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The Ultimate List Of In-Demand Jobs In The UK

in-demand jobs in the uk

The pandemic undoubtedly caused a major shift in occupational sectors, resulting in a chain effect. Reforms in one industry have inevitably influenced graduate employability, the labour and skills market, and other areas. The United Kingdom is well-known for its adaptability and flexibility in a fast-paced setting. Similar to the impact of Brexit on the UK and other nations, the influence of digitisation, along with the pandemic, has resulted in a new list of in-demand jobs in the UK, which we will explore below.

High-Demand Jobs In The UK

If you’re fortunate enough to have expertise that is now in considerable interest, you may anticipate more pay and the option to choose from a pool of competitive employment offers. There are lots of in-demand jobs in the UK, which is brilliant news for students and recent graduates. The economy is experiencing talent and labour shortages all across the spectrum as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and Brexit-related developments.

in-demand jobs in the uk

#1 Programmers & Software Developers

The United Kingdom, like many other countries around the world, is directly interacting with a digital skills gap. This means that anyone with information technology or software development skills is lucky because these are one of the primary job sectors in demand in the UK. It’s a profitable alternative, with initial pay of roughly £26,000. Working on your software development skills (especially coding) is a great strategy if you want a potential job in technology.

Degree Required: Software Design, Computer Sciences, and/or Information Technology

#2 Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber security is also among the in-demand jobs in the UK, and it is connected to the digital skills deficit. Like for programmers, salaries begin at approximately £25,000. It’s an important aspect of assisting commercial businesses and governmental agencies in keeping people’s information secure. You could be developing cyber-defences one day and establishing encrypted messages the next, so being able to think as per the need of the hour is what it takes.

Degree Required: Information Systems, Cyber security or Cybernetics.

#3 Health Services & Residential Care

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has a high percentage of opportunities for a variety of health and care positions, estimated to be about 100,000. This is especially true for managerial positions and full-time nursing positions. So, if you’re considering retraining and prefer to make a difference in people’s lives, this may be an excellent profession for you.

Employment in health care (including nursing) start at roughly £30,000, whereas jobs in care start at £21,000. It is not an easy professional route, but it is extremely rewarding.

Degree Required: Health Care, Nursing, Public Health

#4 Architects

It may come as a surprise, but architectural positions are one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK. It’s a career that necessitates a unique set of talents, including math and engineering, as well as creativity, communication, and cooperation. As a result, the learning and training process in itself takes at least seven years.

Salaries begin at about £28,000, so if you’re preparing for your studies and looking at the big picture, architecture is a good pick.

Degree Required: Architecture & Design, Architectural Sociology

#5 Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are in higher demand than ever before in our highly image-driven era. Whether it’s logos, digital banners, websites, packaging, or classic print – design abilities are crucial. Starting pay is slightly lower than those of the other positions on this list, at £18,800, but this may start to climb with experience and expertise especially because they are one of the in-demand jobs in the UK. 

Degree Required: Graphic Designing, Creative Arts, Computer Graphics

in-demand jobs in the uk

#6 Physical Scientists

There is a present lack of adequately trained scientists in the oil, gas, and mining industries. As a result, physical science careers are among the most in-demand jobs in the UK, which is one of the benefits of STEM education. The starting salary is also rather substantial, at roughly £29,000. These industries are making significant progress in terms of sustainability, with chances to reduce their environmental effect.

Degree Required: Geophysics, Geology, Geochemistry

#7 Sales Assistant

Sales assistants aid consumers in finding the commodities/services they need, demonstrating how products function, accepting money, stocking shelves, and resolving customer concerns and complaints. As one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK, when it comes to becoming a sales assistant, experience and expertise are more vital than credentials. A cheerful demeanour, strong verbal communication skills, and a genuine desire to serve others can help you land a position as a sales assistant.

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in-demand jobs in the uk

The Ultimate List Of In-Demand Jobs In The UK

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