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M Arch In Australia: Fees, Colleges, Placements & More In 2024!

m arch in australia

Studying for a Master of Architecture (m arch) in Australia offers a perfect balance of creative education, globally recognised qualifications, and wide career opportunities. Australian institutions, such as the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology, provide well-established M. Arch programs that focus on contemporary theory, practical skills, and sustainable design practices. These programs are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of growing cities and environmental challenges, preparing students for a range of careers in the architectural field.

With comprehensive curricula, international recognition, and a focus on practical experience, M. Arch Australia programs stand out as excellent choices for those interested in advancing their architectural education. Moreover, the experience of studying in Australia enhances this educational journey.

Masters In Architecture In Australia Highlights

DegreeMasters in Architecture (M.Arch)
Duration2 years (additional year may be required for students with a non-architecture background)
Average Tuition Fee (per year)35,000 to 50,000 AUD (approximately 19 to 28 lakhs INR)
Admission RequirementsBachelor’s degree in architecture or related field, minimum overall aggregate of 65-70%, English proficiency (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent), Portfolio and personal statement (may be required)
Top UniversitiesUniversity of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales
QS Rankings 2024The above universities are ranked among the top 50 in the world for architecture
Career OpportunitiesEmployment in construction, design firms, government agencies, consulting firms
Average Salary (Architects)Approximately 70,000 AUD per year (about 39 lakhs INR)

Best Universities For Masters In Architecture In Australia

There are numerous architecture colleges in the world. However, Australia is home to a few of the best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia. According to EduRank.org, some of the top-ranked M. Arch colleges in Australia are:

  • University of New South Wales: Ranked #1 in Oceania and #34 in the world for Architecture. The acceptance rate is 60% and the tuition fee is 46,080 AUD per year.
  • University of Melbourne: Ranked #2 in Oceania and #50 in the world for Architecture. The acceptance rate is 70% and the tuition fee is 41,088 AUD per year.
  • University of Sydney: Ranked #3 in Oceania and #67 in the world for Architecture. The acceptance rate is 30% and the tuition fee is 46,000 AUD per year.
  • Queensland University of Technology: Ranked #4 in Oceania and #81 in the world for Architecture. The acceptance rate is 77% and the tuition fee is 36,300 AUD per year.
  • University of Technology Sydney: Ranked #5 in Oceania and #82 in the world for Architecture. The acceptance rate is 19% and the tuition fee is 40,176 AUD per year.

These are just some of the best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia, but there are many more to choose from.

Documents Required For M. Arch Courses In Australia

Submitting various documents is a significant part of M. Arch in Australia requirements. The common documents to be submitted for M. Arch in Australia for International Students are discussed in this section.

Applying for a Master of Architecture (M. Arch) program in Australia as an international student typically requires a comprehensive set of documents. The exact requirements may vary depending on the university and specific program. To apply for master’s in architecture for Indian students, they should submit:

Document TypeDescription
Application FormCompleted application form for the specific university and program.
Academic Transcripts and CertificatesOfficial transcripts and certificates from your undergraduate degree, with certified translations if not in English.
PortfolioA portfolio showcasing your architectural work and projects.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)A personal statement detailing your motivation, career goals, and reasons for choosing the program.
Letters of RecommendationTwo or three letters from academic and/or professional referees.
English Language Proficiency Test ScoresProof of English proficiency (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) if you are from a non-English speaking country.
Resume/CVDetailed resume outlining educational background, work experience, skills, and achievements.
Proof of Financial SupportEvidence of ability to finance education and living expenses in Australia (e.g., bank statements, scholarship awards).
Passport CopyA copy of the personal details page of your passport.
Visa-related DocumentsAdditional documents are required for your student visa application, depending on your country of origin.
Health Insurance CoverageProof of valid health insurance in Australia (may be required for visa application).
Additional Tests/RequirementsAny additional tests (like GRE) or specific prerequisites required by the program.
InterviewSome programs may require an interview as part of the application process.
Criminal Record CheckA criminal record check, if required by the university’s policy.

M. Arch Courses In Australia Subjects And Specialisations

You can check out the various subjects and specialisations of M. Arch courses in Australia. It depends on university-to-university. We have selected a few of the best M. Arch in Australia subjects.

UniversityKey Features and Specialisations
The University of MelbourneSkills in managing architectural practice and leading teams; Sustainable design with new materials and technologies; Focus on architectural history, theory, and technology.
The University of SydneyStudio-based learning environment (specific subjects and specialisations not detailed).
Deakin UniversityFocuses on architecture, design, and innovative strategies; Covers critical architectural studies, environmental resiliency, and sustainable design; Exploration of technological advancement, and social/theoretical issues.
RMIT UniversityReal-world projects and hands-on studios; Learning from award-winning academics; Global opportunities and extensive industry connections.
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Learning from practising architects; Emphasis on architectural design, research, contextual studies, technology, science, and professional practice; Pathway to becoming an architect in Australia.
The University of QueenslandTailored education for future career preparation a broad range of skills in architecture.
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)Innovative and flexible program structure; Choice of professional specialisation; Focus on architectural design, research, practice, and global contexts.
The University of Western AustraliaHas various units like Intensive Architecture Studio and Urban Design Studio; Subjects include Utopia/Disaster, Forensic Architecture, Sustainability, and Cities.
University of TasmaniaCovers forensic architecture, urban activism, property, and urban development; Other areas include management consultancy, building products, sustainability design, and more.

Admissions To M. Arch In Australia

M. Arch In Australia Eligibility Criteria

To apply for M. Arch in Australia, a student needs to have a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a related field with a minimum overall aggregate of 65-70%, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent. Some universities may also require a portfolio of previous design work.

M. Arch in Australia for international students’ eligibility includes a valid score in the GRE or GMAT, as required by the university. You must have a valid student visa and health insurance to study in Australia.

Intakes In Australia For M. Arch

The application deadlines for M. Arch in Australia vary depending on the university and the course, but generally, there are two major intakes in Australia: February and July. There are also some minor intakes in September and November, but they offer very few courses.

The February intake is the main intake in Australia and covers most courses offered by almost every university in the country. The July intake is the secondary intake and offers a limited number of courses. The September and November intakes are the least popular and offer only some selected courses.

M. Arch In Australia Cost 

The average M. Arch in Australia fee is approximately 35,000 to 50,000 AUD (19 to 28 lakhs INR) per year. However, these fees can vary significantly between universities and may be subject to change. Some of the top universities offering M. Arch courses in Australia are the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, and the University of New South Wales.

  • In addition to the tuition fee, the living expenses in Australia for students also need to be considered. The average living cost for international students in Australia is estimated to be around 21,000 AUD (11.7 lakhs INR) per year. This includes expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, and other personal costs. However, the actual living cost may vary depending on the lifestyle, location, and preferences of the student.
  • Therefore, the total cost of studying M. Arch in Australia can range from 56,000 to 71,000 AUD (31 to 40 lakhs INR) per year, or 112,000 to 213,000 AUD (62 to 119 lakhs INR) for the entire program. This is a rough estimate and may not reflect the exact cost for each student.
  • With numerous architecture scholarships around the world available for aspiring architects, these scholarships provide invaluable financial support for international students. Hence, this section will offer you a complete idea of the cost of studying in Australia for students. 

Here is a graphical representation of the costs associated with studying M. Arch in Australia:

  • The blue bars represent the minimum tuition fees across different universities.
  • The sky-blue bars show the maximum tuition fees.
  • The green bars indicate the minimum total annual cost (including living expenses).
  • The light green bars display the maximum total annual cost.
Cost of studying M.Arch in Australia per year

Comparing The Cost Of Studying M. Arch In Australia With Rest Of The World

Below is a bar graph showing the average tuition fees for Masters in Architecture in different countries:

  • Australia: Approximately 19 to 35 lakhs INR per year (blue bars)
  • USA: Approximately 26,000 to 40,000 USD per year (green bars)
  • UK: Approximately 14 to 25 lakhs INR per year (red bars)
  • Canada: Approximately 6 to 12 lakhs INR per year (blue bars)
  • Europe: Approximately 4 to 15 lakhs INR per year (green bars)
Average tuition fees for masters in architecture in Australia

Cheapest M. Arch In Australia 

Here are some of the cheapest Masters in Architecture programs in Australia. Remember to also think about the quality of the education, the university’s reputation, where it’s located, and how much it costs to live there when picking a university.

UniversityDuration of M. Arch ProgramTuition Fee (AUD per year)Tuition Fee (INR lakhs per year)Additional Notes
The University of Sydney2 years23,82013.4Lowest among top-ranked universities offers scholarships and assistance
The University of Melbourne2 or 3 years25,36014.3Slightly higher than Sydney, generous scholarship program for international students
The University of Tasmania2 years29,95016.9Lowest among all universities in Australia, offers scholarships and bursaries for international students

Architecture Scholarships In Australia 

Though there are numerous architecture scholarships around the world, here, we will be taking a tour of the best architecture scholarships in Australia.

Scholarship NameUniversity/SchoolValueEligible ProgramSelection Criteria
Bates Smart Award for Design ExcellenceUniversity of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning$2000Final year, Master of ArchitectureAcademic merit, design portfolio
Conrad Gargett ScholarshipUniversity of Queensland School of Architecture$3000Master of ArchitectureAcademic achievement, design excellence, financial need
Ross Langdon Design for Sustainability ScholarshipUniversity of Melbourne School of Design$4000Master of ArchitectureAcademic merit, design portfolio, personal statement on commitment to sustainability
JCU Postgraduate Research ScholarshipsJames Cook University College of Science and EngineeringTuition fees + $33,500/year living allowanceResearch degree in architecture or related fieldsAcademic excellence, research potential, and alignment with college’s research themes
UNE International BursaryUniversity of New England School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences20% fee reductionAny postgraduate coursework program, including Master of ArchitectureAcademic merit, personal circumstances

M. Arch In Australia: Placements 

Studying for an M. Arch in Australia can open doors to different jobs like being an architect, design drafter, or even a manager in architecture. On average, architects there earn about 70,000 AUD (39 lakhs INR) yearly. This can vary from 60,000 to 150,000 AUD (33 lakhs-84 lakhs INR), based on how much experience you have and where you work. 

Some well-known hiring companies that hire include Woods Bagot, Arup, Hassell, and BVN Architecture. Part-time jobs in Australia are a great way to earn some extra income, gain valuable work experience, and improve your English skills while studying for your Master’s in Architecture.

Here is the pie chart illustrating the salary distribution for architecture professionals in Australia. It shows that 25% earn 66,500 AUD (37 lakhs INR), 50% earn around 83,900 AUD (47 lakhs INR), and the remaining 25% earn around 99,400 AUD (55 lakhs INR). ​​

Salary distributions for architecture professionals in Australia

Visa For Post-Study Work

After finishing an M. Arch in Australia, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) to stay in Australia for work. This visa lets you live, study, and work there for a short time. It offers two choices: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream.

The Graduate Work stream is for students with a degree linked to a job on the skilled occupation list. It allows you to live in Australia for 18 months.

The Post-Study Work stream allows students who have finished any higher education degree to stay in Australia. Depending on the degree you have, you can stay for 2 to 4 years.

To be eligible for this visa, you need to:

  • Be under 50 years of age
  • Hold an eligible visa
  • Have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
  • Meet the Australian study requirement
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Meet the health and character requirements

The cost to apply for this visa is 1,650 AUD (or 90,000 INR). It takes about 5 months to process 75% of the applications, and 8 months for 90% of them.

Masters In Architecture In Australia: Return On Investment 

In Australia, there’s going to be a strong need for architects in the next five years. Graduates with a Master’s in Architecture have good chances of finding jobs. Architects usually earn about 70,000 AUD (39 lakhs INR) a year, but this can change based on your experience, where you work, and who you work for. Studying for a Master’s in Architecture in Australia can be beneficial. It gives you a degree that is recognised worldwide, great learning experiences, and good job prospects. But, remember to think about what you like, your goals, and how much money you have before deciding.

Apply For Australia Permanent Residency 

Here are some details on how to apply for Australia permanent residency in Australia as an M. Arch student. You need to follow the steps.

  • Complete a qualification in the relevant field.
  • Apply for skills assessment by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA).
  • Upon receiving a successful outcome from the skill-assessing authority, you can proceed to apply for a visa in Australia.

Why Study Architecture In Australia?

The benefits of studying in Australia are numerous. Opting for M. Arch in Australia offers a unique blend of benefits that makes it an attractive destination for aspiring architects.

  • Innovative Architectural Designs: Australia is celebrated for its cutting-edge architectural designs, blending modern and traditional styles, ideal for M. Arch students seeking exposure to innovative practices.
  • Practical Learning Approach: M. Arch programs in Australia emphasize practical, hands-on experience, often involving students in real-world projects and internships, enhancing their practical skills.
  • Multicultural Perspective: The diverse and multicultural Australian environment offers students a global perspective on architectural trends, essential for creating culturally sensitive and sustainable designs.
  • Exposure to Diverse Architectural Styles: Cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane serve as living examples of various architectural styles, providing students with invaluable learning opportunities.
  • Sustainable Building Practices: Australian architecture education focuses on sustainable building techniques, aligning with global trends towards environmentally responsible design.

Key Takeaways 

Studying for a Master of Architecture in Australia gives students a chance to learn about modern architecture while experiencing a different culture, helping them become skilled and well-rounded architects.

  • The architectural sector in Australia is expected to see significant growth, with a projected increase of 66,400 jobs (5.8%) by November 2026. This trend reflects a steady growth in employment opportunities in the field over the past two decades.
  • Studying architecture in Australia involves an average tuition fee ranging between AUD 35,000 to AUD 45,000 per year. Additionally, the average monthly living expenses range from AUD 2500 to AUD 3500, which is comparatively lower than in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Students can work part-time and apply for scholarships to manage these costs.


Is Australia good for a master’s in architecture?

Australia is a great place to study a master’s in architecture because it has good schools and a mix of classroom learning and real-world experience. It’s also known for being welcoming and modern, which is perfect for learning about new designs and ideas in architecture.

How do I apply for an M. Arch in Australia?

To apply for a Master of Architecture in Australia, you need to fill out an application on the university’s website, and include your school grades, a collection of your work, and proof that you can speak English well. You might also need to write about why you want to study, get letters of recommendation, and have an interview.

What jobs can you get after M. Arch in Australia?

After finishing a Master of Architecture in Australia, you can become an Architect to design buildings, an Urban Planner to help plan cities and towns, or a Landscape Architect, designing outdoor spaces like parks and gardens. There are many more opportunities.

Do architects get paid well in Australia?

Architects in Australia generally receive competitive salaries, with experienced professionals often earning well above the national average. However, pay can vary significantly based on factors like location, level of experience, and the type of firm or projects involved.

Which is the best university for M. Arch in Australia?

The University of Melbourne is often considered the best university in Australia for pursuing a Master of Architecture (M. Arch), known for its comprehensive curriculum and strong industry connections. Another notable option is the University of Sydney, which offers a well-regarded M. Arch program with a focus on innovative design and sustainability.

How long is masters of architecture in Australia?

In Australia, a Master of Architecture typically requires two years of full-time study. However, the duration can vary depending on the university and the student’s prior academic background.

Can I pursue M. Arch in Australia after B Arch in India?

Yes, you can pursue a Master of Architecture (M. Arch) in Australia after completing a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) in India. Australian universities often welcome international students with a relevant undergraduate degree and may require additional criteria like a portfolio or English proficiency tests.

What is the entrance exam for M. Arch in Australia?

The entrance exam for a Master of Architecture (M. Arch) program in Australia typically varies by university, but generally, there is no standardised entrance exam. Instead, admissions are based on a combination of undergraduate academic performance, portfolio review, letters of recommendation, and sometimes an interview or a statement of purpose.

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M Arch In Australia: Fees, Colleges, Placements & More In 2024!

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