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IELTS Fees In India For 2024: Detailed Guide!

ielts fees in india

Language proficiency is among the top entry requirements for intakes in international universities. IELTS is among the top English language proficiency tests that most universities require. Several study abroad agencies in India help aspiring students in training and examination of IELTS tests. So, what are the IELTS fees in India?

Latest Updates For IELTS Fees In India For 2024

In 2024, the IELTS exam has received several changes to improve the accuracy and fairness in assessing candidates’ language proficiency. Some of the changes made include:

  • Updated question format: To make the test more reflective and dynamic of real-world communication scenarios
  • More emphasis on critical thinking skills: To assess the candidate’s information analysis and opinion expression skills
  • Revisions in scoring criteria: For a more comprehensive evaluation
  • Enhanced focus on digital literacy skills: To test data interpretation and online research ability

IELTS Fees In India 2024

The IELTS exam fees are consistent globally; however, there are variations between countries. IDP Education oversees the administration of IELTS examinations in India. The IELTS exam fees in India have recently been revised from INR 16,250 to INR 17,000.

IELTS Academic Exam Fees

There are different academic IELTS exams, each with its own cost. These IELTS exams are differentiated by their purpose and the kind of candidate who fits that description. The paper-based exam is issued 48 times a year or four times a month. On the other hand, the computer-based tests are delivered multiple days a week.

Type of FeesExam TestsCharges
IELTS Academic FeesPaper-based IELTS exam17,000
Computer-based IELTS exam
IELTS for UKVI Academic17,250
IELTS General Training FeesPaper-based IELTS exam17,000
Computer-based IELTS exam
IELTS for UKVI Academic17,250
IELTS Life Skills FeesIELTS Life Skills (A1 & B1)16,050

The general training fees will give you access to the best books for IELTS general to help you prepare for your exams.

IELTS Fees In India 2024: Cancellation Charges

Applicants who have registered for IELTS academic or general training can cancel their tests before the date of taking the test. The cancellation can be done through the IELTS IDP India website. The process is subject to IELTS cancellation fees.

IELTS Cancellation PolicyFees
At least five weeks before the examFull refund plus a deduction of 25% admin charge
Less than five weeks before the examNo refund

Cancellation is often done if you’re unprepared for your tests, and you need to learn more IELTS listening tips to excel in the exams.

IELTS Exam Fee 2024: Rescheduling Charges

Rescheduling IELTS exams is only allowed if done at least five weeks before the initial intended date. Furthermore, the new date must be within three months of that original date. Rescheduling is also done via the IELTS IDP India website. Rescheduling is subject to an administrative IELTS rescheduling fee of INR 3,300, inclusive of all applicable taxes. Once rescheduled, you can cover more content in grammar books for IELTS to better prepare for the test.

IELTS Exam Fee 2024: Rechecking Charges

Candidates who wish to review their IELTS test results can request a recheck. This is often intended to improve your scores in the IELTS band chart. You must pay an IELTS rechecking fee and submit your OER form to initiate the process. An enquiry on the results form is used to make remarking requests. The request can be made according to preference and in one section or multiple. The charges involved include:

Type of ExamOER Charges (INR)
Paper-delivered IELTS12,200
Computer-delivered IELTS12,200
IELTS Life Skills11,525

IELTS Exam Fee 2024 For ATRF

An Additional Test Report Form (ATRF) officially conveys your IELTS report to colleges/universities. ATRF shows your IELTS score validity to schools you wish to study abroad. It is only done online, and ATRF payments can be made via Debit/Credit Card, Paytm, or Netbanking. The costs involved are:

Number of ATRFCost
First fiveNil
After first fiveINR 250 for every University application

This form helps universities quickly assess your language proficiency, from your talking skills to how well you can use idioms for IELTS.

Payment Modes For IELTS Exam Fee 2024 In India

There are multiple payment options available for paying your IELTS test fees. The payment methods are influenced by the registration method used. The online and offline payment methods are shown in the table below.

Registration TypePayment Methods
OnlineCredit cards, Debit cards, and Netbanking
OfflineBank deposit

For offline payments, a bank deposit slip can be downloaded after payment from the official IELTS IDP India website or collected from the nearest IELTS IDP India branch office. You can deposit an IELTS demand draft after getting the slip. You are advised to use only an IDP-approved bank to get your IELTS demand draft.

IELTS Exam Fee 2024: City-Wise List

There are numerous IDP IELTS centres across various cities in India. These centres can accommodate multiple test-takers in the country. The IELTS exam fees are consistent across all cities. Below is a table of the city-wise IELTS exam fees.  

CityIELTS Academic & General Training Exam FeesIELTS for UKVI Exam Fees

INR 17,000

INR 17,250

How To Book Your IELTS Test?

You can book your IELTS online or offline by visiting your nearest IDP branch. The steps for online booking are:

  1. Log onto the IELTS IDP India website
  2. Select the ‘Register for Test’ option
  3. Choose your preferred test
  4. Select your test module
  5. Pick your preferred test location
  6. Choose your preferred date and time
  7. Complete the online application by filling in the required details
  8. Upload necessary documentation
  9. Pay the IELTS fees


How Much Does IELTS Cost In India?

The IELTS fees in India are INR 17,000.

Has The IELTS Fee Increased In 2024?

The IELTS fees increased from INR 16,250 to INR 17,000 in 2024.

Do I Need To Pay For The IELTS Exam Every Time?

Every time you do the IELTS test, you have to cover the exam fees involved.

Why Is The IELTS Fee So High?

The IELTS test fees in India are decent, and that’s because it will give you a manual assessment, cover operational expenses, and give you access to prestigious learning institutions.

Can I Pay The IELTS Fee In Cash?

If you have a cash amount and want to pay for your IELTS exam, you can deposit it in an IDP-approved bank.

Can IELTS Money Be Refunded?

With a proper cancellation time, you can get your IELTS exam fee refunded.

What are the requirements for the IELTS Scholarship?

The IELTS Scholarship requirements for Indian students include proficiency in English with an IELTS score of at least 6.5, Indian citizenship, a letter of acceptance from a university, and meeting the specific eligibility criteria for the scholarship programme.

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IELTS Fees In India For 2024: Detailed Guide!

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