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Masters In Forensic Science In USA For International Students In 2024

masters in forensic science in usa

Programmes like Forensic Science focus on equipping students with relevant skills and scientific principles to seamlessly apply to legal investigations. In addition, pursuing a Masters in Forensic Science in the USA covers a range of aspects, such as DNA analysis, crime scene investigation, forensic biology, chemistry, and more. 

In addition, by getting access to an in-depth understanding of topics like forensic toxicology and criminalistics, international students can confidently determine how to collect, analyse and showcase accurate evidence in the legal setting. However, graduates of MSC forensic science in USA are prepared to kick-start their career in Forensic laboratories, Law agencies, and other similar fields whether there is a need for excellence in valuable forensic Science. 

Sounds interesting? In this blog, we will navigate more aspects of the forensic science master’s programme in the USA. 

Highlights Of Masters In Forensic Science In USA

The MS in Forensic Science in USA is a 2-year, full-time master’s degree focused on a semester format. Through this programme, students can specialise in a niche like biology or cyber security relevant to the type of criminal activity. This course often involves studying psychology to determine a criminal’s mindset. 

Lastly, programmes like Masters in forensic Science in the USA guide students to seek hidden aspects of criminal situations, like cybersecurity—by analysing, through research, and making quick decisions, individuals can prevent the occurrence of major digital attacks. 

Course NameMasters in Forensic Science
Course Duration2 Years
Entrance Exam requirementIELTS, TOEFL
Programme Application ProcessMerit Based, Entrance Exam Score
Eligibility CriteriaBachelor’s Degree in Science 
Estimated Salary $ 2,392 to $ 11,962
Average programme Fees$10,656 to $63,540
Job Role OpportunitiesForensic Scientist, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Expert, Forensic Geologists, Forensic Engineer

Top MSC Forensic Science Colleges In USA

Selecting the right college or University is essential; with an accurate learning experience, students can get a suitable grounding for forensic subjects. From DNA interpretation, Chemistry, and Biology to thorough analysis, top universities in the USA help you build the right skills and prepare you rigorously for industry work. 

University NameCourse FeesExam RequirementType Of Courses
Boston UniversityUSD 29 K – USD 69.81 KIELTSTOEFLGREMaster of Science in Anatomy and NeurobiologyMaster of Science in Forensic Science
University of Illinois – ChicagoUSD 16.53 K – USD 26.05 KIELTSTOEFLPTEGREMS in Forensic ScienceMS in Forensic Toxicology
Michigan State UniversityUSD 34.04 KTOEFLMS in Forensic Science
University of New HavenUSD 21.47 K – USD 24.53 KIELTSTOEFLPTEGREMS in Forensic ScienceMS in Forensic Technology
Texas Tech UniversityUSD 23.66 KIELTSTOEFLPTEMS in Forensic Science
Pennsylvania State UniversityUSD 40.9 KIELTSTOEFLMPS in Forensic Science
University of Alabama USD 27.19 KIELTSTOEFLPTEGREMS in Forensic Science
University of AlbanyUSD 26.27 KIELTSTOEFLPTEGMATMS in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
Pace UniversityUSD 27.86 KIELTSTOEFLPTEMS in Forensic Science
Indiana UniversityUSD 31.75 KIELTSTOEFLMS in Forensic Science
Sam Houston State UniversityUSD 5.46 KIELTSOnline Master of Science in Digital Forensics

Along with University selection, if you want to explore post study work visa USA, or how to get ideal scholarships to study in USA? Contact us for thorough guidance and reliable information. 

Admission Process – Master In Forensic Science In USA

Irrespective of the course you wish to pursue, it is crucial to determine the admission process for your preferred University. At the same time, admission for masters in forensic Science in USA in most Universities and colleges is followed based on criteria on scores or minimum percentage criteria obtained in graduation courses. 

Whereas, some universities in the USA set a mandatory step for determining entrance exam scores as an essential factor for shortlisting applicants for admission. Furthermore, the merit list of these universities is finalised based on entrance exam results through group discussions and a one-on-one interview session with international students. 

Eligibility Criteria For MS Forensic Science In USA

The candidate seeking to pursue a Masters in Forensic Science in USA must have a BSc Degree or other relevant undergraduate qualification in Science from a well-recognised college or University. 

In addition, candidates must have an average point in graduation ranging from 50% to 60% at least. Though eligibility criteria vary from Universities in the USA, it is advised to international students to check the recent eligibility criteria of the University they seek to apply to. Otherwise, you can connect with us to have an in-depth understanding of the admission process, from the student visa process in the USA to essential intakes in the USA, to have a seamless learning experience abroad. 

Requirements Of Entrance Exams 

If you want to study in the USA, you must know the entrance exam requirements to ensure you secure admission to the top University at the right time. Whether you want to pursue a Masters in Forensic Science in USA or any other undergraduate degree, every student must submit or show proof of proficiency in the English language. 

Every University has a separate set of eligibility criteria from the test scores. However, for your better understanding, we list below a few standard tests accepted in the USA with their average minimum scores to enhance your chances of admission to top Universities

  • IELTS – Overall minimum 6.0 score
  • TOEFL – Between 79-100
  • GMAT – Minimum 550
  • PTE – Between 55-70
  • GRE – 153 and above

Essential Document Requirement

To ensure successful admission to MSC forensic science in USA duration, ensure you meet eligibility criteria, and submit suitable documents at the right time. To help you secure your seats at the best University, we list a few essential documents that significant institutes in the US ask for. 

  • Resume/ CV
  • Valid Passport
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Entrance exam scorecard
  • English proficiency score
  • Experience Letter (Optional)
  • Copy of application confirmation
  • Proof of funds
  • Research Proposal or Portfolio

If you have any further confusion about maintaining the standard format for these documents or how to prepare SOP for the USA programme, then contact us. Our team would be happy to help you. 

Acceptance Rate Of MS Forensic Science In US

The acceptance rate for a Masters in Forensic Science in USA varies from University to University. However, the top 120 National universities have an acceptance rate of around 45%, so getting admission to these universities is slightly competitive. In contrast, in a few universities, the acceptance rate is around 100%—an easy and convenient admission procedure. 

Living Costs In The USA 

Along with determining the MSc forensic science in USA fees, international students must look closely into other expenses like rent and other necessities to ensure that funds are managed and the proper budget is set beforehand. 

International students’ average cost of living in the USA depends on their location, transportation expenses, food, and other aspects. However, on average, students can expect costs of around $1,000 to $1,500 per month.


1. Is Forensic Science In Demand In USA?

Yes, Forensic Science is in high demand in the USA, as employment of forensic science technicians is expected to grow significantly, much faster than the average for all occupations.

2. How Much Does An MS In Forensic Science in USA Pay?

A graduate with Masters in Forensic Science in USA can draw an average salary of around $70,000 per year, with senior-level roles averaging upward of $170,000 per year and above.

3. What Are the Top-Ranked Universities Offering A Master’s In Forensic Science In The USA?

Some top Universities to pursue Masters in Forensic Science In USA includes – Boston University, Michigan State University, University of New Haven, Texas Tech University, University of Albany, and more.

4. How Much Does Masters In Forensic Science Course Cost In USA?

The cost of a Master’s in Forensic Science in USA varies, with estimates ranging from $10,656 to $63,540. However, remember that the fee will vary depending on your selected University.

5. What Career Opportunities Are Available For Graduates With A Master’s In Forensic Science In The USA?

Career opportunities for graduates with a Master’s in Forensic Science in USA include roles like Forensic Scientist, Forensic Technician, Crime scene Analyst, DNA Analyst, and more.

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Masters In Forensic Science In USA For International Students In 2024

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