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6 Best IELTS Speaking Books for 2024: Ace English Speaking


The IELTS Speaking test is a crucial part of the IELTS exam and can be challenging for many test-takers. However, with the right resources and preparation, you can ace this test and achieve your desired score. Our blog focuses on IELTS Speaking Books, which are a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills and increase their chances of success in the IELTS exam.

In this blog, we will explore the best books for ielts speaking, including what they are, how to choose the right one, and how to use them effectively. We will also review some of the most popular books available in the market, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and providing an unbiased assessment of their effectiveness.

We understand that selecting a suitable Book can be overwhelming, given the sheer number of available options. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best IELTS speaking books for your needs. We will cover various factors to consider, such as the book’s structure, level of difficulty, and the type of questions it covers.

What To Look For In An IELTS Speaking Books?

  • Look for a book that matches your proficiency level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner.
  •  Additionally, the book should provide a range of texts that cover different topics, including academic and general interests. 
  • This will help you to develop a broad range of vocabulary and enhance your understanding of various subject areas.
  • Secondly, the IELTS Reading book should provide you with ample practice exercises and sample questions that are similar to those in the actual IELTS exam. 
  • This will help you to familiarise yourself with the exam format and develop your skills in answering different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, short-answer, and sentence completion questions.
  • Thirdly, the IELTS Reading book should also include explanations of the different types of questions and strategies for answering them effectively. 
  • This will help you to identify the main idea, locate specific information, and understand the structure of the text.
  • Finally, look for a book that includes a CD or online resources that provide additional practice exercises and sample tests. This will help you to develop your skills further and assess your progress.

Top 6 Best IELTS Speaking Books: Features And Reviews

1. IELTS Speaking Test Practice Book: IELTS Speaking Band 9

It is one of the best books for IELTS speaking. The key features of this book is the 20 full-length practice tests that it includes. Each test is designed to simulate the actual IELTS Speaking test, providing learners with valuable practice and experience. The questions in the tests cover a variety of topics, including education, work, travel, and leisure, which helps learners develop a broad range of vocabulary and improve their ability to express themselves on a range of topics. The author breaks down each response, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and providing suggestions for improvement. 

Ratings: Amazon- 4.3/5

2. IELTS Speaking: Advanced by Mark Griffiths

This book is designed for advanced learners looking to enhance their speaking skills for the IELTS exam. It includes a variety of practice exercises and sample tests, along with advanced vocabulary and grammar structures. The book also includes useful strategies and tips for the IELTS Speaking test. It provides learners with guidance on how to structure their responses and how to effectively communicate their ideas. The author also offers advice on how to manage time effectively during the test, which is essential for achieving a high score.

Ratings: Scribd- 3.6/5 

3. IELTS Speaking Ultimate Guide by Garry Adams and Grant Trew

One of the key features of this book is the focus on developing fluency and accuracy in spoken English. The book also contains test-taking advice and tactics for the IELTS Speaking exam. It gives students advice on how to respond to various sorts of questions and how to efficiently use their time throughout the exam. The writers also guide how to organise replies and express concepts clearly, both of which are crucial for receiving a high grade.

4. IELTS Speaking Success: Skills Strategies and Model Answers by Julia White

The author presents learners with solutions for answering each form of question and gives in-depth descriptions of various question types. This is especially useful for students who might not be familiar with the IELTS Speaking test’s structure. This book’s emphasis on expanding vocabulary and improving spoken English fluency is another beneficial aspect. To assist students in increasing their vocabulary and their comfort level speaking, the author offers a variety of exercises and activities.

5. Ship or Sheep? By Ann Baker

This is one of the best books for IELTS speaking if you want to learn the right pronunciation of English. The author has provided step-to-step guidance. It also has an audio CD which will further ahead enhance your experience and give an insight into each and every word and vocal expression. With speaking and reading it will also improve your listening skills. 

Ratings: Amazon- 4.6/5 

6. Everyday English for Grown-Ups: Getting to Grips with the Basics By Michelle Finlay

This book will assist native and non-native speakers grasp the guts and bolts of the English language by taking you back to the basics. It contains gazillion examples from business to personal points of view. It also covers advice on letter writing, report writing, how to conduct business meetings, and much more. In all, this book is a handy guide for your day-to-day communications. 

Ratings: Amazon- 4.4/5


Consistency in practice allows learners to identify areas of weakness and focus their efforts on improving these areas. Regular speaking practice helps learners become more comfortable with the structure and format of the IELTS Speaking test, which can lead to better performance on the actual exam. In summary, books are a valuable resource, but learners must complement their study with regular speaking practice to achieve the best possible results on the IELTS Speaking test. By staying consistent and regularly practising their speaking skills, learners can increase their chances of success and achieve their desired score.


1. How long should I use my IELTS Speaking Book before taking the IELTS exam?

Ans: It is recommended to start preparing at least 2-3 months in advance of your exam date.

2. Can I use Speaking Books if I am preparing for the IELTS exam alone?

Ans: Yes, IELTS Speaking Books can be a valuable tool for self-study and exam preparation.

3. Are there any free IELTS Speaking Books available?

Ans: Yes, there are many free resources available online for IELTS Speaking test preparation, including sample questions, practice exams, and tips and strategies.

4. Can I use these Speaking Books if English is not my first language?

Ans: Yes, IELTS Speaking Books are designed for learners of all levels and backgrounds and can be an effective tool for improving spoken English proficiency.

5. Can I use IELTS Speaking Books to prepare for the IELTS Speaking test online?

Ans: Yes, many books are available in digital format, making them accessible for online study and preparation.

Thank you for reading this blog, we hope we answered your questions and the piece added value. Do read the following blogs if they interest you academically. 

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6 Best IELTS Speaking Books for 2024: Ace English Speaking

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