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London School Of Economics Admission: Eligibility Criteria & More

London School of Economics admission

London School of Economics is one of the most varied and top universities in London. Over the years, it has become a powerhouse for students and research enthusiasts. To gain admission here is a big deal and for many a dream come true. Let’s have a look at the London School of Economics admission criteria and requirements for more valuable information.

Key Takeaways

  • Extremely competitive admission with a 9% acceptance rate
  • Strong academic credentials required – 90-95% GPA for undergrads, 3.3-3.5 GPA for postgrads
  • English proficiency scores – IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 100
  • Other requirements: transcripts, references, personal statements, CV/resume etc.
  • Rolling admission for postgrads but early application recommended
  • LSE evaluates academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, communication skills, motivation and global outlook
  • Tips to improve chances: highlight relevant experience, exhibit leadership, convey unique personality, connect with current students, get research experience, attend London School of Economics’s summer school, ace LNAT exam, craft-focused motivation statement

The key is to excel academically, demonstrate relevant skills/experiences, have a strong command of English and write an application that stands out. Competition is incredibly high so you need to utilise every opportunity to strengthen your candidacy.

London School Of Economics Admission Requirements For International Students

LSE acceptance rate stands at just 9% which clearly means that only 9 students are admitted to the great halls of the college out of hundreds. The admission to this university is quite cutthroat. Hence to have a high chance of securing London School of Economics admission, this guide might be your useful resource. Let’s now look into the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria 

London School of Economics admission requirements for undergraduate students are quite linear. This takes place through the UCAS portal and the admission team individually evaluates each application. Students can choose between 40 programmes of high efficiency before applying for LSE.

Application PortalUCAS
Application Fees80 GBP
GPA90-95% overall
English Language ProficiencyIELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
Admission RequirementsHigh School TranscriptsAcademic referencesLSE Personal Statement

Talking about the postgraduate admission process at the London School of Economics, students are advised to apply without the help of any paid professionals. This might lead to revocation or even cancellation of their application. Otherwise, the London School of Economics admission criteria in this regard also remains straightforward. 

Application PortalLSE Online Application System
Application Fees80 GBP
English Language ProficiencyIELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
Admission RequirementsHigh School TranscriptsBachelor’s DegreeAcademic referencesStatement of PurposeLetters of ReferenceResume/C.V

London School Of Economics Past Trends

The admissions procedure at LSE has long been known for its rigorous standards. Recent statistics indicate a significant achievement, with the acceptance rate for the 2024-2025 academic year dropping to an unprecedented low of just 9%. Let’s look at what the past statistics have to say about London School of Economics admission.

Academic YearApplicationsOffer

London School Of Economics Application Deadline

The process of applying to the London School of Economics and Political Science includes several deadlines. The undergraduate application deadline is January 31, 2024. For postgraduate applicants, submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, though early submission is recommended. Here are the application deadlines for international students at the London School of Economics.

London School of Economics dates and deadlines for 2024 intake.

What Does The London School Of Economics Admission Committee Look For In Students?

The London School of Economics and Political Science will evaluate you based on several qualities. Generally, LSE prioritises the following:  

Academic Excellence: The London School of Economics seeks accomplished students as demonstrated by strong credentials like A-Levels, IB, or similar.  

Intellectual Interest: The university values a genuine interest in economics and related realms through independent study, reading, clubs and more.

Critical Thinking: Students who show strong skills in analysis, problem-solving and understanding intricate ideas have an edge.  

Communication: Excellent writing and verbal abilities to clearly explain concepts are essential. You should be able to demonstrate English fluency.

Motivation: LSE wants engaged students who actively participate in economics through competitions, conferences and relevant internships.  

Global Outlook: The university is an international institution that values diversity and global perspectives. Understanding world issues is advantageous.

How Can You Increase Your Chances Of Studying At LSE?

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of studying at the London School of Economics beyond what was mentioned already:

  • Exhibit leadership skills: Demonstrate initiative, teamwork, and leadership such as through organizing a club, leading a student organization, coordinating an event, or mentoring others.  
  • Convey your personality: In essays and interviews, use details and anecdotes to come across as a unique, memorable applicant. Show who you are beyond grades and scores.
  • Get help from current students: Reach out to current students for advice and tips. Ask what made their application successful and any lessons learned in hindsight. 
  • Acquire research experience: If possible, try to get involved in economics research projects at your university or local economic policy groups. This shows initiative.
  • Attend an LSE summer school: Enrolling in one of the university’s summer academic programs allows you to demonstrate interest, gain relevant skills, and make connections. 
  • Ace the LNAT exam: Scoring highly on the LSE-specific LNAT standardized test will bolster your selectivity. Use prep materials to achieve your top score.
  • Craft a focused motivation statement: Clearly convey why you want to attend LSE specifically through detailed, compelling arguments tailored to the programs you’re applying to.


What GPA do you need to get into the London School of Economics?

You will require a GPA of 3.3 -3.5 to get in. 

Is London School of Economics admission hard?

Yes with an acceptance rate of just 9%, it might be difficult but never impossible. 

What is LSE known for?

The institution’s academic scope covers social sciences and is distinguished for its examination of real-world matters, including disciplines such as economics, politics, law, sociology, anthropology, accounting and finance.

How much does it cost to apply to LSE?

An application fee of 80 GBP will be required. 

Does the London School of Economics give scholarships?

LSE masters scholarships as well as other funding options are available in huge numbers. You can also apply for external scholarships such as Chevening and Commonwealth. 

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London School of Economics admission

London School Of Economics Admission: Eligibility Criteria & More

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