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Know More About Manchester University Scholarships

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The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England. The University of Manchester is a member of the prestigious Russel Group of research-intensive universities in the UK. The University was formed in 2004 by the merger of the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (USMIT). Both institutions have a long history, and after many years of collaboration, they finally agreed to merge on October 22, 2004.

Manchester University is regarded as one of the best in the world. The University is ranked #28 in the QS World University Rankings for 2023, #28 in the Guardian University Guide 2022, #50 in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2022, and #9 in the Impact Rankings for 2022. The University of Manchester ranked first out of over 1,000 universities from 94 countries in terms of progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The University of Manchester offers 412 undergraduate programmes and 587 postgraduate programmes.

The University of Manchester is well-known for its excellent teaching and research. The  University is divided into three faculties, each of which contains multiple schools. The Biology, Medicine, and Health faculty are divided into three schools: the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Medical Sciences, and the School of Health Sciences. The Science and Engineering faculty is divided into two schools: the School of Engineering and the School of Natural Sciences.

Manchester University scholarships

University Of Manchester Scholarships For International Students

Manchester University scholarships and awards are important tools for encouraging and imparting knowledge, education, and wisdom. A limited number of renewable international scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the University of Manchester. The majority of internal Manchester University scholarships for study in the United Kingdom are subject-specific and are offered by the university’s three faculties: Humanities, Science and Engineering, and Biology, Medicine, and Health.

  • Students from Uganda, Tanzania, and other neighbouring countries can apply for 29 Equity and Merit scholarships.
  • International students receive a £2000 undergraduate entrance bursary as well.
  • The University of Manchester offers postgraduate scholarships ranging from £5000 to £7500.
  • Chevening scholarships and other external UK scholarships are also accepted at the University of Manchester.

International students are encouraged to look into Manchester University scholarships as soon as their admissions process begins. The reason for this is that many scholarships are only awarded based on admission applications.

Manchester University Scholarships For Undergraduate Students 

Manchester University scholarships for undergraduate students can range from  £1,000 to  £20,000. These scholarships are renewable for the duration of the chosen undergraduate programme at the University of Manchester. The following are some of the undergraduate scholarships:

Manchester Law Scholars Award

  • Benefits: Up to 25% tuition fees
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
  • Eligibility: International students starting a UG programme in the law department

India Excellence Scholarships 

  • Benefits: £5,000 or £10,000 per year
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Eligibility: Over 80% in class XII for an Indian student

BP Stem Scholarships

  • Benefits: £3,000 per year
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Eligibility: Newly admitted undergraduates studying Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Environmental Engineering, Material Sciences, or other related fields

School of Biological Sciences Excellence Scholarship

  • Benefits: £2,000 per year
  • Faculty: Faculty of Biology, Health and Medicine
  • Eligibility: Students from abroad who have been offered admission to any UG programme in the biological sciences or related fields

International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Benefits: £2,000 per year
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Eligibility: Starting any UG program at awarding Manchester faculty

Manchester University Scholarships For Post-graduate Students

Manchester uni scholarships for postgraduate students are given out according to the applicant’s preferred master’s programme and faculty, much like undergraduate scholarships.

Additionally, PG-level scholarships from the University of Manchester might be nation-specific. In other words, students from Bangladesh, China, or Pakistan might not be eligible for the same scholarships that are available to Indian students. Accordingly, the following are the scholarships for Indian students beginning their master’s programme at the University of Manchester.

Alliance Manchester Business School Master’s Scholarship

  • Benefits: £7,500
  • Eligibility: An Indian student at a business school who received a UG grade of at least 65% is starting a PG coursework programme.

School Of Social Sciences Scholarship

  • Benefits: £5,000
  • Eligibility: Indian student with a UG grade point average of 60% or higher; beginning coursework programme in social science or a related field

School Of Medical Scholarships

  • Benefits: £5,000
  • Eligibility: Beginning clinical immunology, clinical biochemistry, medical microbiology, cancer biology, and radiotherapy physics coursework programme

Faculty Of Science And Engineering Scholarships 

  • Benefits: £5,000
  • Eligibility: Indian applicants with a minimum of 60% in the relevant UG programme; beginning any PG coursework programme at the offering faculty

Except for the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) scholarships, eligible Indian applicants will be automatically considered for this university of Manchester scholarships for Indian students. Students must complete the FSE scholarship application by April 30th in order to be considered. The University of Manchester has recently begun offering 29 Equity and Merit scholarships to international students starting a master’s programme. These, however, are only available to students from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, and provide them with the opportunity to study at an internationally accredited university in another country. Applications for these Manchester University scholarships open in August, with decisions made in June.

UK Scholarships At University Of Manchester

Various local funding agencies provide international students with the opportunity to study at top-tier UK universities such as the University of Manchester. The British Council is currently the largest external funding agency in the UK, offering three of the largest international scholarships to study in the UK. The following scholarships are listed in detail below.

Chevening Scholarship

  • Level of Studying: PG Programme
  • Benefits: Complete tuition fees, lodging, and travel are all included
  • Eligibility: Belong to a Chevening-eligible country (includes India) At least 60-69% overall in the UG programme; 2 or more years of work experience

Commonwealth Scholarship

  • Level of Studying: Master or Doctorate programme
  • Benefits: Complete tuition fees, contribution to lodging, and travel
  • Eligibility: Under 40 years old; a minimum of 65% in social science and 60% in science; Commonwealth citizen, including Indian citizens

GREAT Scholarship 

  • Level of Studying: PG Programme
  • Benefits: 50% Tuition fees
  • Eligibility: Completed UG in the home country, such as India; 60% or higher in undergraduate degree

External UK scholarships, unlike University of Manchester scholarships for Indian students, require students to obtain a provisional admission letter from the university. Only then will you be eligible to apply for any of these UK scholarships for international students.

Furthermore, the application process and deadlines for each scholarship differ. The number of University of Manchester scholarships available each year varies depending on the level of study, the programme chosen, and the applicant’s home country. As a result, prospective students should check the available scholarships when applying for admission to the University of Manchester. This way, they won’t pass up an opportunity to receive adequate financial assistance to finish their studies.


1. Can I get a full scholarship to the University of Manchester?

The University of Manchester is pleased to offer more than £2.9 million in scholarships to international students beginning their studies in September 2023. Prospective bachelor’s and master’s students are eligible for the scholarship.

2. Are UK scholarships hard to get?

The majority of international students strive to be eligible for a full scholarship. Full UK scholarships cover not only tuition but also living expenses. They are extremely difficult to obtain because you must be one of the top-performing students to be eligible for a full scholarship.

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Know More About Manchester University Scholarships

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