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List Of PhD Scholarships In Ireland

PhD scholarships in Ireland

The Irish Republic has well recognised research based educational institutions. It is a popular choice for PhD studies due to its renowned university systems dating back to the 16th century. The research institutions in Ireland have won over 11 Nobel Prizes ever since their inception. They are known for accepting over 22,000 international students every year for pursuing their research studies. A typical research study in Ireland takes about 3-4 years to complete. The Irish universities offering PhD studies follow a similar structure to that of the UK wherein they are free to set their own teaching patterns, examination dates, and holiday dates. There are a number of universities offering PhD scholarships in Ireland attracting more and more students to pursue quality research studies there, including offering  a PhD in Ireland for Indian students with scholarships   .    

PhD Scholarships In Ireland: Irish Institutions Offering PhD

Before looking for PhD scholarships in Ireland, it is important to take note of the best Irish institutions offering PhD.

Irish Universities offering higher education are systematically structured in two different ways:

  • As Universities
  • As Institutes of Technology

Both the types of institutions offer accredited PhD programmes to students. Based on their research categories and topics, students can opt for the kind of institution of their choice.


Ireland has a total of seven state-supported universities that run autonomously. These universities provide teaching and research opportunities across a wide range of fields. Students are on a constant look out for financial aids like scholarships, grants, or bursaries so that they can set their main focus on their studies. This country is home to some of the oldest universities offering doctoral studies along with PhD study in Ireland scholarships. Below is the list of a few universities offering PhD studies in Ireland-

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland
  • RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • University College Dublin
  • University College Cork

Institutes Of Technology (IOT)

There are a total of 11 institutes of technology all across Ireland. They offer research studies in a range of courses with the main focus on technical, technological, craft and apprentice programmes. As a part of the doctorate studies, the PhD programmes include vocational work in the industry. 

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PhD Scholarships In Ireland: PhD Fees

A student is charged a PhD fee in Ireland on the basis of:

  • The University of study
  • The mode of study i.e. part time or full time
  • The subject area (science, engineering and technology studies are a little more expensive than arts and humanities)
  • The nationality of the students (students who are not from EU/EEA member countries are charged more)

Approximately, the cost of studying PhD in Ireland varies between $ 6,000 – $ 10,000 per year. These fees are set by individual higher education institutions. Thus it is ideal to opt for study in Ireland scholarships.

List Of PhD Scholarships In Ireland

  1. IRC – ESO Studentship Programme 

Irish Research CouncilEuropean Southern Observatory Studentship Programme offers PhD scholarships in Ireland as funding opportunities for students pursuing their postgraduate studies and research studies in Ireland. This program was built as an investment in building Ireland’s next generation of astronomers. They provide valuable opportunities to students to experience one of the most productive ground-based astronomical observatories of the world. Under this program, an annual stipend of 25,000 euros is provided to the students along with a coverage of research expenses ( 4,500 euros) and a contribution of 5,750 euros for tuition fees. Before applying for this scholarship, students must ensure that they fit into the eligibility criteria of getting this award. This is among the top PhD in Ireland with scholarship schemes. 

  1. Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarships (GOI-iES)

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) manages this scholarship scheme reflecting the Irish Government’s commitment to providing higher education to both domestic as well as international students. The HEA awards an amount of 10,000 euros for one study year. It covers student costs as well as living costs. The GOI – IES scholarship is amongst the top PhD scholarships in Ireland and is awarded to increase international engagement. This is among the top PhD in Ireland with scholarship schemes. 

  1.  Government Of India Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is one of the PhD scholarships in Ireland directed towards funding students who wish to study a research Masters programme or a PhD in any discipline. It is funded by the Irish Department of Education and Skills and is open to domestic as well as international students. Under this programme, an award of 16,000 euros is awarded to students aside from the additional contributions towards tuition fees, research expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. This is the top scheme for  PhD in Ireland for Indian students with scholarships    

  1. Employment Based Postgraduate Programme

This programme is an excellent opportunity provided to students in all disciplines to bring up their research ideas into an Irish employment partner with the support of their educational institution. They are very unique PhD scholarships in Ireland. They award an amount of 24,000 euros per annum to complete their research studies. These tied up employment organisations contribute a minimum amount of 8,000 euros per annum towards the employment costs of the researcher. At the end of their course study, the researcher will have gained a degree of research as well as significant workplace skills. It is among the best PhD scholarships in Ireland for international students.

  1. The Enterprise Partnership Programme

This programme is a national initiative linking researchers to top-notch enterprises and gives opportunities for the researcher to give in their research ideas to the enterprise by means of their higher education. They offer an amount of 24,000 euros per annum inclusive of a small scholarship stipend, contribution to research materials and the fees. This is one of the most sought after PhD scholarships in Ireland for international students. This programme works on a mutual benefit basis wherein the enterprise gains from the in-depth research and the researcher gains excellent workplace experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on Which Are The Top Ireland Masters Scholarships? If you are interested in knowing more about scholarships in Ireland like the ones mentioned in this blog, check out the different scholarships available on UniScholarz and choose from a wide range of scholarships.

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PhD scholarships in Ireland

List Of PhD Scholarships In Ireland

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