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Imperial College London Acceptance Rate: Past Trends & More!

imperial college london acceptance rate

Imperial College London is a public research university located in London, England and one of the best universities in London. It is a science-based institution that focuses on science, engineering, medicine and business. The fact is that getting into Imperial College can be quite difficult considering the acceptance rate. Most international students wanting to study in London almost avoid applying there, but here’s the thing – Imperial College London acceptance rate can be conquered too. This number is far higher than many US Ivy leagues, so it is worth a shot for your dream! The past glory of this college adds to the competitiveness which our blog on Imperial College acceptance rate has tried to explain and give a reasoning. 

Imperial College Acceptance Rate 2024

Imperial College London acceptance rate for international students is 18% for the upcoming academic year. During the academic year 2021-2022, the college got approximately 28,866 applications. Shockingly, only 3,191 of those applicants got offers. This was the most selective process in many years. This indicates that just meeting or exceeding the admission criteria isn’t enough due to the intense competition. To secure an offer, students need to go the extra mile to ensure their applications truly stand out!

The image depicts Imperial College acceptance rates in the past years.

Course-Based Acceptance Rates

Nevertheless, acceptance rates can definitely change as per the programme as well. Imperial College London acceptance rate for masters is quite different from the undergraduate courses. Here are some statistics for the most competitive programmes. 

The image depicts course-wise acceptance rates of Imperial College

Factors Affecting Imperial College London Acceptance Rate

Ever wonder why acceptance rates at Imperial College London seem to dance around year after year? Let’s break down the main players:

1. The applicant: How many hungry candidates are vying for a seat at the Imperial table? More applicants usually mean lower acceptance rates, like when everyone decides sushi is suddenly the best lunch ever.

2. Quality of applications: Not all applicants are created equal. Imperial has a taste for top-notch grades, test scores, and achievements. A particularly strong year of applicants can make it tougher to get a bite.

3. Limited seats: No matter how great the applicants are, there are only so many chairs at the table. The number of places available in each programme sets the maximum number of lucky diners.

4. Strategicness: Imperial has ambitions. Maybe they want to invite more international students from a wider range of backgrounds. These goals can influence how many seats they set at the table for different groups.

5. Reputation: Imperial College’s prestige attracts even more applicants, sometimes leading to tighter acceptance rates like you’d expect at a trendy pop-up.

6. The peer pressure: Imperial isn’t the only Michelin-starred game in town. Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, and KCL are all serving up their own delicious degrees and competition for top applicants can make it harder to secure a reservation at Imperial.

What You Need To Do To Get Into Imperial College?

The prestigious halls of Imperial College London need a foolproof plan to be tackled and be a part of later on. The competition here is fierce. This section of our blog on Imperial College London acceptance rate will provide you with the ultimate farewell tips:

1. Ace those academics: Imperial takes its learning seriously, so top grades are non-negotiable. Most courses require A-levels at AAA, with science subjects often taking centre stage. Got strong alternatives like BTECs or IB? Make sure they stack up to the Imperial standard.

2. Master the language: English is your native tongue? You’re golden. For everyone else, nailing tests like IELTS (6.5 overall, 6.0 minimum per component) will prove your English fluency. Nailing a 9 on the IELTS can open opportunities such as Imperial College London scholarships. 

3. Go beyond the grades: Imperial wants well-rounded individuals. Show them what makes you tick! Highlight extracurriculars, work experience, or personal achievements that showcase your passions, skills, and leadership potential. 

Bonus Tips For Application At Imperial College

  • Academic achievements matter: Showcase your grades, coursework, and academic honours. Flaunt your relevant projects and research experience. This might only increase your chances for a major scholarship launched by Imperial College.
  • Don’t be a wallflower and shout your extracurriculars and leadership roles. 
  • Volunteer work, sports teams, clubs – anything that tells Imperial you’re more than just textbooks.
  • Craft a personal statement like no other since this is your chance to show off your personality, passion, and goals. 

Admission Process

To get admission to Imperial College London, students need to complete an online application via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Imperial College London’s UCAS code is 150. The UCAS website offers detailed step-by-step instructions for your reference. Each student is allowed to apply for up to five programmes in one admission cycle, with the flexibility to choose four clinical programmes such as medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

Documents Required

  • Filled out the Application Form 
  • Proof of payment of application fee
  • Academic Transcripts 
  • Personal Statement 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Certificate of English Language Proficiency (like IELTS)
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Student Visa application
  • TB Test results


What is the current Imperial College London acceptance rate?

The admission rate at Imperial College stands at 18%. 

How has Imperial College London’s acceptance rate changed over the past few years?

In the last 4-5 years, the number has fluctuated between 11-12%. Only to have increased to 18% in 2024. 

What is the minimum GPA for Imperial College?

A minimum of 3.3 on a scale of 4.0 is required. 

Does Imperial College have a higher acceptance rate for international students?

It remains the same for all students at 18%. 

How does Imperial College’s acceptance rate compare to other UK universities?

The college has an acceptance rate of 18% whereas the national average stands at 73%. 

What are some of the other scholarships offered? 

Other than the scholarships offered by Imperial themselves, there are other scholarships in London which can be applied for such as GREAT, Chevening and Commonwealth scholarships. 

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imperial college london acceptance rate

Imperial College London Acceptance Rate: Past Trends & More!

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