imperial College Business School, Warwick Business School, and Durham University Business School offer prestigious MIM programmes without the GMAT requirement.

MIM In The UK Without Work Experience

Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Management (MIM)/ MSc management courses in the UK is crucial for students aspiring to enter the management field. While some MIM programmes in Europe require work experience, excellent UK-based programmes are meant for recent graduates. 

Emphasising academic excellence and potential, admission to the best MIM colleges in the UK is competitive and requires a solid academic record and noteworthy achievements. Highly regarded MIM programmes in the UK that don’t require work experience include:

  • Imperial College Business School
  • Cass Business School
  • Cranfield University
  • Warwick Business School
  • Durham University Business School 

UK Master of Management Admissions Process

The admission process for a Master’s in Management in the UK generally includes the following steps:

  1. Research programmes: Explore MIM programmes that match your interests and career goals.
  2. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the requirements, typically a Bachelor’s degree and minimum GPA.
  3. Prepare Documents: Gather transcripts, CV, SOP, letters of recommendation, and English proficiency test scores if needed.
  4. Take Standardised Tests (if required): Some programmes may ask for GMAT or GRE scores.
  5. Submit Online Application: Apply through the university’s online portal with all necessary documents.
  6. Application Review: The admission committee assesses your application, including your academic background and other qualifications.
  7. Interview (if applicable): Some programmes may conduct interviews as part of the selection process.
  8. Receive Admission Decision: You’ll get an admission decision and an offer letter if accepted.
  9. Acceptance and Enrolment: If accepted, accept the offer and complete enrolment formalities to secure your place.

Eligibility Requirements For Pursuing A Masters In Management In The UK

To enroll in a Masters in Management programme in the UK, applicants must meet several eligibility criteria. Here are the detailed requirements:

Academic Qualifications:

  • An undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK first-class or upper second-class (2:1) honors degree.
  • Typically, a minimum undergraduate score of 60-70%.
  • The degree can be in any discipline, not necessarily business-related.

English Language Proficiency:

  • Demonstration of proficiency in the English language is mandatory.
  • Minimum required scores:
    • IELTS: 6.5 to 7.0
    • TOEFL: 93 to 100
  • Some universities may also accept other tests like Duolingo (105-120).

Standardised Test Scores:

  • Submission of GMAT or GRE scores is often recommended but not always mandatory.
  • Preferred GMAT score range: 600-650.

Work Experience:

  • Most MIM programmes in the UK do not require prior work experience.
  • However, having relevant work experience, even if minimal, can strengthen the application.

Additional Documents:

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores
  • Passport copy
  • Letters of recommendation (academic or professional)
  • Updated resume/CV

While specific requirements may vary slightly across different universities, these are the general eligibility criteria for pursuing a Masters in Management programme in the UK.

Cost Of Masters In Management In The UK

The expenses associated with pursuing any academic degree can generally be categorised into three main components: pre-arrival expenses, tuition fees, and living expenses. The subsequent sections provide a detailed breakdown of each of these three aspects.

1. Pre-Arrival Costs

These costs are usually accrued at the time of admission and constitute one-time expenditures for students. While not all students may be required to cover all of these expenses, the essential ones are detailed below.

ExpenditureCost in GBP
Application Fee63 – 110
IELTS Registration400 – 500
TOEFL Registration300 – 400
Health Insurance500
Visa Application800 – 900

2. Cost Of Tuition

The tuition fees mentioned are for international students and may vary depending on the specific programme, level (postgraduate in this case), and individual circumstances. The approximate tuition costs for specific universities in the UK are as follows:

UniversityTuition Fees (per year)
University of Birmingham£16,280 – £26,940
University of Manchester£19,500 – £27,000
London Business School£32,000 – £46,000
Durham University£20,000 – £25,000
Imperial College Business School£25,000 – £30,000
University of Bath School of Management£18,500 – £24,500
London School of Economics and Political Science£21,570 – £28,560
Warwick Business School£28,000
Alliance Manchester Business School£25,000 – £30,000
University of Sussex Business School£16,000 – £20,000
University College London£19,770 – £26,680
Birmingham City University£13,200 – £14,400
University of Leeds£18,500 – £23,500
Strathclyde Business School£16,500 – £20,500
University of Edinburgh£18,000 – £24,000

3. Cost Of Living

The annual living expenses specified earlier can be different to the respective cities and may vary based on individual student preferences and lifestyle choices. A comprehensive breakdown of these expenses is provided in the table below.

ParticularsMonthly Cost Across the UK in £
Off-campus Accommodation£1220
On-campus Accommodation£1200
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation£1943
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation£1923
Total Annual Cost of Living£23316

Cost Of Living In The UK For Indian Students

ParticularsMonthly Cost (INR)
Off-campus Accommodation₹1,28,878
On-campus Accommodation₹1,26,765
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation₹2,05,255
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation₹2,03,142
Total Annual Cost of Living₹24,63,062

Scholarships For Masters In Management In UK

Typically, merit- or need-based financial assistance is available to help cover the cost of living, living expenditures, and travel. Additionally, some grants offer extra perks such as connections to potential employers or internships, enhancing the overall value of the financial support provided. Some popular scholarships are mentioned below.

Scholarships For Indian Students:

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
GREAT ScholarshipsIndian students pursuing a one-year master’s degreeFull tuition fees and living allowance
Charles Wallace India Trust ScholarshipsIndian students in arts, heritage conservation, and humanitiesTuition fees, travel, and living allowance
British Council IELTS ScholarshipIndian students pursuing a master’s degree in any fieldFull tuition fees up to £10,000
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship PlanIndian students pursuing a master’s degreeTuition fees, travel, and living allowance
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation ScholarshipsIndian students pursuing a master’s degree at top-ranked UK universitiesTuition fees, travel, and living allowance

Career After MIM

Students will have a fulfilling professional beginning after the completion of the course and most of these courses make you job ready. The following are the opportunities for jobs after MSc management in the UK:

Career OptionsJob Description
Management ConsultantProvide advisory services on various management issues to businesses and organisations, such as strategy, operations, or finance.
Financial AnalystAnalyse financial data and provide insights to support investment decisions in areas like financial analysis, investment banking
Operations ManagerFocus on improving efficiency and effectiveness in production and delivery processes, e.g., supply chain management, logistics
Marketing ManagerDevelop and implement marketing strategies for products or services, including brand management and digital marketing
Project ManagerOversee and manage projects, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery in areas like construction, IT, or healthcare

Top Recruiters For Masters In Management Graduates In The UK

This guide presents a comprehensive list of the top recruiters eagerly seeking graduates from Masters in Management programmes. These esteemed companies offer exciting opportunities across various industries, providing a solid foundation for your professional journey.

IndustryTop Recruiters
Consulting FirmsMcKinsey & Company
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Investment Banks and Financial InstitutionsJP Morgan
BNP Paribas
Consumer Goods and Retail CompaniesUnilever
L’OréalProcter & Gamble
Technology CompaniesAmazon
Professional Services FirmsPwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
EY (Ernst & Young)
Aviation and TravelBritish Airways
Specialised RecruitersVenturi-Group-IT (IT recruitment)
Hays (general recruitment)

These companies actively seek out MIM graduates for roles in consulting, finance, marketing, operations, and general management. The UK job market is competitive, but MIM graduates are well-prepared with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in these organisations.

Salaries After Masters In Management In The UK

Salaries after MIM in the UK vary based on experience, industry, and location. Salaries may be higher in major cities like London.

  • Entry-level: £25,000 to £35,000 per year.
  • Mid-level: £40,000 to £60,000 per year.
  • Senior-level: £70,000 to £100,000+ per year.
  • High-paying industries: finance, consulting, technology.

Average MIM Salary In UK

The average salary for MIM graduates in the UK and MSc management course in UK ranges from £32,000 to £41,000 per year, with variations based on factors like industry, location, and job role. Graduates in competitive fields like management consulting or investment banking tend to earn higher salaries. Work experience, advanced degrees, and specialised skills can also impact salary levels.

According to the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings:

  • Saïd Business School graduates earned an average salary of £54,540.
  • Imperial College Business School graduates earned an average salary of £48,634.
  • Warwick Business School graduates earned an average salary of £44,926.

Visa Process for Pursuing a Masters in Management In The UK

To pursue a Masters in Management programme in the UK, international students must navigate the visa application process. Here are the key steps involved:

Obtain A Confirmation Of Acceptance For Studies (CAS):

  • After being offered a place in a MIM programme at a UK university, you need to obtain a CAS number from the university.
  • The CAS is a unique reference number that confirms your acceptance into the course.

Apply For A Student Visa (Tier 4):

  • With the CAS number, you can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa.
  • The application process requires submitting various documents, including your passport, proof of English proficiency, and evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Pay The Visa Application Fee:

  • The current fee for a Tier 4 (General) student visa is £490.

Provide Biometric Information:

  • As part of the application process, you will need to provide biometric information, such as fingerprints and a photograph.

Attend A Visa Interview (if required):

  • Some applicants may be asked to attend a visa interview at the nearest UK Visa Application Centre.

Receive The Visa Decision:

  • The processing time for a visa application is typically around 3 weeks, after which you will receive a decision on your application.

Arrive In The UK:

  • If your visa is approved, you can travel to the UK and begin your MIM programme.

While specific requirements and documentation may vary slightly depending on the university and your country of origin, the steps outlined above provide a general guide to the visa process for pursuing a Masters in Management degree in the UK.

Work Permit after Masters in Management In UK 

To be eligible for a work permit after pursuing a Masters in Management (MIM) in the UK, you must have a valid passport and an offer of employment. The UK post-study work visa allows international students to work in the UK for up to two years after completing their studies. This visa is part of the UK’s points-based immigration system, which assesses applicants based on their skills, qualifications, and language proficiency.


Students must be aware of the fact that MIM and MBA are two different degrees despite the similarities in fundamentals. Here’s a detailed comparison of MBA and Master in Management programmes:

AspectMBAMaster in Management (MiM)
Target AudienceProfessionals with 3-5 years of work experience, often looking to advance their careers or change industries.Recent graduates or those with little to no prior work experience, seeking to build a strong foundation in business and management.
Programme DurationTypically 1-2 years, with full-time, part-time, and executive programme options available.Usually 1-2 years, with full-time programmes being the most common.
Curriculum FocusMBA programmes have a broader, more comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide range of business disciplines such as finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership. The focus is on developing advanced managerial and decision-making skills.MiM programmes have a more specialised and structured curriculum, with a stronger emphasis on core business functions and building a solid understanding of various management disciplines. The goal is to provide a well-rounded business education for early-career professionals.
Work ExperienceMBA programmes generally require a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant work experience, which is seen as crucial for contributing to class discussions and applying theoretical concepts to practical scenarios.MiM programmes typically do not have strict work experience requirements, or may accept candidates with limited or no prior work experience. The focus is on developing fundamental business and management skills.
Career PathsMBA graduates often pursue leadership, managerial, or executive roles, such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or general managers. They may also transition to entrepreneurship or consulting.MiM graduates are well-positioned for entry-level or early-career roles in various business functions, such as marketing, finance, operations, or human resources. They may also pursue roles in consulting, project management, or as associate-level managers.
SpecialisationsMBA programmes often offer a wide range of specialisations or concentrations, such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or international business, allowing students to make their education to their specific interests and career goals.MiM programmes may also offer some specialisation options, but the focus is typically on providing a well-rounded business education rather than deep specialisation.
Prestige and ReputationMBA degrees, especially from top-ranked business schools, are widely recognised and respected in the global business community, often carrying significant prestige and career advancement opportunities.MiM programmes are gaining recognition, particularly in Europe, but may not carry the same level of global prestige as prestigious MBA programmes. However, MiM programmes from leading business schools can still be highly valued.

Advantages Of Pursuing A Master In Management In The UK

In the competitive landscape of higher education, pursuing a Master in Management in the UK stands out as a strategic choice for aspiring professionals. Learn all the benefits of pursuing the course:


Is the UK good for a Master in Management?

Yes, it is an excellent choice for a Master’s in Management in the UK. It offers prestigious institutions and diverse specialisations, a multicultural environment, and strong industry connections.

What are Masters in Management UK?

Masters in Management (MIM) are management courses in UK for international students offering comprehensive management skills for recent graduates and early-career professionals.

Is a UK management degree valid in India?

Yes, a management degree from the UK is generally valid and recognised in India. Verify accreditation and consult relevant authorities if needed for specific professions.

PS: If there’s anything more you want to know about, add it to the comments section!

How long does it take to complete an MIM degree?

The MIM degree typically takes one year to complete. It can be pursued either full-time or part-time and is aimed at students seeking careers in management.

What distinguishes a Masters in Management (MIM) from an MBA?

A Masters in Management (MIM) typically lasts one year and focuses on leadership and management skills for early-career professionals. In contrast, an MBA usually takes two years and is designed for individuals with significant work experience, emphasising advanced leadership, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Thank you for reading this blog post on Masters in Management in UK 2023: Fees, Colleges & Salaries. We hope it has provided valuable information. Check out our other blogs of interest:

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Masters In Management In UK

Masters In Management In UK: Fees, Colleges & Salaries In 2024

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