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Internship in USA For Indian Students 2024: Apply Now for Paid Internships in USA

internship in usa for indian students

While studying abroad, international students need career development opportunities, and one of the first stops for this is internships. Internships break the barrier of schoolwork and introduce one to real work situations where knowledge and skills in the field will be used. Getting an internship in the USA for Indian students boosts their portfolio and helps them land employment after graduation. 

With this blog, ensure to know how to land that first internship! Read on!

How To Find An Internship In The USA As An International Student?

Once you’ve completed your curriculum, you can look for a USA internship for Indian students. Students must make sure that the internship they are applying for is of interest to them and has some correlation to their academics. The step-by-step guide on finding US internships for Indian students involves:

  1. Create a career action plan: A career action plan outlines your professional goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. This will help you in identifying your professional interests and strengths. It will also be crucial to narrow down your internship options.
  2. Work on your resume: Learn how to prepare a professional resume through workshops or university resources. The USA has a particular CV format that must be followed if you are to be considered for internship opportunities. US resumes are brief, usually pages, and you don’t include a photo or marital status.
  3. Prepare your cover letter: Your cover letter supports your resume and states your work history, talents, skills, and interests. It should be specific to the micro-internship you’re applying to and include only relevant information.
  4. Start the hunting and apply: With a clear list of the roles you’re looking forward to, begin researching for potential openings. You can consider renowned platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Internships.com. You can also get referrals from faculty if you establish a good relationship with instrumental people. 

NB: To be considered for the slot, you must also check other things, such as the statement of purpose for an internship. You should also practise for internship interviews and follow-up.

List Of Industries that Hire Interns

A student can find internships in their field of study or related industries. Here is a table summarising different types of internship jobs in the USA, along with their average salaries:

Internship TypeAverage Salary
Business$45,000 per year
Media$38,000 per year
Hospitality$35,000 per year
Politics$42,000 per year
Culinary Arts$32,000 per year
Government$40,000 per year
International Organisations$48,000 per year
Corporations$47,000 per year
Non-Government Organisations (NGO)$38,000 per year
Educational Organisations$40,000 per year
Virtual$42,000 per year
Full-time$46,000 per year
Part-time$30,000 per year
Paid$44,000 per year
UnpaidVaries (typically unpaid)
Short-termVaries (typically lower)
Long-termVaries (typically higher)

These average salary figures are approximate and can vary based on location, company size, industry, and specific internship programme. It’s important to note that unpaid internships are common in particular sectors. In contrast, paid internships generally offer compensation ranging from $30,000 to $48,000 per year, depending on the type of internship and organisation.

Top Cities That Offer High Levels Of Internships

Here is a table summarising the most popular USA cities with internships for international students, along with the top companies located in those cities and the average salary:


These cities offer several internship opportunities across various industries, providing international students with valuable work experience and exposure to some of the top companies in the USA. The average salary figures are approximate and vary based on location, company size, industry, and specific internship programmes.

Tips To Apply For
Internship In USA For Indian Students

It’s best to deploy several skills when applying for US internships for Indian students. Whether you’re looking for on-site or virtual internships, here are some tips to help you get the best opportunities. Some of the tips and tricks to use include:

  • Clarify your intentions: You must establish what you want to gain from the internship opportunity. These specific skills or experiences will make you a competent professional overall. You should also decide between paid and unpaid internships.
  • Consider location: For on-site options, the exact state of your internship should be a significant consideration. This is because you might be required to move from your current accommodation. Considering the cost of living would be best when considering the new location.
  • Secure your visa: An institution will only admit you for an internship with a student visa in the USA. There are two primary options: an F-1 visa (for students who currently study in the US) and a J-1 visa (for individuals on an approved study- or work-based exchange programmes)
  • Preparation for the internship: Establishing contact with the people you’ll be working with throughout your internship period is essential. This will help you establish the necessary relationships, reduce tension, and familiarise yourself with colleagues and expectations in the role.

The most popular internships in the US are in Business, Media, Hospitality, Politics, and Culinary Arts. The most popular US cities with internships for international students include New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

Internship In USA For Indian Students – Work Visa Requirements

One of the key requirements for securing an internship in the US is to apply for a work visa correctly. There are two types of visas available:

  • F-1 Visa: Typically used by full-time students to study in the US. With an F-1 visa, full-time students can apply for paid or unpaid internships without additional paperwork. F-1 visa holders can work up to 20 hours per week for part-time internships related to their academic programme.
  • J-1 Visa: This visa is for students not enrolled in full-time programmes who wish to work in the US as trainees. With a J-1 visa, students can engage in academic training for up to 18 months. Students not studying in the US can also apply for a J-1 Intern visa or a J-1 Trainee visa.

Work Permit Requirements For Internships In USA

To be considered for internship opportunities, you must meet specific work permit requirements such as:

  • A valid visa
  • Letter from your institution to ascertain your academic qualifications
  • Resume
  • A valid Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy
  • Proof of English proficiency


Can I Apply For Internship In USA?

You can apply for internships in the USA, provided you meet the selection criteria and have a work visa for the USA. 

Are US Interns Paid?

In the US, interns may be paid or unpaid depending on the employer’s policies and compliance with labour laws. Many companies offer paid internships, while others provide compensation through academic credit or stipends.

Can I Get A US Work Visa For Internship?

Yes, you can obtain a US work visa for an internship. Eligibility typically involves applying for an F-1 visa (for full-time students) or a J-1 visa (for students or trainees not in full-time programmes), depending on your circumstances and the internship type.

What Is The Legal Age For Internship USA?

The legal age for participating in an internship in the USA is generally 18. However, specific age requirements can vary based on state and employer policies.

Are Biometrics Necessary To Come To The US?

Yes, biometrics are typically required for certain visa categories in the US. This involves providing fingerprints, a photograph, and possibly other biometric information as part of the visa application process.

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internship in usa for indian students

Internship in USA For Indian Students 2024: Apply Now for Paid Internships in USA

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