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What Is the Minimum IELTS Score for Canada PR

Minimum IELTS Score to Get Canada PR

You are at the perfect place if you are looking to learn everything about IELTS Score for Canada PR. With its inclusive mixed cultures and pleasant weather throughout the year, Canada offers some of the world’s most livable cities. You may have contemplated the procedure of obtaining permanent residency in Canada if you plan to study and subsequently work there. This would put you one step closer to realising your ambition of living overseas. To guarantee that you can communicate effectively, you will need to show documentation of your language skills, whether they be in English or French while applying for a visa. You would be compelled to undergo the IELTS General Training test, which is the ideal test for Canadian immigration, to demonstrate your English competence.

We’ll go over the minimum IELTS score for Canada PR below. Simply use existing resources, such as the IELTS Mock Exam online, to better prepare for the actual test.

Minimum IELTS Score for Canada PR

For express entrance into Canada, a minimum IELTS score is necessary. To apply for permanent residency in Canada through express entry, you must have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in all four areas, which is equivalent to CLB 7.

To assess applicants, the Canada Express Entry programme uses a point-based system. The main goal of this procedure is to identify applicants who have the best possibility of adjusting to life in Canada. This assesses you and your spouse in terms of age, education, language abilities, Canadian job experience, and other employment experience, among other things.

Every express entry draw has a minimum cutoff score based on the express entry points system. These draws happen on a regular basis. Applicants will receive an ITA if their CRS score is equal to or higher than the cutoff score.

If you and another applicant have the same cutoff score, the one who has been in the express entry pool for the longest will earn an ITA.

To qualify for express entrance, you must score 67 points out of 100 on various eligibility requirements. The IELTS score calculator for Express Entry is based on

  • Age: If you’re between the ages of 18 and 35, you’ll get more points. If you are over the age of 18, you will receive fewer points.
  • Schooling: You can earn the most points if your qualifications fulfil the standards. Your minimum educational qualification must be equivalent to that of a Canadian higher secondary school diploma. 
  • Work Experience: You can earn the most points if you have one year of work experience. You will earn more points if you have more years of work experience.
  • Ability to adapt: You can get 10 points in Canada if you have family or close relatives living there to support you when you relocate there. You can also earn points if your partner is willing to move to Canada with you.

Clients are given points for completing express entry based on a complete ranking system, or CRS. You’ll have a better chance of getting an invitation to apply for an ITA for permanent residency in Canada if you score higher on the aforementioned parameters.

How to Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada?

The Express Entry System allows skilled foreigners to seek permanent residence in Canada much more quickly!

There are three different paths in this scheme:

  1. Federal skilled worker class (FSWC): Those who choose this option must score at least 67 out of 100. Language skills can get you up to 28 points, with an additional 5 points if you have a spouse or common-law partner who is fluent in English or French.
  1. Tradespeople with relevant experience are eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC). This is something that one has and can pick.
  1. Individuals having continuing or recent work experience in Canada are eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Because the IRCC takes 6 months to process your application, be sure your IELTS exam results are valid for the entire time. You must have a CLB 7 language proficiency, which is a minimum of 6.0 in each component of the IELTS, to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. 

There are varying language competency requirements for each programme. IELTS speaking, listening, reading and writing are the four subcategories used to evaluate your language skills. CLB Level determines how many points you gain (Canadian Language Benchmark).

Minimum IELTS Scores 

Photo by Billy Albert on Unsplash

Here is a compilation of the minimum IELTS score for Canada Express entry programme:

1. Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is designed for individuals aspiring to attain permanent residency in Canada through their qualifications in a skilled trade.

Below, you will find a table detailing the minimum IELTS scores required for Canada (CLB levels):

CLB LevelListeningReadingSpeakingWriting
10 or Higher8.5 to 98.0 to 9.07.5 to 9.07.5 to 9.0

2. Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada typically selects skilled workers based on a range of factors, including education, proficiency in English or French, work experience, and other criteria.

Here’s a concise tabular breakdown of the IELTS score requirements for Canada corresponding to CLB levels:

Score Per BandListeningReadingSpeakingWritingCLB Level
46.0 to
68.5 to 9.08.0 to 9.07.5 to 9.07.5 to 9.010 or Higher

The structure would be as follows, English is your second language –

Score Per BandListeningReadingSpeakingWritingCLB Level
45.0 to 9.04.0 to 9.05.0 to 9.04.0 to 9.04.0 to 9.0

3. Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is tailored to enable temporary foreign workers and students to leverage their experience and education to streamline the path to permanent residency. For candidates engaged in professions categorized under NOC Skill Level A, achieving a CLB level 7 is required. Conversely, for those in NOC Skill Level B, a minimum CLB score of 5 is necessary.

The table provided below illustrates the IELTS scores required to meet the minimum CLB levels for the respective NOC Skill levels:

NOC Skill LevelListeningReadingSpeakingWritingCLB Level
A8.5-9.08.0-9.07.5-9.07.5-9.010 or Higher

Aside from language proficiency, you’ll be judged on other factors including your educational degree, age, and work experience. The minimum points required for permanent residency through Canada Express Entry are roughly 439, which was the cutoff on December 19, 2018.

TEF and CELPIP General are two other English examinations that are acceptable.

However, the IELTS score requirements for working in Canada, both overall and for each band, may vary. A minimum score of 7.0 in each component of the IELTS is necessary, for example, to be a lawyer. To be a nurse, you must have a minimum overall score of 6.5 and a speaking score of 7.0.

Tips for Achieving a High IELTS Score for Canada

Securing a strong IELTS score for Canada requires dedication and effective strategies. Here are some concise tips:

1. Enhance Vocabulary – Regularly read English materials to expand your word bank. Keep a list of new words and practice using them in sentences.

2. Focus on Fluency – Some IELTS listening tips to develop English fluency are through podcasts and English media. 

3. Master Time Management – Practice all sections of the IELTS under time constraints to hone your time management skills.

4. Improve Writing – Work on IELTS writing skills by using advanced vocabulary and proper sentence structure.


1. IELTS is valid in Canada for how long?

For the purposes of immigrating to Canada, your IELTS score will be valid for two years.

2. What is a good IELTS score for permanent residency in Canada?

To be eligible for any programme in Canada, you must have an IELTS score for Canada immigration of at least 6. This corresponds to CLB Band 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark).

3. Do different Canadian provinces set varying IELTS score prerequisites for PR?

Yes, for instance, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) mandates a minimum IELTS score of CLB 7, equivalent to achieving 6 bands in each module (IELTS Reading test, Speaking, Writing). In contrast, Provincial Nomination Programs have a lower requirement of CLB 4.

4. Are there any exceptions to the IELTS requirement for Canada PR? 

There are no exemptions from the IELTS requirement for Canada PR. However, individuals unable to complete one or more sections of their language test due to a disability can utilize the Comprehensive Ranking System – Language calculator tool to determine their scores for the incomplete sections and input averaged scores based on the sections they did complete.

5. Can I achieve Canadian PR with a lower IELTS score?

The minimum IELTS score for Canada PR 2023 depends on the immigration program you are applying to. The minimum is 6 in each band or CLB 7. PNPs may accept lower scores, such as 4.5 for AINP and SINP.

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Minimum IELTS Score to Get Canada PR

What Is the Minimum IELTS Score for Canada PR

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