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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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30K+ Students Counselled

How To Apply In Foreign Universities?

how to apply in foreign universities

In the 2021/2023 academic year, 49% of Indian students were pursuing their higher education abroad. In 2021 alone, there were more than 1 million Indian students in foreign universities across 85 countries. While their interest can drive them to check out the options available, it’s essential to know how to apply to foreign universities. Using the proper channels and capitalising on the best resources can be a game changer in your application. This article will educate you on how to apply for foreign universities from India.

How to Apply to Foreign Universities? Highlights
Means of applicationOnline and offline
Level of studyUndergraduate and Graduate
Countries with the best foreign universitiesUSA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, Finland, China, France, etc.
Common test scores required-IELTS/TOEFL/PTE-SAT/ACT-GRE/GMAT
Documentation-Academic transcripts-Test score reports-LORs-SOP-Certificate of financial capability-Application essays

How To Apply In Foreign Universities After 12th?

Several factors will influence your application to foreign universities after the 12th. These tips and tricks will also help you submit a convincing application for admission to your dream university. How do I apply for foreign universities after the 12th?

  • Location: It’s essential to know the best countries to study abroad and choose one that has an ideal culture, weather, food, cost of living, and future career prospects.
  • University: Conduct thorough research on the various university options to determine which ranks high globally and is renowned for offering the best programmes.
  • Programme: Choose a course that fits your qualifications, will lead you to your desired career, and has aspects of what you’re passionate about.
  • Test scores: Consider all the required test scores, take them, excel at them, and submit them to increase your chances of landing an offer to study abroad.
  • Deadlines: Be cautious of the various application and admission deadlines to ensure you take advantage of the opportunity to study in a foreign university.
  • Student visa: Once you have received a letter of acceptance from your foreign university, check out the visa requirements and travel documents required.

How To Apply For Master’s In Foreign Universities?

Unlike undergraduate programmes, foreign universities have stricter admission rules for master’s courses. These are advanced programmes that require more scrutiny during applications. However, they both offer study-abroad scholarships for Indian students. Which is best for applying to a foreign university for a master’s?

  • Where to study abroad? Choose a country with potential career development and job opportunities after completing your master’s programme. 
  • Which university should you apply to? Choose a university that specialises in your area of study to expose yourself to expert lecturers and sound resources.
  • Which programme to apply for? It’s advisable to choose a course that is in the same field as your undergraduate degree.
  • Profile building: Before graduation, build your profile research work, papers, and portfolio to increase your credibility for admission.
  • Entrance exams/test scores: Test scores for entrance exams like GRE/GMAT are required, along with language proficiency scores.
  • Application pathway: Consider the application guidelines, as some might be online at university websites or through standard portals like UCAS.
  • Essential documents: All necessary documents must be submitted with your application, and they might differ depending on the faculty.
  • Application deadline: Confirm the exact dates, although most application deadlines are between October and February.

How To Choose A Foreign University?

Choosing a foreign university is a crucial step in studying abroad. You can only enjoy the full benefits of studying in foreign universities if you choose the right one for you. With all students having specific preferences from programmes, culture, to language, it’s important to choose the right university for you. The step-by-step procedure to follow include:

  • Choose a discipline: You have to decide what you will pursue as that wil affect all the other decisions.
  • Choose a country: Select a country that is best known for offering courses and job opportunities in your field.
  • Consider university ranking: How reputable the university is determines the quality of education, faculty, and facilities you’ll have at your disposal.
  • Read student reviews: Check out what other students are saying about the universities you have shortlisted to get a rough idea of what to expect when you go there.
  • Calculate the cost: Will you afford the cost of studying in the university? Calculate the tuition fees and living costs in that city to determine if you can cover the costs. If costs are a problem, then students must research study abroad scholarships for Indian students that can help back a person financially.

How To Study In A Specific Country?

Different countries have various entry requirements and conditions for joining their universities. This is influenced by the education system, the education policies, visa requirements, intakes, the number of slots available for international students, the job market, and so on. So, what should you know about studies in various countries?

EU Countries

Popular EU countries for studying abroad include the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, and others. UK universities only accept undergraduate applications through the UCAS system and postgraduate applications via the UKPASS system or university websites. Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain have pre-application procedures and eligibility criteria for previous studies. Entrance exams are mandatory for EEA countries. On the other hand, Swiss universities only admit international students who have passed their maturity examination. Students who wish to accelerate their process can opt for study abroad counselling.

North America

North America is predominantly the USA and Canada. US applicants are required to start their search two years prior to application. Contacting the university advisors a year before application is recommended for proper guidance.


China is the main destination for Indian students who want to study in Asia. However, the country has age limits for international students. The country doesn’t admit degree students over 30 years and master’s or PhD students over 40 years.


The country provides education advisors accessible via the UAC website to give you crucial information before applying for programmes in the country. There is also a Qualifications Framework with all course names and levels. 

Benefits Of Studying Abroad

When planning on how to get into foreign universities, it’s important to consider the potential the move has. Many Indian students consider studying abroad because of the benefits it provides. From state-of-the-art facilities to a different environment and culture. Some of the main benefits of studying abroad include:

  • Cultural exposure: Being in a foreign country exposes you to a new culture and diversified experiences, which help you grow.
  • Language skills: You may learn a new language in addition to your primary language, especially if you study in countries that don’t speak English.
  • Social connections: Access to a good network on a personal and professional level helps build important social connections with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and demographics.
  • Self-esteem: Adopting a new life and pursuing your dream programme builds up confidence for students.

What Do You Need To Know About Applying For Abroad Studies?

Applying for abroad studies has various tips and tricks. For instance, proper research on the best universities for your programme will grant you the best possible education, thus better career development opportunities. Furthermore, you should consider a campus in a city with better living costs to make your cost of studying in the country affordable.

Consider seeking help with your application from a study abroad consultant with experience in the field. This will increase your chances of landing an offer to study in your dream university and additional benefits like financial aid. Intakes matter, as some are more competitive than others. Also, submit your application early enough for consideration.

List Of Documents Needed To Study Abroad 

Attached to your completed application form, some of the documents required before submission include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Proof of test scores
  • LORs
  • SOP
  • Personal essay
  • Financial compliance certificate
  • Passport copy


How To Apply In Foreign Universities?

Finalise your study location, determine budget, gather documents and scores, apply to top 5 universities before respective deadlines and wait!

How Can I Go To Foreign University After 12th?

Choose a good university in an ideal country and a programme with future prospects.

When Should You Start Applying For Foreign Universities For 2024?

Applications should start at least ten months before the start of the intake semester.

Which Are The Most Affordable Countries For Studying Abroad?

Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Austria are the most affordable countries to study.

Which Is The Best Time To Apply For Foreign Universities?

Between August and December is an ideal time as this is the period during which universities receive the most applications.

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how to apply in foreign universities

How To Apply In Foreign Universities?

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