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Masters in Digital Marketing in USA: Top Colleges, Admissions, Fees & More

Masters in digital marketing in USA

The surge in social media expanded tech and digital consumer bases, fostering a global demand for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs aiming to establish a robust online presence and effectively market their brands to connect with their desired audiences. This shift is attributed to the continuous evolution of traditional media within the dynamic new media landscape. With increasing demand, pursuing Masters in digital marketing in USA is highly sought after by global students.

Enrolling in Masters in digital marketing in USA incurs an annual tuition fee ranging from approximately $22,572 to $58,464. It is essential to thoroughly understand the financial aspects of pursuing education in the US to avoid unforeseen challenges. This blog has all you need for pursuing a Master’s in digital marketing in the USA.

Master’s In Digital Marketing: Highlights

Duration1-2 years
Programme TypeFull-time, Part-time
Required GPA3.0 on a scale of 4.0
English Language Test ScoresIELTS: 7.0
TOEFL: 70-100
Average Tuition Fees$22,572 to $58,464
Average Salary$51,790 – $120,000 
Top RecruitersIBM, Disney, FIG, Diesel etc

Digital Marketing Courses In USA

The following subjects are covered in a Master’s in Digital Marketing programme in the US:

  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Consumer Behavior in Online Environments
  • Search Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Web Analytics

Why Study A Master’s In Digital Marketing In USA?

An MS in Digital Marketing in the USA provides international students with an opportunity to acquire extensive industry knowledge and explore personal interests. Here are some compelling reasons to consider this course in the U.S.:

  • The USA is often regarded as the technology hub and hosts numerous tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, and many others.
  • Secondly, some of the best universities for a master’s in digital marketing in the USA offer unparalleled education and boast a robust placement program post-graduation.
  • Projected data suggests that career opportunities in digital marketing from US universities will experience a substantial increase, reaching $160 billion by 2025.
  • Statistics from the Bureau of Labor indicate a significant 19% growth in employment opportunities for marketing research analysts from 2021 to 2031.
  • Moreover, there are approximately 35,300 job openings in advertising, marketing, and promotion management fields, with an average salary of $63,230.

Top Universities Offering A Digital Marketing Master Degree In USA

Masters in digital marketing in USA

Name Of The UniversityAverage Tuition FeesQS Ranking 2023
The University of Arizona$37,044#201-250
Rutgers University$58,464#801-1000
Northeastern University$46,900#388
Southern New Hampshire University$22,572#133-175
Sacred Heart University$35,460#219
Fairleigh Dickinson University$28,830#63
Northern Illinois University$27,150#801
Pace University$43,800#161-170
East Tennessee University$25,416#1607
Lindenwood University$16,530#110

Eligibility Criteria To Fulfill

The admission period for this course in the USA happens twice a year, during the Fall and Spring terms. It is advisable to promptly select your preferred term and complete the application to secure a spot. Specific essential prerequisites, highlighted in the table below, must be met:

Undergraduate DegreeIn a relevant field with 85%
GPA 3.0 on a scale of 4.0
Standardised Test ScoresGRE or GMAT (Can be optional)
English Proficiency Test ScoresTOEFL: 70-100IELTS: 7.0
Other needed documentsSOP3 LORs Resume

Admission Requirements

Name Of The UniversityTOEFL ScoresAcademic Requirements
The University of Arizona100Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 
Rutgers University90-100Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 
Northeastern University99-1084 year bachelor’s degree
Southern New Hampshire University92Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 
Sacred Heart University80+Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 
Fairleigh Dickinson University704 year bachelor’s degree
Northern Illinois University80Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75 
Pace University100Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.4 
East Tennessee University79Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 
Lindenwood University81Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.25 

Masters In Digital Marketing In USA Scholarships

Obtaining a master’s degree in the USA usually incurs significant expenses that can weigh heavily on your finances. Nonetheless, you can mitigate these costs through scholarships provided by both the U.S. government and universities. These scholarships offer financial assistance, starting with a minimum award of $1,000 to help cover tuition fees. Several reputable scholarships are accessible to international students pursuing a master’s in digital marketing in the USA, including:

Name Of The UniversityScholarshipAmount Funded
The University of ArizonaGlobal Wildcat Award$11,000 if GPA is 3.94
Rutgers UniversityRobert and Frances Kaplan Endowed ScholarshipFinancial Aid
Northeastern UniversityDouble Husky ScholarshipDiscount of 25%
Southern New Hampshire UniversityHassa Jadvani Memorial ScholarshipProvides some sort of financial aid
Sacred Heart UniversityWelch Experience Tuition WaiverTuition Fee waiver
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityFDU Family Grant$1,500
Pace UniversityHonours Opportunity ScholarshipTuition fee charges
East Tennessee UniversityInternational Students Academic Merit Scholarship$5,000
Lindenwood UniversitySibley ScholarshipCan cover the tuition fee

Cost Of Living In The U.S.

The monthly cost of living for students in the USA usually ranges from $1,504 to $1,850. This surpasses living expenses in countries like China, Turkey, France, Canada, and Malaysia. Considering this, pursuing a degree program in the United States with limited funds might not be the wisest decision. However, with strategic financial planning and prudent spending, it’s feasible to stay aligned with your financial goals and pinpoint potential areas for savings. Refer to the table below for cost breakdown

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation $525
On-Campus Accommodation$871
Food Cost$527
Utility Cost$180
Health Insurance$80
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation $1,504
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation $1,850
Annual Cost of Living$18,048

Job Prospects In The Future

In the field of digital marketing, job hunting in the USA is promising, as companies seek professionals capable of analyzing and executing digital marketing strategies. Young graduates with a Master’s in Digital Marketing in the USA can expect to earn around $119,702. Here are some digital marketing career options in the USA, along with their corresponding yearly salaries

Job RoleAverage Salary
Marketing Director$195,000
Brand Director$176,000
Brand Marketing Experts$148,000
Digital Marketing Manager$132,000
Advertising Manager$129,000
Social Media Manager$120,000


Pursuing a Master’s in Digital Marketing in the USA is a wise decision, considering the exceptional skills this program offers. The United States remains a top destination for higher education. Graduates will acquire expertise in technical proficiencies, including SEO, SMO, content creation, copywriting, brand communication, advertising, media planning, and art direction. These skills are highly sought after by advertising and public relations agencies worldwide.


  1. How much is Masters in digital marketing fees in USA?

The typical cost of tuition for a Master’s or MS programme in Digital Marketing in the United States ranges from $22,572 to $58,464.  

  1. Is digital marketing in demand in USA?

The USA boasts a flourishing digital marketing industry, driven by a large number of active internet users. This reliance has led to a surge in digital marketing job opportunities.

  1. Is GMAT/GRE mandatory for MS in digital marketing in the USA?

Not in all universities, although, some universities might ask a GRE score between 307 and 315 to be eligible. 

  1. What is the duration of Masters in Digital Marketing in USA?

Master’s in Digital Marketing in the US typically spans 1 to 2 years and is offered by numerous prestigious universities.

  1. How do I start digital marketing in the USA?

Learn digital marketing fundamentals, create a website, excel in SEO, earn Google Ads certification, master Facebook Ads, become proficient in Google Analytics, freelance in digital marketing, and secure a meaningful internship.

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Masters in digital marketing in USA

Masters in Digital Marketing in USA: Top Colleges, Admissions, Fees & More

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