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Masters In Cloud Computing In USA Guide For 2024!: Top Universities & Prospects

masters in cloud computing in usa

With increasing development and advancements in technological aspects, the business landscape of all industries is continuously evolving. Pursuing a Masters in Cloud Computing in USA can aid students in getting exposure to exciting career opportunities as the postgraduate course in the US focuses on educating students on distributed computing at the enterprise level. 

In addition, students can learn varied aspects from this program, like varied types of cloud computing and exploring different modules to meet customers’ needs by offering practical solutions in the real world. The cloud computing masters in USA emphasize implementing software systems in real-time and seamless business planning. Sounds interesting? In this blog, we will highlight more aspects of master’s degree in cloud computing in USA. 

List Of Best Universities For Masters In Cloud Computing In USA

The US is known for being one of the top-ranked education destinations for international students, and it has a range of top-notch, robust programmes. In addition, top universities in USA for MS in cloud computing offer an opportunity to students from worldwide to elevate their knowledge of cloud computing, software systems and more. 

By exploring advanced learning experiences through US universities, students can initiate successful careers with exciting job opportunities in various sectors. For your better understanding, we are listing top universities offering Masters in cloud computing in USA. 

University NameProgramme ProvidedUniversity Fees (Per Annum)
Stevens Institute of TechnologyMasters in Computer ScienceUSD 21,418.98
University of MichiganMS in Computers and Information ScienceUSD 23,938.86
Illinois Institute of TechnologyMS in Computer ScienceUSD 34,018.78
Capella UniversityMS in Enterprise Network and Cloud ComputingUSD 13850
George Washington UniversityMS in Cloud Computing ManagementUSD 1995 (per semester)

Course Curriculum For MS In Cloud Computing In USA 

A Master’s programme centred around cloud computing can offer som really valuable insights. You learn about accessible starting points for small businesses, ways to make computing resources more efficient and how to tackle massive data sets effectively.

These programmes typically run for about 1.5 to 2 years. Here’s a rundown of some key topics covered:

  1. Getting to grips with Databases
  2. Understanding the fundamentals of Security and Privacy
  3. Delving into Agile Development methodologies
  4. Familiarising with Operating Systems
  5. Grasping the concept of Virtualisation
  6. Navigating the Basics of Networking
  7. Developing Essential Programming Skills

Specialisations In Cloud Computing

US universities offer plenty of specialisation for students. Let’s take a quick look at them below:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Cloud Infrastructures
  3. Data-intensive Computing
  4. Mobile Services
  5. Information Management
  6. Cloud Computing in Cyber Security
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Network Management
  9. Internet of Things
  10. DevOps

Level Of Study

Once you’ve got your master’s in Cloud Computing in the USA, there are plenty of options. You can dive into the job market, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, go for a PhD or some hardcore doctoral studies focusing on cloud computing!

But the US also offers other similar programmes in cloud computing. Check out these popular ones:

  1. MSc Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing)
  2. MRes Cloud Computing for Big Data
  3. MSc Cloud Computing
  4. MSc Cloud and Enterprise Computing
  5. MSc Cloud Computing
  6. MSc Computer Science (Security and Distributed Computing)
  7. MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
  8. MS Cloud Computing and Data Security

Admission Requirements For Masters In Cloud Computing In USA

Every university in the USA has unique requirements and separate eligibility criterias for varied programmes, including MS in cloud computing USA. However, let us understand a few standard admission requirements that every university in the US follows for a master’s degree programme. 

1. Certificate Of Bachelor’s Degree

If you are seeking to pursue a Masters in cloud computing in USA then you must submit a bachelor’s degree certificate, which has a minimum score of 60% in relevant subjects, to secure admission at your preferred university. In addition, international students must meet with further score eligibility, which is a GPA of B 2.7 on a 4.0 scale or higher. 

2. Overall Work Experience

While not all universities have an eligibility requirement like work experience, it is essential to check with your preferred or shortlisted universities whether they require prior work experience as a crucial element to secure admission for Masters in cloud computing in USA. 

3. Score Of English Proficiency Test

International students pursuing an MS in cloud computing must undergo an English language test score for admission procedure. Aim to meet minimum score criteria such as for TOEFL 79 or above, and for IELTS 6.5 or above. 

4. GRE/GMAT Score

A GRE score is crucial to securing admission for Masters in cloud computing in USA. However, the minimum score eligibility for GRE is around 290. Remember, a few universities do not have eligibility for GMAT score, consider researching these factors beforehand and aim to score high.

5. Student Visa

As an international student seeking to pursue Masters in cloud computing in USA, a student visa plays a vital role for a seamless admission process. Students can apply for a visa once they receive an acceptance letter from the US university. 

Documents Required For Admission In MS In Cloud Computing In USA

Along with the admission criteria mentioned above, students need to possess the right documents to enhance their chances of securing admissions in the USA. For your better understanding, we are listing a few essential documents. 

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of job experience (if applicable)
  • Updated Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of funding
  • Valid passport
  • Essays for admission

Cost Of Studying Masters In Cloud Computing In USA

The cost of studying MS in cloud computing in the USA is higher than in other international destinations. However, the cost will depend on the university you choose to pursue the programme. To help you prepare an accurate budget, we are listing below a few factors. 

Expense FactorsCost in USA
Average Tuition FeesUSD 36899 (Per Annum)
FoodUSD 2000 (Per Month)
AccommodationUSD 2000 (Per Month)
EntertainmentUSD 2500 (Per Month)
Study EssentialsUSD 1000 (Per Month)
TransportationUSD 250 (Per Month)


So, here’s the scoop for all recent graduates who’ve just wrapped up MS in cloud computing in the USA: On average, you’re looking at pulling in around $135,000 a year as your base salary (according to Payscale, 2024 edition). Now, for those of you who’ve got some experience under your belt, that number shoots up to over $184,000 a year.

Scholarships for MS in Cloud Computing In The US

The top-ranked universities in the US offer a range of scholarship programmes like grants or financial assistance to help students accumulate the cost of studying MS in cloud computing seamlessly. Let us explore a few scholarship programmes in the USA for your better understanding. 

Scholarship ProgrammeAmount
Stevens Institute of Technology ( Financial Aid)USD 25,896
Capella University (Capella Progress Reward)USD 2500
Illinois Institute of Technology (ACE Award)Partial fees
AAUW International FellowshipUSD 4617. 50

Career Opportunities After Completing Masters In Cloud Computing In USA

A postgraduate cloud computing programme provides exceptional learning experience to students with promising career opportunities. In addition, the US job market is constantly growing which aids students to explore suitable opportunities in their preferred sectors. 

Demand for professionals in cloud computing is increasing as every industry requires understanding or needs the fundamentals of cloud functions or software systems to improve varied business operations. The average salary for cloud computing experts in the US is around USD 102, 390. 

Sounds interesting? Let us have a closer look at career scope after completing Masters in cloud computing in USA with varied job roles and significant salaries for your better comprehension. 

Job RolesSalary (Per Annum)
Cloud Product managerUSD 102, 390
Cloud Software EngineerUSD 87,300
Cloud Developer USD 93400
Cloud ManagerUSD 104,600
Cloud Sales Executive USD 89, 750

Cloud Computing Salary By Location

In different parts of the US, the average base pay for graduates in cloud computing roles can fluctuate, mostly due to how pricey it is to live there. Let’s take a peek at some average yearly salaries in a few cities:

  • New York, NY: $77,717
  • San Francisco, CA: $81,095
  • Seattle, WA: $83,555
  • Atlanta, GA: $77,283
  • Boston, MA: $77,475


1. What Will I Learn In MS In Cloud Computing Course?

The Master’s Degree in Cloud Computing course trains students in several aspects, such as advanced cloud architecture, storage, security, networking, and API management skills. It also prepares students for high-level management roles in the cloud computing industry.

2. Is the US The Right Country For MS In Cloud Computing?

The USA has a range of leading cloud computing companies and infrastructure, which attracts students to choose to pursue Masters in cloud computing in USA. However, consider aspects like latency, data sovereignty, and security when choosing a country for cloud studies.

3. Is GMAT Score Important To Pursue MS In Cloud Computing In US?

To pursue Masters in cloud computing in USA, GMAT score isn’t a mandatory test for most universities, however scoring a good GMAT score can enhance your chance to secure admission in a few universities. It is recommended to check eligibility criteria at your preferred university. 

4. Is It Tough To Get Admission For MS In Cloud Computing In US?

Securing admissions for an MS in Cloud Computing in the US can be competitive due to high demand, but with a strong academic background and relevant experience, meeting English proficiency test requirements is achievable. 

5. How Long Is MS In Cloud Computing In The USA?

The MS in Cloud Computing in the USA is a 1-year programme which mainly covers technical principles and disciplines related to cloud computing. It costs $567 per credit hour and offers a range of in-demand career paths upon completion, with financial aid options available.

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masters in cloud computing in usa

Masters In Cloud Computing In USA Guide For 2024!: Top Universities & Prospects

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