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Masters In Hospitality Management In Australia 2024: Eligibility, Fees, Top Universities

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The hospitality industry is, no doubt, booming at an exponential rate. Hospitality, travel, tourism, events and project management are all popular arenas for people with creative insights and good management skills. Thus, a master’s degree in hospitality management explores the intricacies and behind-the-curtain scenes of how a hospital or organisation functions efficiently. Furthermore, a masters in hospitality management in Australia is ideal to accelerate your career in this industry at a fast pace.

Our guide contains all the necessary details, like the best universities, course details, fees, scholarships, cost of living, and much more. Continue reading to find out!

Why Study In Australia?

Studying abroad in Australia is one of the most popular decisions among international students. According to available data, more than 7,00,000 migrate to Australia in a single intake for various courses. However, why choose Australia. Here is a list of some of the top reasons you should pursue a master of international hospitality management in Australia.

  • Opportunities for social, cultural and linguistic independence are plenty in Australia. Students can explore their optimum potential without any hindrance through the right opportunities.
  • Several top cities in Australia offer a high standard of living. For instance, if you choose to pursue a master of hospitality management in Melbourne, you can experience corporate hustle and bustle while enjoying the vibrant lifestyle.
  • After graduating, students can find employment in restaurants, travel agencies, tourism, hotels, resorts and several other industry arenas.
  • The hospitality industry encourages flexible work hours, allowing an optimum work-life balance.
  • By the end of 2023, Australia’s hospitality management industry is expected to grow exponentially. Around 9,70,000 qualified graduates are expected to gain employment in new job profiles.
  • The cost of studying in Australia is manageable for international students through scholarships, awards, loans and other types of financial aid.

Top Universities For Masters In Hospitality Management In Australia

Whether it is a master of hospitality management in Sydney or a master of hospitality management in Adelaide, Australian universities are known for their academic excellence, high standard of education, world-class facilities, career support and job opportunities. Check out the following table for some of the highest-ranked universities in the country. While these are only those at the top of the list, there are several others that can provide you the necessary opportunities to pursue your dream career.

UniversityQS World RankingsPopular Programmes
University of Queensland50Master’s Degrees In Hotel, Tourism, And Event Management
Griffith University300Master’s In International Tourism And Hospitality Management
La Trobe University316Master Of International Tourism And Hotel Management
James Cook University461Master Of International Tourism And Hospitality Management
University of South Australia363Master Of International Tourism And Hotel Management
Southern Cross University651 – 700Master Of International Tourism And Hotel Management
Monash University42Master Of International Sustainable Tourism Management
Edith Cowan University529Master Of International Hospitality Management
Blue Mountain International School22 (by subject)Master Of International Hotel Management
Le Cordon Bleu860Master Of International Hospitality Management

Course Structure

Hospitality management students are introduced to every aspect of the functioning of a hotel or similar operations company. From front-desk operations to management, they learn all kinds of etiquette, communication skills, maintaining interpersonal relations, and developing a more customer-oriented attitude. Australia is highly preferred since, just by studying their curriculum, students are prepared to work in any industry across the globe. The significance of corporate communication, cultural values, social networking and maintaining standards is instilled in students of a master’s in hospitality management in Australia. 

Once you enrol in this course, you can pick one of the several specialisations available. Some of the common ones are listed here.

  • Global Hospitality 
  • Operations Management
  • Tourist Management & Strategies
  • Hotels And Guest Experience
  • Tourism System Analysis
  • Management & Communication
  • Fundamentals Of Value Creation In Business
  • Hotel Finance And Revenue
  • Hotel Marketing
  • Service Design And Management

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements

Eligibility criteria are the most crucial part of the admission process, as lacking in even one aspect may cost you your seat. The prerequisites differ depending on the university and its screening process. However, we can derive a few basic ones as listed here.

  • A minimum of 50% or equivalent in bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects.
  • All official academic transcripts
  • Scores of standardised tests
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Details of work experience (may be required for some universities)
  • CV/Resume
  • Financial documents
  • Visa documents and a valid passport

Uploading the grades of standardised exams and English proficiency tests is mandatory in all universities. Also, scoring high on these tests can give you the required edge in an otherwise competitive scene of enrolment. Check out the minimum required scores in the following table.

ExamMinimum required score

The above figures are common requisites to most universities or colleges. It is advisable to go through the shortlisted university’s official page to acquire accurate and up-to-date information about enrolment. 

Admission Process

The actual admission process may seem overwhelming to carry out, but it can be broken down into small steps. Firstly, explore factors like the acceptance rate, available seats, total applicants, number of intakes and available specialisations, and learn how they affect the admission process. Once done, you can follow the following steps to ensure a successful application.

  • Explore the universities offering a master’s in hospitality management in Australia and learn which courses or specialisations are available. Shortlist the ones that align with your personal and professional goals.
  • Browse through the official websites of the universities to find out their eligibility criteria and admission requirements to ensure that you fulfil them.
  • Compile a file of all the necessary documents to avoid any discrepancies later.
  • Consider the deadlines and application process. Apply through their official admission portal as soon as it opens to allow the Admission Teams enough time to process your application.
  • Upload all the gathered documents. Ensure that the details you input match the ones on the documents.
  • You may be required to pay an application fee for processing.
  • Universities typically take four to six weeks to respond, after which you can confirm your enrolment by paying a portion of the first-year tuition fees.
  • Start processing your student visa as soon as your admission is confirmed since it may take additional time.

Masters In Hospitality Management In Australia Fees

Finances are a critical part of abroad education. Not only can they pose a hurdle, but they are also a constant aspect over the entire course of your degree. Thus, it is always wise to explore the average expenses beforehand and prepare yourself. The average annual cost of tuition in Australian universities is around AUD 45,025. However, this figure may vary in different universities, depending on the course, specialisation and duration.

Check out the following table for the average annual tuition fees in some of the top recommended universities and the annual cost of living in the respective cities.

UniversityAverage Annual FeesAverage Annual Cost Of Living (AUD)
University of QueenslandAUD 44,288AUD 28,896
Griffith UniversityAUD 63,000AUD 28,656
La Trobe UniversityAUD 30,000AUD 22,152
James Cook UniversityAUD 32,720AUD 28,896
University of South AustraliaAUD 46,200AUD 31,104
Southern Cross UniversityAUD 52,800AUD 26,832
Monash UniversityAUD 39,300AUD 22,152
Edith Cowan UniversityAUD 33,650AUD 26,832
Blue Mountain International SchoolAUD 54,300AUD 22,152
Le Cordon BleuAUD 53,983AUD 26,896

Cost Of Living In Australia

Once you’re done with the cost of tuition, the next factor to consider in finances is the living expenditure. This includes accommodation, transportation, groceries, food, clothes, utilities and recreation. The average annual cost of living in Australia is AUD 26,832. But it largely varies because of the type of housing, standard of living and miscellaneous expenses. Consider the below table for a detailed breakdown of how these factors influence the total figure.

Item Cost of living in Australia (per month)
Off-Campus AccommodationAUD 800
On-Campus AccommodationAUD 1,754
TransportationAUD 150
FoodAUD 780
UtilitiesAUD 205
GroceriesAUD 68
ClothesAUD 153
EntertainmentAUD 80
Total Cost Of Living With Off-Campus AccommodationAUD 2,236
Total Cost Of Living With On-Campus AccommodationAUD 3,190
Annual Cost Of LivingAUD 26,832

Australian Scholarships

Pursuing a master’s in hospitality management in Australia can be quite expensive, especially for international students. Fortunately, to help incur the burden of monthly finances, the Australian government and the universities offer different types of financial aid based on academic excellence, records, merits, leadership qualities and community service. The following table contains details of a few of the most helpful scholarships. However, it must be noted that these are offered by the University Board and are available to students of that educational institute only. For complete details of scholarships in your shortlisted universities, go through their official websites.

ScholarshipsOffered byAmount Awarded
Foundation Programme ScholarshipEdith Cowan UniversityAUD 4,050
International High Achievers ScholarshipUniversity of QueenslandAUD 10,000
Academic Performance ScholarshipSouthern Cross UniversityAUD 5,000 tuition fee discount
Monash University International Merit ScholarshipMonash UniversityAUD 50,000
Three Pillars ScholarshipBlue Mountain International School30% tuition fee waiver
International Excellence ScholarshipJames Cook University25% tuition fee waiver
International Student Academic Excellence ScholarshipGriffith University25% tuition fee waiver

Future Prospects

By exploring the available career opportunities in hospitality industry, students can learn the immense potential of this field. Not only does this degree help in acquiring a stable job, but it also facilitates the graduates to travel and experience the world. On average, the annual salary of a graduate of a masters in hospitality management in Australia can range from AUD 43,000 to AUD 84,000. Check out the table below for some popular job profiles and their respective salaries.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Hotel ManagerAUD 90,026
Food and Beverage SupervisorAUD 87,500
Event ManagerAUD 68,541
Catering ManagerAUD 69,031
Tour OperatorAUD 64,000
Director of OperationsAUD 1,42,948
Function ManagerAUD 59,919
Accommodation ManagerAUD 1,09,455

Australian Work Permits And Visas

The Australian student visa process is the succeeding step after completing your enrolment process. International students have to apply for a subclass 500 visa, for which they must pay an application fee of AUD 360 or INR 19,200. The following documents are required for the application.

  • Application form
  • Receipt of visa application fee
  • OSHC Health Insurance
  • Acceptance Letter 
  • Financial Proof

After graduation, students can apply for a Post Study Work visa, a subclass 485 visa, to start looking for appropriate jobs. This Temporary Graduate Visa allows students to continue working for 4 years. The application fee for this visa is AUD 160 or INR 8,533. After a period of 4 years, students can apply for a PR, depending on their eligibility.


Q1. What is the annual fee for a master’s degree in hotel management in Australia?

Ans: The average annual cost of tuition in Australian universities is around AUD 45,025 for a master’s degree in hospitality management in Australia.

Q2. What are the top universities offering a masters in hospitality management in Australia?

Ans: University of Queensland, Griffith University, La Trobe University, James Cook University, and the University of South Australia are some of the top universities in Australia that offer a master’s in hospitality management.

Q3. What is the typical duration of a master’s in hospitality management programme in Australia?

Ans: A master’s in hospitality management is typically 2 years long in Australian universities.

Q4. What specialisations are available within the master’s in hospitality management programmes in Australia?

Ans: Global Hospitality, Operations Management, Tourist Management and strategies, Hotels And Guest Experience, Tourism System Analysis, and Management and communication are some of the popular specialisations available in a master’s programme in hospitality management.

Q5. Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing a master’s in hospitality management in Australia?

Ans: International students can acquire several types of financial aid through the Australian government or universities to reduce the burden of finances. These scholarships are usually specific to the university students. Thus, it is advisable to visit their official page for detailed information.

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Masters In Hospitality Management In Australia 2024: Eligibility, Fees, Top Universities

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