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How To Settle In USA From India? Explained!

Indian girl receives a USA visa

According to the Migration Policy 2023 report, immigrants and their US-born children make up 27% of the country’s population. This totals 90.8 million people, compared to 14.7 million in 2010. In 2023 alone, India ranked second after Mexico as the 2nd most significant source of immigrants to the USA. The annual USCIS report revealed that 59,000 Indian nationals got U.S. citizenship during this period. From this information, we can infer that there is a wide level of interest among Indians in moving to the USA! This article will inform you on how to settle in USA from India.

Why Indian Nationals Settle In The USA From India?

Before deciding to move to the USA, answering the question ‘why’ is essential. This will give you a clear picture of your direction and help you develop a method on how to settle in the U.S. You also get to plan well to avoid any limitations moving forward with your relocation plans.

  • Cultural diversity: The USA is home to people of various cultures from all corners of the world. This helps with identification, and although adjustment is necessary, you’ll enjoy directness, equality, informality, and independence.
  • Language: More than 239 million U.S. residents speak English, which makes communication more accessible for most people.
  • Freedom of religion: 77% of the U.S. population is distributed across various religions, accommodating many groups. The rest of the population, 23%, is non-religious. 
  • Sports and entertainment: USA is known for its love of sports and entertainment.

Benefits Of Settling In The USA For International Students

The most significant percentage of Indian U.S. immigrants got their residency by settling there after their higher education. If you’re wondering how to get settled in the USA from India, enrolling in one of the affordable universities in the USA for international students can be your first step. Some of the benefits you’d enjoy as an international student include:

  • High-quality education: Why study in the USA? The USA has many top-ranking universities offering marketable programmes and state-of-the-art facilities to enhance your learning experience.
  • Career opportunities: The USA has a robust job market, and graduating from the top universities will allow you to land a high-paying job there.
  • Personal growth: The USA is fast-paced, and settling there will challenge you to self-discovery and eventually lead to personal development.
  • Permanent residency/citizenship: Establishing residency after your studies with a post study work visa USA can lead to permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship. This will offer long-term stability and security in the USA.

What To Do Before Moving To The USA From India?

Before you answer the question, ‘How can I settle in USA from India?’, there are several things you should take care of. These preventive strategies will help with the overall experience in the country and prevent any potential setbacks. As international students, you should do the following to avoid any difficulties in adjusting to the new lifestyle in the USA:

  • Plan your budget: With the cost of living in the USA very different from India’s, it is vital to have a budget. This will help you manage your finances and cover all the necessary expenses in the state you’re living in.
  • Select affordable accommodation: Every US state has different living costs, affecting accommodation prices. Ensure you go for the most inexpensive alternative without compromising on essentials.
  • Educate yourself on U.S. traffic rules: U.S. traffic rules are very strict, and violating simple signs like ‘No Crossing’ can have heavy consequences.
  • Familiarise yourself with the U.S. metric system: From kilogrammes to pounds. kilometres to miles, and degrees celsius to degrees fahrenheit, it is important to learn about these new metric systems to know the exact measurements of values.

Essential Requirements To Move To The US From India

If you want to know how to settle permanently in USA from India, there are several requirements to help you transition smoothly. These requirements should be met before moving to the USA.

  • Passport corrections: Passports are essential travel documents, and you must ensure all the information is accurate. You should cross-check all the details before applying for a visa and stamping.
  • Aadhar formalities: The Aadhar card is vital for identity-related and financial documentation in India. Before travelling to the USA, register your phone number to receive OTP if you want to make any changes.
  • Bank account KYC: Ensure your bank documentation and KYC are updated before moving to the USA.
  • Compile your transcripts: For international students looking to secure intakes in the USA, all your academic transcripts and required documentation should be intact. Besides transcripts, carry the LOR, bank statements, entrance exam scores, and SOP sample for the USA.

What To Do After Moving To The USA?

Once you have hacked the relocation, knowing how to settle in USA from India as a student is essential. After moving in and getting enrolled in one of the top universities in the USA, there are several things you should take care of. Among them include:

  • Get a Form 194 printout: This form keeps records of your movements in and out of the USA. It has admission terms based on your legal status, stay period, and expected departure date.
  • Get an EVL printout: An employment verification letter is crucial for Indian nationals looking to settle in the USA from India for a job.
  • Get a mobile connection: This is necessary for communication in the country, and there are various providers to choose from.
  • Get a driving license: A driver’s licence is essential in the USA, and you can visit the nearest DMV centre to register for the driving licence test.

Types Of Immigrations In The USA

There are various types of immigration in the USA. This will affect the kind of procedure you’ll follow and the documentation you will require to finalise your relocation from India. Furthermore, they are influenced by the approach you took when moving to the USA. They range from family relations to student visa in the USA.

Type of ImmigrationExplanation
Family-based immigrationThis is where U.S. citizens and permanent residents sponsor their close family members for immigration.
Employment-based immigrationThis is where U.S. employers sponsor foreign workers for immigration
Student visaThis allows U.S. international students to stay in the country during their study period.
Asylum and refugee statusThis is where the U.S. government protects people facing harm or prosecution in their home country.
Investor visaThis allows investors in U.S. businesses to migrate to the country
Diversity visa programThrough a green card lottery, the U.S. government gives visas to people from countries with low immigration rates.
Humanitarian paroleThis allows people who cannot obtain visas through standard procedures to come to the country temporarily.

Visas Available For Immigrants In The USA

The type of visa changes as per the requirements, a person must be well-aware what category would that be for themselves. Various visa types are available for immigrants to the USA, as described in the table below.

EB-1 visaFor priority workers
EB-2 visaFor people with exceptional ability
EB-3 visaFor skilled and unskilled workers
EB-4 visaFor special immigrant
EB-5 visaFor the immigrant investor program
F-1 visaFor international academic student
M-1 visaFor international vocational student

Methods Of Settling In The USA

There are three primary methods on how to settle in USA from India. Each approach defines the procedure you’ll follow and the length of your stay. For international students, this is where you see the significant difference between studying in the U.K. vs the USA when applying for that temporary visa.

Obtaining a green cardThis permanent residential visa will allow you to live and work in the USA.
Obtaining citizenshipThis can be achieved by meeting specific eligibility requirements, allowing you to vote, enjoy certain benefits, and get particular government jobs.
Obtaining a temporary visaThis allows you to stay in the country temporarily on specific terms.

Procedure Of Settling In The USA With A Green Card

International students from India can get a green card in two significant ways.

  • Through family: This applies to immediate U.S. citizen relatives or special immigrants.
  • Through registry: This is through the application.

However, to effectively settle in the USA with a green card, you should follow the following simple procedure:

  1. Obtain a green card
  2. If not already there, enter the USA
  3. Establish residency
  4. Obtain an SSN (Social Security Number)
  5. Register with the Department of Motor Vehicles (optional)
  6. File taxes
  7. Maintain your green card status


Is It Easy To Settle In USA From India?

No, there are strict measures to meet.

Can I Settle In the USA Without a Job?

Yes, through other means other than a work permit/visa.

How Long Does It Take To Move To The USA Legally?

It depends on your approach to settling in the USA, as all procedures have different timelines, such as individual cases.

What Are The Best Cities In The USA For Indian Immigrants To Settle In?

Most of the Indian immigrants live in the Dallas and Houston area.

How Many Visas Are There In The U.S.?

Although there are two main categories, there are approximately 185 different types of U.S. visas.

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Indian girl receives a USA visa

How To Settle In USA From India? Explained!

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