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King’s College London Acceptance Rate In 2024

King’s College London acceptance rate

Gaining admission into King’s College London is no easy feat. But what does it actually take to stand out and get accepted? In this can’t-miss blog on King’s College London acceptance rate, you’ll learn insider secrets behind the university’s ultra-selective admissions. We’ll dive into the acceptance rates for popular courses, uncover what drives these low rates, see how King’s compares to other elite UK schools and reveal tips straight from the admissions office on acing your application.

King’s College London Acceptance Rate: Highlights

Acceptance Rate13%
GPA3.3 on a scale of 4.0
Factors affecting the acceptance rateOverall demand, applicant quality, perception of academic quality, competition and admission strategies

King’s College London Acceptance Rate For International Students

King’s College London acceptance rate for 2024 stands at 13%. This number is quite small and selective. It clearly means that the university only accepts 13 students out of 100 applications. This is quite a stringent manner of scrutinising and admitting students to the hallowed halls of King’s. 

Why Is Acceptance Rate Important For King’s College London?

King’s College London is one of the UK’s most selective universities, as reflected by its low acceptance rates. For 2021 undergraduate entry, just 16.9% of applicants received offers of admission. The King’s College London acceptance rate for postgraduate students rose slightly to 29.3%, but still remained below one in three applicants. These highly competitive acceptance rates play an important role in cementing King’s reputation for excellence and prestige. 

A lower rate enhances perceptions of the university’s desirability and the value of a King’s degree. It also allows the university to be more discerning in crafting exceptional incoming classes full of talented students poised for future success. With admission to King’s being so competitive, acceptance rates are a meaningful gauge of the university’s position among the top tier of acclaimed UK institutions. 

Course-Wise Acceptance Rate At King’s

The King’s College London acceptance rate gives you a general idea, but the chances of getting here really depend on how competitive the programme is. Here are the acceptance rates for some undergraduate courses at King’s College London in 2024. 

CourseAcceptance Rate
Biomedical Sciences7.10%
Business Management22.20%
Computer Science10.40%

What Factors Affect The King’s College London Acceptance Rate?

The university oversees various factors in deciding a number. A number which reflects the amount of students which are to study at the university. It is dependent on a variety of factors, some of which can be read below:

Overall Demand: Popular and prestigious programmes like Medicine and Law receive significantly more applications, leading to lower acceptance rates compared to less competitive courses.

Applicant Quality: Programmes attracting strong applicants with stellar academic records and impressive extracurriculars naturally see stricter selection processes.

Perception of Academic Quality: King’s low acceptance rate contributes to the perception of high academic quality among its students and graduates. Stringent admission standards ensure that only the most talented and dedicated students are accepted.

Competition and Admission Strategies: The competitive nature of King’s College London acceptance rate for Indian students influences the strategies adopted by prospective students. Applicants often seek guidance, engage in extensive exam preparation, and invest significant effort into crafting exceptional personal statements and references to navigate the challenges posed by the University’s acceptance rate.

KCL Acceptance Rate Vs Russell Group Universities Acceptance Rates

KCL’s acceptance rate is moderately selective compared to other universities to study in London. It is more selective than Edinburgh, Manchester, and Bristol but less selective than Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College. Its 13% acceptance rate puts it on par with other highly-ranked London institutions.

Name of the collegeAcceptance Rates
University of Oxford17%
University of Cambridge18% – 21%
Imperial College London18%
University of Edinburgh45% – 50%
University of Manchester56%
University of Bristol67%

Tips For Getting Into King’s College London

  • Have excellent grades. KCL is selective, so you’ll need high grades in your chosen subject. Meet and aim to exceed the entry requirements for your program.
  • Write a strong personal statement. The personal statement allows you to showcase your passion, relevant experience, extracurriculars, and fit for the programme. Make yours engaging and reflective.
  • Get strong letters of recommendation. Ask teachers or mentors who know you well to emphasise skills like work ethic, leadership, critical thinking, etc.
  • Participate in extracurriculars or work opportunities in your field when possible. Experiences that relate to your major can demonstrate interests.
  • Consider taking the LNAT exam if applying to certain programmes like law or English. Prepare extensively for admissions exams.
  • Apply early before the January 15th deadline to maximise chances. Meet all essay, testing, and financial aid application requirements too.
  • If invited, prepare well for any interviews or portfolio reviews required. Use them to supplement your skills and enthusiasm.
  • Research the programme and faculty. Customise your materials to show your fit with King’s strengths and offerings. Convey genuine, informed interest to finally study in London.


What is the current King’s College London acceptance rate?

The current acceptance rate stands at 13%. 

What is the minimum GPA for KCL?

The minimum GPA stands at 3.3 on a scale of 4.0

What factors affect the acceptance rate at King’s College London?

Overall demand, applicant quality, perception of academic quality, competition and admission strategies affect the acceptance rate at KCL.

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King’s College London acceptance rate

King’s College London Acceptance Rate In 2024

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