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M.Arch In Canada: Course Guide For Students

M.Arch In Canada

Depending on the specialisation chosen, a master’s degree in architecture in Canada is a professional programme lasting one to three years. The best universities for M.Arch in Canada enable applications for both the summer and winter intakes. Students holding a four-year bachelor’s degree in architecture or a related field from an accredited university are eligible for the programme.

Candidates must have an overall GPA of at least 75% in their prior academic programme to be admitted to the programme of M.Arch in Canada. A, B+ or higher on the grading scale would be acceptable. Graduates of M.Arch programmes can find tremendous employment prospects in Canada. Architects in Canada have several fantastic work prospects in locations like Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. In Canada, architects get good compensation on average. A greater need for qualified architects exists in cities like Ontario, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. 

Masters In Architecture In Canada: Focus Points

Number of M.Arch Universities in Canada10+
M.Arch Course Fees10,200 to 31,400 CAD (6.22 to 19.15 lakhs INR) for 1 year
Average Salary for M.Arch Graduates56,000 to 81,000 CAD (34.15 to 49.40 lakhs INR) for 1 year
ScholarshipsDr. Soo Kim Lan Prize ArchitectureWilfred Onions Memorial PrizeInternational Entrance Scholarships

Top Universities And Colleges For M.Arch In Canada

The list of Canadian universities offering master’s programmes in architecture is provided below. These rankings are based on the QS World University Rankings for 2023.

M.Arch In Canada

University NameRanking
University of Toronto34
University of British Columbia (UBC)47
McGill University32
Universite de Montreal116
University of Waterloo154

Types Of Courses For M.Arch In Canada

  • The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design
  • Master of Sciences in Architecture
  • M. Arch in Architecture and Urbanism 
  • M. Arch Architectural Design
  • Master of Science in Architecture and Urbanism 

M.Arch In Canada: Course Fees

The average cost of a master’s in architecture in Canada is between CAD 10,000 and 50,000 (about 5.8 lakhs to 29 lakhs Indian rupees). One needs additionally set aside CAD 150 (about INR 8,900) for the study visa and CAD 4,800–36,000 (around INR 2.83 lakh–INR 21.24 lakh) per year for living expenses. The average cost for food and groceries is about CAD 9,360 – 2,184, while the average cost of study materials is about CAD 1,960–2,631 (nearly INR 1.16 lakh–1.55 lakh).

Student Visa: Cost And Procedure

International applicants for pursuing M.Arch in Canada are required to acquire an educational visa. Here is the step-by-step procedure: 

  • The applicant has the option of applying for their Canadian student visa offline or online.
  • You will have to visit the visa application centre to hand in their documentation in person. 
  • You can also be submitted directly online. 
  • Students have to turn up for the visa interview after completing all required paperwork.
  • Even if you apply online, you might still need to go to the application centre to provide your biometric data. 
  • Importantly, you must also submit the results of your English language competency test along with documentation of your ability to pay for the necessary expenses. 
  • Your study visa is valid for the duration of your course plus an additional three months.
  • Aspirants might also need to undergo a medical examination.

Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) in Canada: Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree of four years from an institution with accreditation. 
  • A minimum number of scores or grades that the learning organisation considers appropriate. 
  • Evaluations of standardised tests like the GRE. 
  • Results from examinations of English language skills like the IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • For admission to universities in particular provinces and institutions, such as the Universite de Montreal, proof of French language ability is required. 

M.Arch In Canada

Required Documentation For Admission: 

  • Two-page CV/resume. 
  • Portfolio of applicants (digitally submitted). 
  • 2-3 letters of reference. 
  • Official academic transcripts and mark sheets. 
  • Statement of Intent. 

Application Deadlines: 

University NameDeadline
University of TorontoJanuary 4
University of British Columbia (UBC)January 15
McGill UniversityDecember 15
Universite de MontrealFall: February 1,Winter: September 1,Summer: February 1.
University of WaterlooOctober 1

Work Permit And Eligibility Criteria After Masters in Architecture In Canada

After earning their M.Arch in Canada, all students who choose to remain in Canada must obtain a Canada Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). A PGWP can be earned while studying in Canada. However, it largely depends on the course and how long it lasts. PGWPs may last up to three years. Foreign students who have finished their higher education in Canada can stay there and gain some job experience after receiving PGWP Canada.

PGWP Canada: Eligibility Criteria

At the time they apply for PGWP, students must have a valid student visa. In Canada, students ought to have pursued full-time education. Additionally, the course should last at least 8 months. The students have 180 days after finishing the course to submit an application for a work visa. Additionally, the institution or university is required to provide written confirmation of the same. 

Scholarships For Students Pursuing M.Arch In Canada

Through a variety of scholarships & students seeking an M.Arch in Canada. The following are some points to keep in mind when looking for scholarships to apply for architecture courses in Canada –

  • Students can finance their education with up to 2000 CAD (1.22 lakh INR) per year.  
  • Graduate students can apply for research/teaching assistantships at the University of Waterloo. 
  • All academic subjects are eligible for Ontario Graduate Scholarships, which are available to students. 
  • Scholarships from the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects are awarded to meritorious students and are worth $1,000 (about INR 59,000). 
  • The grant will be available to MS in landscape architecture students who have finished the third semester. 

M.Arch In Canada

Job Opportunities In Canada For M.Arch Graduates

International students might get lucrative architecture employment in Canada. The median annual salary ranges from CAD 60,000 (about INR 34-35 lakh) to CAD 200,000 (around INR 1.08-1.10 crore). Town planners, architects, interior designers, and urban designers are among the career paths that are open. Graduates with expertise can work as landscape architects as well. In Canada, qualified architects often see a rise in compensation of 10% on average.

Opportunities For Careers In Canada After Masters In Architecture

The opportunity to earn a master’s degree in architecture in Canada offers students a variety of exceptional benefits. International students can apply for the following well-paying positions in Canada, even though the majority of graduates choose employment in architecture:

Architect: An architect’s main duties include planning new additions to existing structures, designing new buildings, and offering expert restoration assistance. Architects might work on little renovation projects or significant ones.

Interior Designer: The professionals in this field renovate and create interior spaces for a variety of industrial and residential apartments. Utilising the available space in an environment effectively is the major goal while still keeping a fundamental sense of style and attractiveness.

Urban Designer: Students with a flair for art can work in the field of urban design, which involves making structures, landscapes, and public areas that are both useful and beautiful. As a relatively new profession, urban design has grown greatly in popularity as a career option over the past 20 years.


Is Canada good for a Master in Architecture?

The top Canadian architectural colleges provide master’s degree programmes to candidates. Architects with the necessary skills are also in greater demand in cities like Ontario, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. Leading recruiters include  Diamond & Schmitt Architects, IBI Group Inc., and Perkins & Will, among several others.

Can an Indian architect work in Canada?

One might be qualified for the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects Programme, which is an alternative route to licensing if you are an architect who has worked as an authorised architect professional in another country and are interested to be an employee in Canada.

How much does it cost to do a Master’s in Architecture in Canada?

In Canada, master’s degrees in architecture cost between 10,200 and 31,400 CAD (6.22 and 19.15 lakhs INR) as fees. 

What is the salary of an Indian architect in Canada?

The average annual income for architects in Canada is $126,523. Starting salaries for entry-level roles are $107,844, while those with the most experience can earn up to $156,962 a year.

What are the top Canadian universities that offer a master’s degree in architecture?

The top Canadian universities where you can earn an M.Arch degree include the  University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo, etc. 


In Canada, pursuing a master’s in architecture is a fantastic choice for those seeking a top-notch education and rewarding professional prospects. The goal of the Canadian Architecture curriculum is to give students a solid grasp of the urban planning and architecture of different cities. When you consider a good standard of living, a broad spectrum of post-study work opportunities, and immigration alternatives, Canada is among the best nations to study abroad, with some of the most popular student cities.

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M.Arch In Canada

M.Arch In Canada: Course Guide For Students

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